Critics Blast Tim McGraw’s Daughter for Showing Body & Being Overweight — Dad Is Proud of His Brave Eldest Child

    Tim McGraw has three daughters: Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey.

    Gracie isn’t scared to show her natural body.

    Her father talks about being proud of her.

    Tim McGraw wears many hats, from singer and songwriter to producer and actor. He has been married to fellow country music star Faith Hill since 1996, and they have three daughters. Tim and Faith have many awards and accolades but are most proud of their girls.

    Maggie McGraw, born on August 18, 1998, is the second daughter who graduated from Stanford University in 2021 with a Master’s degree. The baby of the family is Audrey McGraw. Born December 6, 2001, she graduated from high school in June 2020. Since then, she has modeled for a fashion campaign and appeared in a music video for her dad’s song, “7500 OBO.”

    Gracie McGraw is the eldest of the brood. Born on May 5, 1997, the young lady graduated from NYU. Following her father’s footsteps, she moved out independently to pursue her acting career and has since appeared in Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong.” Posting about his daughter, the “Friday Night Lights” star said:

    “Gracie, our oldest daughter, is an actress in L.A., and she makes me proud every day because she’s such a strong, independent young lady who speaks her mind.”

    Tim, who is in awe of how fast his daughters have grown up, is inspired by how they are branching out and carving their path. The joy of any parent raising kids in show business is to see them grow into level-headed adults who respect themselves and others.

    Describing his eldest daughter, the “Flicka” actor said Gracie is sweet, talented, and has “a crazy big heart” in an Instagram post marking her 25th birthday. He encouraged her to keep chasing her dreams and being an inspiration.

    The young singer has become a body-positivity advocate.
    Friends and fans of the stars joined in wishing Gracie a happy birthday even as she posted her own photos and videos celebrating with friends in Mexico. The talented young lady enters the entertainment industry with her parents’ support.

    Tim invited Gracie to sing with him on stage during one of his shows back in 2015. The father/daughter duo sang “Here Tonight,” one of the titles on his “Damn Country Music” album. Speaking about how he and his wife support their daughter’s aspirations, he said:

    “The more Faith and I talked about it and really started digging into it [we realized] how much it made sense to us and our family and our beliefs, and how we want our daughters to be represented.”

    Gracie McGraw with her dad Tim McGraw at Bridgestone Arena on August 15, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee | Source: Getty Images

    The couple tried not to force their children to do anything but to allow them to find their way. Tim, who also posted a road-trip duet with his daughter singing a ballad by Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb on YouTube, is impressed by Gracie’s strong, melodious voice.

    Criticized for Her Body
    Gracie loves documenting her life on Instagram, but the ones that show off her natural body tend to receive the most attention. One netizen who felt that her photo was too revealing said that she didn’t get the point of her “showing her body to thousands of people.”

    Others have gone as far as to make an unfair comparison between Gracie and her mother, who, at 55 and after three kids, “looks like a model.” Commenting under candid shots of her body, one even called the young lady “extremely unhealthy.”

    But the eldest McGraw girl is comfortable in her skin, even with stretch marks, rolls, and cellulite. She captioned a mirror selfie wearing a two-piece bathing suit with a quote from Norah Ephron, adding:

    “I’ve never been comfortable in a bikini but I got this one for $10 and I’m feeling glorious.”

    She takes the negative comments in good stride and has her fair share of fans who think she is beautiful and relate to her authenticity. They encourage her to keep posting and ignore the haters and trolls.

    The young singer has become a body-positivity advocate, showing others how to love and evolve in how they view their bodies. Speaking about how she learned to accept the parts of her body that she had wished to change, Gracie said:

    “I was always deemed as ‘unhealthy’ because I had a little more weight on me, which really made me question myself more and more. In reality I was actually a healthy person but what was truly unhealthy about me was the way I was thinking.”

    Gracie also shared her observation that clothing stores are not inclusive. Many fail to carry clothing sizes for fuller-figured women. Some staff body shame women who wear larger sizes. This discourages some from shopping and damages their confidence.

    She reckoned that most stores have followed a trend of making their clothes smaller than before so that even though one does not gain any weight, they have to go up a size or two. This makes the consumer feel that they are bigger than they really are.

    There seems to be so much aimed at making young women feel bad for not reaching an unattainable goal. But Gracie has said the trick is not to entertain the negative thoughts. Remember, you are more than your dress size.

    Whether you have cellulite, rolls, dips, or dimples, your “flaws” are beautiful. She says that when you focus on the positive, you will begin to appreciate yourself and remember to smile again.

    From telling a story about how she gave herself a disastrous haircut to describing how a rude clerk made her feel unwelcome in a clothing store, Gracie McGraw uses her voice not just to sing but to make her followers think, laugh, and learn.

    Gracie has never been afraid to be experimental with her fashion choices. The Broadway singer posted an interesting outfit on her Instagram. Although the photo was taken in the bathroom, the outfit made up for the visible toilet in the background.

    Gracie wore a long silver satin dress, with one side of it tucked in to show her the plaid pants she wore under. She finished off the look with chunky boots.

    This outfit was not only an eye-grabbing post on her social media, but Gracie also debuted her new hair color. She previously rocked a shot platinum blonde bob, but she has now gone darker.

    The eldest of the McGraw sisters dyed her hair brown. She showed it at an event where she also wore another show-stopping outfit. In the caption, the actress mentioned that the outfit was vintage and taken from her mother’s closet.

    She wore a sheer red dress, a red leather jacket, and maroon boots. She kept her hair simple and slicked back. Commenters could not get enough of Gracie’s new look. “Exuding such confidence,” remarked a netizen.

    Another added, “Picking jaw off the floor… Gracie, you killed this look.” Many more commenters gushed over how pretty and fabulous her outfit looked.

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