Wayne Newton has gone through various health issues like asthma and heart infections, and he once lost all his money. But his family supported him. Now he is a happy family man who isn’t ready to retire. Even after decades, his wife is still close to him.

    Wayne Newton turned 81 in April 2023!

    The singer suffered heart problems and lost all his money, but he did not lose the love of his family.

    His wife, who has been with him for over 25 years, made him feel like a “lucky man.”

    Wayne Newton’s professional singing career began at age six, and as a teenager, he got to perform with his older brother. The star found the love for his lifelong career after watching Hank Williams and Kitty Wells perform.

    He struggled with asthma, and at age ten, his family relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, to access a better climate for his well-being. The singer continued making local television station appearances and performing; he had his program for some time.

    Wayne Newton rides on his horse on May 15, 1969 at his Casa de Shenandoah Ranch in Las Vegas, Nevada | Source: Getty Images

    In 1962, the musician was taken under Bobby Darin’s wing, and the artist helped him to launch a solo career. The following year he was in the Top 20 with his hit song “Danke Schoen,” and in 1965, he hit the charts with “Red Roses for a Blue Lady.”

    Over several decades, he became one of the highest-paid and most popular performers in Las Vegas. The last major single he released was “Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast,” which came out in 1972.

    His legal troubles began in the early 1980s when NBC News reported that he had links to organized crime. It was said Wayne became a part owner of the Aladdin casino and hotel with funds from the mob. He was allegedly an associate of two Gambino crime family members.

    The “Licence to Kill” star sued the network for libel, claiming the reports were untrue, damaging his business and reputation. He initially won a $19 million settlement in 1986 for the case, but it was later reduced to over $5 million.

    In 1990, a federal appeals court overturned the ruling, and the musician reached out to the U.S. Supreme Court, which rejected his appeal the following year. A year later, Wayne filed for bankruptcy, claiming $20 million in debt.

    Kathleen Newton and Wayne Newton pose for a photo at their home on May 22, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada | Source: Getty Images

    He later found himself in a legal battle with Tony Orlando, who sued him for locking him out of the Branson, Missouri, theater they once shared. However, thanks to his loving and committed wife, the singer overcame all his problems.

    Wayne Turned 81: He Is a “Lucky Man” Thanks to His Wife
    On April 3, 2023, Wayne turned 81 and celebrated with his family. For his 74th birthday, he brought back “Wayne Newton: Up Close & Personal” to Las Vegas for 36 weeks. At the time, the musician confessed that he didn’t see himself retiring anytime soon, adding:

    “I’ve never been happier or felt better.”

    The star, who had been gone for five years at that moment, returned to Las Vegas Bally’s with his new show on April 21, 2016. He realized he missed performing while talking to his wife, Kathleen Newton, who asked him what was wrong one day.

    At the time, Wayne said he didn’t know but missed being on stage and having things happen that could only occur there. In 2018, the singer was experiencing a non-stop tour schedule across the country while raising horses during his spare time.

    Kathleen’s husband confessed that he’d done “pretty much” what he’d wanted to do, but whether or not it turned out good was a different question! However, he emphasized that he was the happiest he’d ever been and was looking forward to his 25th anniversary with his wife.

    The entertainer revealed that they would renew their wedding vows at the Vatican in Rome or Hawaii. The couple enjoyed staying home together, and even their date nights were held there to avoid Wayne being swarmed by fans wanting autographs he could not say no to.

    Wayne Newton and Kathleen McCrone at the opening of “Paula Abdul: Forever Your Girl” on October 24, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada | Source: Getty Images

    His wife said he felt indebted to his fans as they gave him and Kathleen, the woman he met after one of his performances, the ability to live the life they did. He said his success over the years was due to adjusting to what life brought.

    Everyone was all smiles in their team’s regalia as they spent time together.
    On April 10, 2021, Kathleen’s sister, Tricia McCrone, celebrated Wayne and his wife’s 27th anniversary with two throwback Instagram photos, including the couple’s wedding picture. The star’s sister-in-law said she loved them more than she could say.

    On the same date in 2023, the couple celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary. In March 2017, the singer shared a throwback Facebook image of him and Kathleen at an event and wished her a happy birthday, stating:

    “I am a lucky man. I love you, my darling Kat.”

    On Wayne’s 81st birthday in 2023 – born in 1942 – Tricia shared an Instagram collage of him and his wife, wished him a happy day, and called him the “best brother-in-law in the world.” Kathleen’s sister also said his kindness, talent, and generosity were unparalleled.

    Showing how close they were, Tricia shared how blessed she was to call him family before declaring her love. Besides being a loving husband, the musician was also a doting parent to his children.

    What Is Wayne’s Life like as a Father of Two?
    In July 1976, Wayne and his first wife, Elaine Okamura, welcomed their daughter Erin Newton. The star and Okamura divorced in 1985, citing irreconcilable differences after tying the knot in 1968 at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.

    Marla Heasley, Wayne Newton, and his daughter Erin Newton at the West Coast Father's Day Council's Fathers of the Year Awards Luncheon on June 6, 1989, in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

    After marrying Kathleen in 1994, in April 2002, the couple announced they were expecting a baby girl in May, using a surrogate. The couple welcomed the singer’s second child and daughter, Lauren Ashley Newton, on April 29, 2002.

    The musician and his attorney wife knew exactly what to call their daughter when they saw her face for the first time. His family meant the world to Wayne, just like his performing. The star held a special place in his heart for the trio.

    In March 2020, Tricia shared an Instagram family photo that featured Wayne, his wife, Lauren, and others at a baseball game. Everyone was all smiles in their team’s regalia as they spent quality time together.

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