Dad Gets Slammed for Kissing 5-Year-Old Son on the Lips — Boy Shuts Dad’s Haters Up

    Despite facing harsh criticism and a barrage of negative remarks from the online community, a father and son duo chose not to shy away. Instead, they bravely stood their ground and responded, proudly displaying their extraordinary bond and love for one another.

    The love of parents, especially a father’s deep affection for his children, is a powerful and enduring force. It is a bond that transcends all spatial and temporal boundaries, offering unwavering support, guidance, and protection.

    Tom, from Yorkshire, England, shared the same sentiments for his son, Roman, never missing a chance to display his tender love and care. But when this pair’s affectionate clips made rounds on social media, not everyone approved of how they showed their love. Here’s the complete story.

    Tom kisses his son Roman on the lips. | Source:

    Tom and Roman are incredibly close and seem to enjoy each other’s company. Their special bond is evident from Tom’s TikTok profile, where he goes as @tom_leeds, peppered with adorable videos of himself and his son.

    Out of the people who were quick to render their support to the Yorkshire father, one female commenter shed light on a rather pertinent issue.

    One of the many ways this lovely pair chooses to exchange their feelings is by sharing sweet kisses. Tom was taken aback when he came across multiple comments slamming him for kissing Roman on the lips.

    The Yorkshire father firmly responded to trolls who accused him of confusing his son, with some going as far as suggesting that he was putting the child at risk of dental problems.

    Despite facing harsh criticism, Tom remained adamant, defiantly declaring to the haters that he had no intention of altering anything, affirming that he would continue showering his dear boy with kisses because he loved him wholeheartedly.

    Daddy Tom with his two sons. | Source:

    The dad from northern England fearlessly stood up against his critics by posting a series of TikTok videos, sharing his stance in response to the comments from netizens who trolled him for kissing his little boy on the lips.

    In one of his videos, Tom shared his response to a comment that said, “Just gorgeous both but don’t kiss him on the lips [sic].” Emphasizing that he would keep showing love and affection to his son as long as he allowed him to, Tom added:

    “I find it worrying that it bothers you. I will kiss my son, my five-year-old child, on the lips for as long as I deem necessary and as long as he lets me, right, [because] I love him to bits and he’s my best pal and one day he won’t want me to, and he probably won’t want much to do with me. So, for now, I’ll carry on as I am.”

    One peculiar remark went as far as suggesting that by kissing his child, Tom could potentially make him more prone to cavities based on the transfer of bacteria.

    Standing by his father’s side, Roman confidently dismissed the critics, saying, “Don’t be silly.” Tom echoed the sentiment, affirming their bond by stating, “That’s what we think.”

    In another clip, the father couldn’t hide his frustration as he responded to a particular comment discouraging the affectionate pecks. ‘Don’t kiss your children on the lips fact. Because not all humans have the right intentions do you see what I’m saying? Don’t make it acceptable [sic]!” read the comment.

    Tom humorously remarked, “So the logic here is, if I kiss my five-year-old, he will think that he can go off and it’s OK to kiss strangers, strange adults… obviously!”

    He further pondered, “So let’s apply that logic. I can’t have him in my car anymore to take him places because he could get in a stranger’s car and think that’s normal.”

    Tom added that his son shouldn’t be living in his house because that would mean he would think it’s normal to walk into a stranger’s house.

    Finally, the devoted dad proposed an alternative approach: “Or we could, now hear me out, we could… teach him that he’s got a mummy and a daddy and kissing them is normal, but kissing dodgy Barry down the road is a bit weird.”

    Daddy Tom is seen holding his younger son, Raphael. | Source:

    In addition to the negative comments raising questions about the father-son duo’s relationship, people showed their support by leaving lovely remarks. “Nothing wrong with that. Daddy and his little boy [sic],” wrote one netizen, appreciating Tom and Roman’s epic bond.

    “Don’t worry. Absolutely nothing’s going to change,” expressed Tom, with Roman perched on his lap. He then turned to his son and continued, “Roman, what do you think of people that think you shouldn’t kiss me on [the] lips?”

    “You are all crazy. That’s my daddy,” chimed the five-year-old ecstatically. The video ended with the pair sharing a tender kiss on the lips.

    Out of the people who were quick to render their support to the Yorkshire father, one female commenter shed light on a rather pertinent issue. Addressing Tom’s critics, the netizen seemed curious about why people were upset with a dad kissing his son on the lips, questioning if they would behave any differently if it were a mother kissing her daughter.

    Reflecting on that sentiment, Tom said he agreed to an extent that he faced backlash because he was a man who had chosen to publicly display his affection toward his sweet boy. Had he been a mother kissing her child, nobody would have frowned upon their PDA.

    What do you think about this story? Do you support this father’s way of showing his love to his son by kissing him on the lips? Please share your feedback in the comments section on Facebook.

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