With each passing year, Brosnan’s love for his wife Keely grows stronger, and his devotion to her only deepens. He always defends her from hurtful comments about her looks and adores her not only for her stunning beauty but for the wonderful person she is

    Pierce Brosnan and his wife, Keely Shaye Smith, took a selfie at Mullaghderg Beach in Donegal, Ireland, after the wrap of “The Four Letters of Love.” Instagram users commented on his spouse’s weight loss, one writing the journalist and director “looks radiant.”

    Pierce Brosnan cited the luck of the Irish for the production’s sunny weather, and dubbed a “lucky fella” in the comments. The couple was praised for being marital role models and doing “a remarkable job of showing that fame and fortune have no impact on having a positive relationship.”

    Keely Shaye Smith also remarked on Irish luck when she shared a photo of her husband posing alone a few hours later, smiling in front of a sheep enclosure in Donegal with a rainbow breaking through dark clouds in the background.

    Fourteen years into their marriage, Brosnan gushed to The Independent in March 2014 that he loves Smith’s vitality and passion and that she has a strength he would not be able to live without. Like a newlywed, the star admitted he goes “weak” when his American bride looks at him.

    The former James Bond reacted to a toxic viral Facebook post.
    The “Mama Mia!” star met the broadcast journalist three years after he lost Cassandra Harris, his first wife, to ovarian cancer in December 1991.

    The Irishman and Australian actress married in 1980. They had a son, Sean, in the mid-80s, and the “Black Adam” actor adopted her two kids from her first marriage, Charlotte and Chris.

    Model-turned-journalist Smith was at a party in Mexico to interview Ted Danson when she ended up chatting with Brosnan instead. On their first date a few days on, they held hands, sitting under the stars as Kenny Loggins sang and fireworks exploded over their heads.

    Comments on the image posted by Pierce Brosnan | Source: Instagram.com/piercebrosnanofficial

    The former James Bond reacted to a toxic viral Facebook post that compared the mother of five’s looks to when she married the actor in 2001 to now, which prompted a mountain of fat-shaming in the comments.

    Pierce Brosnan reportedly rebuked a friend who offered Smith weight-loss surgery, and said “I strongly love every curve of her body”. He stated that he is always seeking to be “worthy of her love” and genuinely loves her as a person, not just for her looks.

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