Twenty years ago, Matt Damon fell for a bartender—a single mom of a little girl—at first sight. Nowadays, they raise four daughters far from the spotlight.

    Paparazzi recently spotted Hollywood A-lister Matt Damon on a summer vacation with his beloved wife, and fans of the star are swooning over their romantic snaps.

    Damon met his wife 20 years ago. She was a single mother of one, working as a bartender.

    The happy couple now raises four daughters together, away from the limelight.

    Earlier this week, Hollywood power couple Matt Damon, 52, and Luciana Barroso, 46, were spotted getting cozy and romantic during their family summer vacation in Mykonos, Greece. Paparazzi photographed the racy display of affection between the two, and photos surfaced across all major news outlets.

    The couple, now married for 17 years, have been enjoying some relaxation time on the beautiful island for over a week now. Damon showed off his bare chest, choosing to only adorn dark-colored swimming trunks for most of the time.

    As the lovebirds enjoyed their fun day out in the sun on the beach, Barroso was seen rocking a fabulous and sultry pink bikini and later in a chic black two-piece, both outfits showing off her stunningly svelte figure.

    Photos showcased several intimate moments between Damon and Barroso, from Damon cheekily placing his head between Barroso’s bosom and kissing her along her midsection to the pair sharing tender kisses throughout the day.

    The entire day was filled with fun and love in the sun, as the item were also later spotted dancing and laughing together as they were both dressed in white. At one point during the festivities, Damon, who had been grinning like a Cheshire cat all day, was seen lifting Barroso in his arms in a very public display of affection.

    The Hollywood couple could not take their eyes off each other or keep their hands to themselves as they enjoyed special moments in a bubble of their own, unphased by onlookers who took notice of them. Their daughters, Alexia Barroso, 24, Isabella Damon, 17, and Stella Damon, 12, also joined them on their lovely summer getaway.

    As soon as fans of the star caught wind of the publicized photos, they couldn’t help but view the couple with admiration. Many complimented the pair on how great they looked together and how apparent the love they share is. One wrote:

    “Good… that’s the way it should be… passion forever.”


    As the swooning continued, many fans commented on how happy they were to see a love story in Hollywood that appears to be lasting. One Instagram user felt strongly about Damon not being afraid to cherish his wife:

    “Finally, an actor in a man who actually loves his wife. A good human being I can respect!”

    A screenshot of a comment about Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso's PDA dated July 8, 2023. | Source:

    Others took notice of how ordinary the star-studded couple appeared to be. Another fan expressed:

    “It’s refreshing to see a happy Hollywood couple. I think it’s partly because they’re regular people who haven’t forgotten their roots.”

    How Barroso and Damon’s love story began is truly a testament to the power of fate, with Damon having been at the right place and time when he met the love of his life. While speaking with Ellen DeGeneres during a sit-down interview on her show, Damon shared how he met his wife.

    “The Martian” star had been filming a Farrelly brothers movie in 2002. It was originally set to be filmed in Hawaii but it was changed to Miami, where Barroso had been living and working as a bartender at the time.

    One night, after filming wrapped for the day, the production crew convinced a hesitant Damon to join them at a bar to hang out, and they ended up at the very bar Barroso was working at. Damon recalled spotting Barroso immediately from across the crowded room, and the rest was history.

    Describing his fatherhood, the “Bourne Identity” actor likened the experience to the final scene of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,” when the Grinch’s heart grew five times its original size.

    Barroso’s account of the couple’s initial encounter was more detailed. She disclosed to Vogue Australia that when Damon had spotted her across the crowded room, he said he had seen a light on her, to which she quipped that because it was a nightclub, there were already lights everywhere.

    As the night progressed, Damon found himself being hounded by people asking for autographs and pictures so he went to hide behind Barroso’s bar. While attempting to chat her up, Barroso decided to put him to work, and Damon, who learned some bartending skills from a previous role, was up to the task. Barosso recalled:

    “We definitely had a connection right away; it was so easy to talk to each other, we were very comfortable, and by the end of the night, he invited me to go out with his friends. But I was like, ‘I can’t; I have a four-year-old daughter, I’m not going anywhere.’ He said, ‘I love that you’re a mum, and that’s your priority.’ ”

    Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon at the after-party of the premiere of "The Brothers Grimm" in Los Angeles, 2005. | Source: Getty Images

    Barroso went on to say that she was never hung up on the fact that Damon was a big movie star and simply fell in love with him for who he was. Their connection was established outside of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, which Barroso was never interested in, as confirmed by many sources, including producer Jerry Weintraub, who has worked with Damon in the past.

    After dating for two years, the couple wed on a Friday morning in 2005. The ceremony was held privately in Manhattan. Alexia, Barroso’s daughter, was seven then and was present for the occasion. Damon’s friend Marc McGovern confirmed that the match was well-suited and that Damon enjoyed becoming a stepfather to Alexia.

    Since marrying in 2005, the happy couple welcomed three more girls, Gia, Isabella, and Stella, in addition to Damon’s bonus daughter, Alexia. As reported by Vogue Australia, their parenting style is grounded in teaching their girls to be compassionate and to feel empowered. Being the only man in his home, Damon found himself immersed in a full-scale learning experience:

    “I never expected to be surrounded by girls, but it’s great… I’m learning so much, not the least of which is how much smarter girls are. I operated under the assumption that us guys had a chance, but I realized when I was completely wrapped around my 2-year-old’s finger, and she knew it.”

    Luciana Barroso and Gia Damon at the Early Voting Rally at the University of Miami in Florida, 2008. | Source: Getty Images

    Describing his fatherhood, the “Bourne Identity” actor likened the experience to the final scene of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,” when the Grinch’s heart grew five times its original size. It’s as if everything had expanded in a way that was previously unfathomable to him. Damon added:

    “I jumped into the deep end with Lucy. I mean, Alexia was already 4. I was an extra dad… Everything is full; it’s just full all the time.”

    Luciana Barroso, Alexia Barroso, Stella Damon, Isabella Damon, and Matt Damon at the Amazon world premiere of "AIR" Amazon in Los Angeles, 2023. | Source: Getty Images

    The actor admitted to having been slightly fearful of baby bodily fluids that typically appear when changing diapers but said the fear disappeared once his kids arrived. As for what his very private family life looks like, Damon gave Parade a bit of an inside scoop into what the average day for him as a dad was like— picking up his kids from school and then heading to the park.

    Damon has kept a low profile when it comes to his family life and has managed to keep the spotlight away. He believes this is due to the fact that his marriage and fatherhood do not leave anything for the paparazzi to be desired. It’s free of scandal.

    Damon and Barroso’s love continues to remain solid and lasting. Their recent summer vacation has been a hot topic of discussion amongst fans who clearly see the stability and vitality of a true love story in Hollywood through their union.

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