Bo Derek Seemed ‘To Never Age’ Decades after ’10’ in New Photo: She Is Happy in Love Again Years after Husband Died

    Bo Derek, the iconic star of ’10’, is back in the spotlight at 66

    With a new look, Bo is turning heads and sparking reactions from fans worldwide.

    Despite facing heartbreaking loss and tragedy in her personal life, Bo has found a renewed sense of happiness and fulfillment that has sustained her for more than two decades.

    Bo Derek is a former actress who rose to fame in the late 1970s for her role in the romantic comedy “10.” Her appearance in the movie, with her signature cornrows and swimsuits, made her an instant sex symbol. Before that, she had appeared in her first movie, “Fantasies,” in 1973 when she was only 17.

    Bo’s personal life was just as eventful as her professional career. She fell in love with John Derek, a director, while filming on location in Greece for “Fantasies.”

    Actress Bo Derek, star of the hit comedy film '10' in 1979. | Source: Getty Images

    John was 30 years her senior and married to actress Linda Evans at the time. Their romance ended John’s marriage, and he and Bo tied the knot in 1976.

    The love birds were together for over two decades until John’s death in 1998. He suffered from congestive heart failure, and sadly, it cost him his life.

    Despite enjoying success in Hollywood, Bo also endured tragedy and painful experiences, such as the death of her spouse.

    She described the ordeal as an enormous loss. The couple had a close and loving relationship, and John wasn’t just Bo’s husband.

    John Derek and Bo Derek at La Guardia Airport in New York City, New York, United States. | Source: Getty Images

    John served as his wife’s mentor in the entertainment industry. Grief-stricken, Bo spoke about the loss:

    “I’ve always been a fairly optimistic person, but it was a huge change, an enormous loss. The air just gets sucked out of the room when you lose your partner.”

    After losing her partner, Bo didn’t think she would find love again. She took inspiration from her single friends who led extraordinary lives with their projects, family, and friends.

    Bo fashioned herself after her independent friends and found happiness in her life. She also began a new life after her husband’s death and has continued to pursue her passions.

    Fans Reacted to the New Look and Life of Bo Derek at 66
    Bo, now 66, has continued to live her life on her terms. She still looks stunning and is surprised that a scene in “10” made her an icon overnight. It changed her life and career irrevocably, but she does not take her status as an icon too seriously and remains humble about it.

    Despite the ups and downs in her career, Bo is thankful for the life she has been given. She feels good about her decisions, even if they weren’t always the most successful in terms of her finances. She expressed:

    “I’m grateful for the life I was given.”

    Bo had a blast making films and building her career. She walked through many open doors thanks to her early rise to fame. Her current life is centered around the things she finds important, including advocating for animals.

    Bo is not only a Hollywood icon but also an environmental activist who cares deeply about protecting the planet and its inhabitants. She is particularly passionate about safeguarding marine areas and helping endangered species.

    On her Instagram page, Bo has invited ocean lovers to join her in this cause and play their part in preserving the seas. Besides her environmental activism, Bo is also an avid gardener who grows vegetables.

    Bo enjoys sharing updates on her garden with her fans and posted a photo of her tomato plants, which she thought would be magnificent. In one of her posts, she asked her followers, “How does your garden grow?”

    Through her love for gardening and activism, Bo showcases her commitment to sustainable living and inspiring others to do their part in protecting the planet.

    Fans have been impressed with Bo’s current look and lifestyle. They have praised her for living as she wants and are pleased to see her happy.
    Bo’s timeless beauty and iconic style turn heads, even at 66. Her signature blonde hair is still flowing, and fans often remark on her ageless beauty in the comments section of her Instagram posts.

    One user commented, “You seem to never age, always a 10.” Another wrote, “Congratulations on such an artistic photo. Really beautiful.”

    Who Is Bo Derek’s Longtime Love of More than 20 Years after She Was a Widow?
    After being widowed, Bo found happiness in the arms of actor John Corbett, a start from “Sex and The City.” The love birds have been together for more than two decades.

    Bo and Corbett first met when they were set up by a mutual friend for an Oscars party in 2002. Corbett was intimidated by the actress but grateful they met.

    Bo was also initially resistant to dating but found herself drawn to Corbett’s lively and joyful personality. The icon revealed:

    “He makes me laugh all the time. He’s full of life, full of joy. I became attracted to him, and I still am.”

    Bo Derek at JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge Resort & Spa on March 12, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona. | Source: Getty Images

    The couple took things day by day, and while Bo has previously said that she never thought she would be in another relationship again, meeting Corbett changed that.

    Bo is undoubtedly living her best life, and her relationship with Corbett only adds to her happiness. The couple tied the knot in a secret ceremony during the 2020 holiday.

    While the happy couple typically keeps their private life out of the public eye, Corbett couldn’t contain his excitement as he shared the news during a virtual interview on “The Talk” in April 2021.

    Nearing 70, Bo is still stunning and radiant; her fans continue to admire her timeless beauty. But it is her inner joy and contentment that truly shines through, and her fans can’t help but be inspired by her zest for life.

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