Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson, 81, had a heartbreaking health setback only two weeks after his wife’s untimely death.

    A few weeks after the devastating death of his wife Melinda, it has come to light that the legendary Beach Boys vocalist Brian Wilson is afflicted with dementia.

    During the time when the family of the 81-year-old Wilson has joined together to submit a conservatorship in order to guarantee that Wilson gets the necessary assistance and care, the terrible update has come to light.

    According to Hello!, court records reveal the I Get Around singer’s long history of mental health issues, including his current struggle with cognitive impairments that impact his ability to operate daily and engage socially.

    It is still difficult for Wilson’s family to come to terms with the death of Melinda, the legendary singer’s wife, who passed away earlier this month. The news comes as a new blow to the already struggling family.

    Wilson had mental health issues including bipolar illness and schizoaffective disease for decades, even while he was at the peak of his popularity and success with The Beach Boys. Many people believe that Melinda saved his life.

    In the 1980s, Wilson’s contentious psychotherapist, Eugene Landy, had a stranglehold over his career and finances, prescribing medication for Wilson’s mental health while simultaneously keeping a cut of his songwriting income. His role evolved into that of Wilson’s protector.

    His life was probably spared because Melinda freed him from this toxic relationship. Melinda sold Brian a Cadillac in 1986, and that’s when they first crossed paths. It ended after three years of dating when Landy “decided we were getting too close,” as Melinda explained to the Washington Post afterwards.

    WASHINGTON, DC- SEPTEMBER 17: Brian Wilson, co-founder of the Beach Boys speaks during the “Change Direction” event raising awareness for mental illness press conference at the National Press Club on September 17, 2015 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

    In 1992, Brian and Melinda were back together again, and Landy was barred from contacting Brian by a restraining order that the Wilson family had obtained. Because of the stability and improved mental health that Melinda brought to Brian’s life as his manager and wife, he was able to stage a musical return in the latter stages of his career.

    According to recent reports, a unified conservatorship has been suggested by Brian’s seven children and trusty aide Gloria Ramos to assist the 81-year-old in his fight against dementia.

    The Wilson family issued a statement to the DailyMail in which they confirmed that longtime Wilson family representatives LeeAnn Hard and Jean Sievers will serve as Brian’s co-conservators of the person. “Following the passing of Brian’s beloved wife Melinda, after careful consideration and consultation among Brian, his seven children, Gloria Ramos, and Brian’s doctors (and consistent with family processes put in place by Brian and Melinda), we are confirming that LeeAnn Hard and Jean Sievers will serve as Brian’s co-conservators of the person,” the statement read.

    The creation of the conservatorship will be decided upon during a hearing that is scheduled to take place on April 26, 2024.

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