“Bald-headed, like a tomboy!” Curious paparazzi captured Shiloh Jolie-Pitt with an entirely new image

    Cameras captured Jolie’s and Pitt’s «complicated» daughter rocking her new look! ??The celebrity child was spotted with a pink buzzcut during a lunch with a friend! ?See paparazzi photos in this article! ???

    One of the most scandalous and talked-about celebrity children is, undeniably, Shiloh. The «complicated» girl again caught the attention of paparazzi who have lately caused a furor showing her new image with short pink hair.

    The 17-year-old girl never ceases to be the center of everybody’s attention as she constantly changes her style and mind about becoming a boy or staying a girl. She doesn’t seem to have found her own way and is still in her self-discovery journey.

    «The perfect mixture of her parents!», «She definitely took the best genes», «She stole my heart! I will never stop admiring her perfect facial features», «No wonder Jolie and Pitt have the most beautiful children».

    «Even bald, she looks pretty», «Has she got plans to try her hand in modeling? That will surely be a success!», «Can’t take my eyes off her!».

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