Bette Midler is a proud mom of her look-alike daughter!

    Bette Midler has been happily married for almost 40 years.

    Her husband ended his career to raise his daughter and save the marriage.

    Her daughter looks great, thinner, and like her mother.

    American singer and actress Bette Midler has had an extensive Hollywood career and has made a definitive mark on the industry. While she is a multifaceted star in public, she is a loving wife and mother in private.

    Midler has been married to Martin von Haselberg for almost 40 years, and they are still going strong. They only have one child, a daughter named Sophie, of whom they are both incredibly proud. Sophie bears a striking resemblance to her famous mother.

    Bette Midler and Martin von Haselberg during "Valentino : Thirty Years of Magic" Gala Retrospective at 67th Street Armory in New York City, New York, United States | Source: Getty Images

    It was love at first sight when von Haselberg and Midler met in 1984. The couple knew from the moment they met that there was something special between them that could stand the test of time.

    Midler revealed that von Haselberg’s sensibility and maturity made her sure he was the man she wanted to be with. She also acknowledged that they had a lot in common, which led to them tying the knot after only six weeks.

    There was no big white wedding for them, though. Instead, the couple eloped in Las Vegas at the Starlight Chapel on December 16, 1984, and have been happily married ever since. After they married, Midler revealed she had been the one to propose marriage.

    Because Von Haselberg and Midler went to Las Vegas and eloped, their wedding party was tiny. Midler confirmed:

    “My wedding was two people — my husband and me — and, of course, the Elvis impersonator that married us.”

    Although Midler and von Haselberg were happy when they married in Vegas, the actress confessed that their first years of marriage were not easy because she was 39 and in the habit of making her own decisions and doing things her own way.

    The couple fought a lot during their first two years of marriage, but they knew something had to change when Midler fell pregnant with Sophie. They did not want to raise a child in an unhappy home.

    Midler said she and her husband decided that if they were going to raise a family, they would stay together until their relationship got better, which it did once their daughter was born.

    The couple strongly believes that making their family their top priority has kept them together and content for so long. They cherish this value so much that von Haselberg quit his job as a commodities trader to be with his family, raise his daughter, and support his wife.

    The couple decided that Midler would continue her career as von Haselberg supported her and raised their daughter. Explaining what her husband has done for her and their daughter, Midler said he was “the greatest father to ever live” and gushed:

    “He taught her a foreign language. He taught her how to cook. He has looked after me for many, many years. He’s sacrificed a lot.”

    Midler, in turn, learned how to compromise, a concept she was not entirely comfortable with at the beginning of their relationship. She has also learned not to blame her husband for her problems but to take accountability.

    The couple is also excellent at dealing with problems and moving on from them when they arise. Midler said she’s grateful they can do this because if they had each run at the first sign of trouble, she wouldn’t have the family she does today.

    Their favorite thing to do is spend time together, thinking about when their relationship began and how far it has come over the past 38 years. They are also happy their daughter is finally happily married.

    Midler’s Clone Daughter Looks Thin: Her Mom is Proud
    Midler and her husband are proud of their daughter for everything she does, especially when it comes to following in her mother’s footsteps with acting. Midler said she didn’t even need to give her daughter any advice about acting, and she was “fantastic” right away.

    Sophie has lost some weight and looks great, and even more, like her mother than she did before. People think Midler and Sophie look alike and have said as much on social media.

    One fan mentioned that Midler had an “immensely specific face” and that Sophie is her “exact copy,” but that they loved that things like that happened. The fan even called Sophie Midler’s “clone.”

    Another fan agreed with this notion, calling Midler a “legend” and saying her daughter looked exactly like her. Many other fans share the same thought and think that both women are stunning. Some even wondered how Midler aged so gracefully.

    Midler Reveals Her Aging Secrets
    Over the years, many have wondered how Midler stays looking so young and fresh. She is unafraid to share her secrets and is open about why she seems to be aging backward. She has gone under the knife.

    Sophie Von Haselberg attends Bette Midler's 2019 Hulaween at New York Hilton Midtown on October 31, 2019 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

    There has been speculation over the years that this might be the case, but in February this year, Midler confirmed it was true. She joked:

    “I’ve been at it for close to 60 years … and I do look fabulous, I know. I’ve had some tailoring done to my face.”

    While she was open about the fact that she had had work done on her face, she remained coy about the nature of the work in that she did not reveal whether it was botox, fillers, or a complete facelift that kept her looking so spritely.

    Midler has never been shy about saying that she would consider having work done, though. In fact, her first time talking about having some sort of plastic surgery done dates back to the late 2000s, when she said she thought everyone had considered it at one time or another.

    Back then, she said she hadn’t had anything done yet, but when she was seriously considering it, she would have to sit down and think it all the way through before she committed to anything. Now, she has fully embraced it!

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