Catherine Zeta-Jone’s no make-up selfie confirms what we all knew

    Catherine Zeta-Jones is incredibly popular for many reasons. Her acting career has been spectacular and has had incredible longevity. Now at 53 years old, she has decided to reveal a few secrets…

    A lot of people who have seen Catherine Zeta-Jones in movies might be shocked to learn that she was born and raised in Swansea, Wales. She became a dancer and learned from an early age and saw that she liked being praised.

    While her mother saw Catherine’s beauty from the get-go, she herself had a hard time seeing herself through her mother’s eyes.

    Talking of her mother, Zeta-Jones always mentions that because she did not feel beautiful, her mother would often tell her to “make the best of [herself]” which would give her a sense of confidence, that she carries with her even today.

    When she was younger she did not understand how women could enter pageants knowing they would be judged ruthlessly, but as she grew older she learned to appreciate their bravery in allowing themselves to be open to critique in that way.

    She herself got an early start to her career. When she was just 15 years old, she left her school in Wales to move to London to start an acting career. Just two years after that, she landed her first significant role.

    She landed a role in London’s West End in a revival of the musical “42nd Street.” The lead and their understudy were both unable to perform which allowed her to swoop in and steal the show.

    That was the beginning of her career which took off and landed her in Hollywood. In Hollywood, she met the love of her life; Michael Douglas. But their meeting was anything but love at first sight.

    She wanted nothing to do with Douglas initially. But Douglas was intrigued and asked his publicist to arrange a meeting with Zeta-Jones. They agreed to meet up for drinks. After enjoying some drinks with her, Douglas confidently told Zeta-Jones that he would one day be the father of her children.

    She was less than amused and said to him,“You know I’ve heard a lot about you, and I’ve seen a lot about you, and I think it’s time that I say ‘Goodnight.’”

    Douglas feared he had ruined his chance with the beautiful actress and sent her flowers the next day with an apology. His apology worked as she decided to give him another shot and the couple made it work despite the difference in their ages and their busy work schedules.

    Douglas managed to keep his word and fathered children with Zeta-Jones. The couple welcomed their son in 2000 and got married to one another in the same year. Their wedding was incredibly long, and while it had only meant to last till evening, somehow the party continued till 6 a.m. the next morning.

    Three years later, they welcomed their daughter Carys. And their little family was complete. The couple know one thing; they did not want to raise their children in Hollywood.

    They decided to move to Bermuda to raise their children and spent 12 years there. Bermuda happens to be where Douglas’ own mother hails from, perhaps inspiring them to move back.

    At 53 years old, Zeta-Jones does not do anything to hide her age. She is happy to show all her laugh lines and crow’s feet, not worried about reversing the signs of aging.

    She said, “I have my insecurities like every other woman, but as I’ve got older, I’ve got much more confident about the way I look.”

    Over the years, the actress has come more and more confident about the way that she looks. She does not mind when people say nasty things about her looks but she also does not let people walk all over her either!

    She is content with her life, she said, “My dreams have come true, and everything else now is a bonus for me.”

    Her posts on Instagram are often filled with nasty comments about her age and looks but she pays them no mind and does whatever she wants!

    The actress is completely okay with baring her natural self to the camera but she also likes to keep fit. She has revealed that she has a ballet barre, a hula-hoop, a treadmill, and an elliptical which allow her to keep different muscle groups fit.

    But she also loves eating chocolate, especially Cadbury chocolate from her homeland England. While she prioritizes good meals for herself, she does not say no to an occasional delicious treat.

    In February 2023, the Hollywood star once again showed that she has both feet on the ground.

    She did not hesitate to use public transport during a visit to London. You would have thought that the actor would take a taxi or hire a private chauffeur, but Zeta-Jones didn’t hesitate to take the subway during her visit to the British capital.

    Apparently, she didn’t go during rush hour, but she made sure to cover herself up a bit – I think she just wanted to be herself and do things like ordinary people do.

    The actress looks incredible even at her age with no makeup on! Her selfie without a stitch of makeup confirms that she is a timeless beauty!

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