Billionaire Paul McCartney Takes Public Buses & Trains — Daughter Says He’s Cheap but Fans Adore His Modesty

    As one of the world’s most renowned musicians, it is no surprise that Paul McCartney is a billionaire.

    The star’s choice to use cheap public transport instead of a private jet or limousine has stunned many fans.

    McCartney’s daughter judged his frugality, but the public loved him because of his uncommon modesty.

    Few celebrities are as humble and modest as the legendary singer-songwriter Paul McCartney. Thanks to his success with the acclaimed Beatles band, the Liverpool, England native has accumulated an astonishing fortune.

    The Grammy-award-winning-icon who turned 80 in 2022 is worth over $1.2 billion. McCartney still banks millions of dollars every year thanks to his music royalties, performances, and record sales around the globe.

    Paul McCartney on stage at a festival in Glastonbury, England, June 25, 2022. | Source: Getty Images

    McCartney gave one of his most candid interviews in 2020, revealing some unexpected facts about himself. Despite being revered by generations, his fame and stature as one of the world’s wealthiest stars never went to his head.

    The musician has remained an ordinary man who enjoys the simple things in life. From taking the bus to never taking anything for granted, he is a one-of-a-kind star.

    Paul McCartney Likes to Live a Normal Life
    McCartney shared that his celebrity status became both thrilling and annoying. He had clever ways to stop fans from taking pictures of him, offering them a chat instead of a photo because it helped him feel like himself amid the fame.

    To the surprise of many, McCartney used commercial airlines when he traveled. Many billionaire celebrities preferred to buy private jets or charter flights on their account, but the singer did things differently.

    Flying commercial wasn’t the only way McCartney displayed modesty — the superstar preferred to take cheap buses and trains whenever possible. His reason for using public transport was unexpected.

    He liked driving on buses because it was an immensely grounding experience for him, and he added:

    “There’s something about that, being ordinary … I mean, I know I can’t be ordinary, at all – I’m way too famous to be ordinary – but, for me, that feeling inside, of feeling like myself still, is very important.”

    Paul McCartney interacting with a fan on September 27, 2022 in London, England. | Source: Getty Images

    The celebrity left people in awe because he was just like everyone else. Staying true to himself was essential to McCartney, which was one reason he conversed with fellow commuters.

    He recalled drawing some attention during a bus ride from Long Island to New York. One woman asked him about his identity and questioned why he was on a bus. He told her to sit next to him, after which they engaged in a meaningful conversation. The musician explained his unusual approach:

    “We ended up having this lovely conversation. That’s why I like a proper conversation. Being ordinary. I love that. It means a lot to me – maybe too much to me. I wouldn’t have wanted to get on the bus and sort of announce myself.”


    The Sir who the late Queen Elizabeth knighted in 1997 isn’t like other celebrities. He doesn’t travel with an entourage or use bodyguards for protection. Clad in an ordinary outfit, he minded his business while on a train in London.

    McCartney boarded the rail transportation at Kings Cross station, and if his presence wasn’t enough to stun fellow passengers, the singer’s subsequent actions were. He pulled out an old-fashioned Nokia phone and checked his messages before reading the newspaper like any other man on the train.

    People Are in Awe of Paul McCartney’s Modesty
    Sir Paul’s daughter, the famed fashion designer Stella McCartney comically called her father “tight” regarding his purse strings. She shared that attending a regular and local comprehensive school was the best thing for her.

    While McCartney’s daughter teased him for his uncommon modesty and cheapness, she was also grateful for it. She recalled some skills she learned attending a comprehensive school and noted that it enabled her to look after herself.

    She also realized she learned the importance of never boasting about her privileges because the kids at school wouldn’t take kindly to it. As a parent herself, the designer struggled internally with how she should raise her kids.

    McCartney’s daughter sent her little ones to private schools but said she would follow her dad’s ways if her kids became too posh.

    Paul McCartney outside the Abbey Road Studios on December 12, 2022 in London, England. | Source: Getty Images

    The former Beatles bandmember never fails to amaze people, riding in the second-class train carriage, unbothered by his wealth and ability to buy the entire train. Passengers were in awe of the singer’s choices, and much of the online community praised him for his modesty.

    People loved how McCartney “kept it real” and lived like everyone else. If fans of the pop icon needed another reason to adore the living legend, they have one. Ollie Wong, one of the commuters who saw McCartney on the train, detailed the experience stating:

    “I looked at him, and I instantly thought, ‘That’s Paul McCartney!’ I couldn’t believe he was slumming it in my second class.”

    Countless users were shocked by the singer’s down-to-earth personality and in disbelief that someone of his fame and stature would use public transport. One person on Twitter wrote:

    “That’s Sir Paul McCartney, one of the most successful musicians on earth, driving on a train. If you know you, you know.”

    McCartney’s humble approach has saved him heaps of money, but that’s not why the star opted to take the bus and train every chance he got. The musician enjoyed having a moment of normalcy because it grounded him and made him feel like himself.

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