Betty White’s home where she passed away was sold – what they did to it is heartbreaking

    Betty White’s death was a heartbreaking event for millions of people around the world. Throughout her career, the actress was beloved by many and made millions of people smile and laugh.

    Betty White was one of Hollywood’s most prolific actors. She had a career that spanned over seven decades and is perhaps one of the most celebrated ones to date!

    The actress never had any biological children and is not survived by a spouse hence there are no obvious benefactors to her estate. It is rumored that her dogs got a share too!

    Betty White

    Other than that, she does have three step-children from her marriage to Allen Ludden, but it is not clear whether they inherited something from Betty’s estate.

    Among the worldly possessions, the actress left behind are her beautiful properties. And in the latest development, the late actress’ Los Angeles home which she inhabited for the last 50 years has just gone up for sale.

    The property was purchased by Betty White with her husband Allen Ludden in 1968 and since then has not been on the market.

    Betty White

    The home was listed on Sotheby’s website and is described in vivid detail by the realtors. The property had five bedrooms and six full bathrooms. The home measured 3,029 square feet and had an exterior of 0.72 acres. The house was constructed in 1952 and was located in a lush neighborhood in Brentwood Park.

    The property boasted views of the Getty Museum and mountains. It also had a sprawling garden which had been well taken care of!

    The realtor’s website strictly stated that only qualified interested parties would be given a tour and that too only of the grounds; not of the insides. The description said the house was being sold for land value.

    In March 2022, the actress‘ beachfront property in Carmel, California went on sale. The property was completed in 1981, 3 years after White had purchased the land with her husband in 1978.

    The beloved entertainer passed away on New Year’s Eve last year, just a few weeks shy of turning 100. Her death followed countless memorials in honor of her.

    This is why it might be hard for some to digest that the home the late actress had lovingly maintained for so many decades now stands destroyed.

    The house now stands destroyed. Aerial footage of the area which was caught shows a pile of dirt where the actress’ home used to stand.

    It is heartbreaking to imagine the home the actress made has been destroyed. She spent her final moments in that home and it probably held so many precious memories for her and those she loved.

    The property sold last June for nearly $10.7 million. The property was listed as a tear-down and hence was expected to be destroyed so that something new could be built.

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