Tom Selleck made a rare appearance on his daughter Hannah’s social media feed. The actor was photographed in casual clothes and with a graying beard.

    Hannah Selleck posts a rare photo of her dad ,Tom Selleck, and his new look surprised many fans!

    Tom’s latest casual appearance—gray beard and all—quickly garnered an online response.

    From ‘Magnum P.I.’ to horses, Tom’s decision to focus on family led to Hannah’s impressive career.

    Fans of the iconic “Magnum P.I.” star, Tom Selleck, were in for a treat recently when his daughter, Hannah Selleck, shared a rare photo of her famous father on social media.

    In the photo, Tom stood in front of a picturesque backdrop with two horses. He donned a casual denim outfit and sported a trendy gray beard. The photo was taken on Hannah’s farm, where she’s pursued her passion for horses.

    Unsurprisingly, the candid photos of Hannah’s horses and her father got people talking, with fans from all over the world leaving comments.

    Users praised Tom’s timeless good looks and expressed their excitement at seeing him in a rare casual moment.

    Fans complimented Hannah’s horses, and someone stated, “Aww! Great picture of your beautiful horses and your dad! He is one of my favorite actors!”

    One user also wrote, “Love when you show your mom and dad. [The] foundation of a great upbringing!” Another added, “Such a wonderful post of your dad and horses!!!!”

    Where Does Tom Selleck’s Daughter Work?
    Tom’s daughter is a successful horsewoman and founder of Descanso Farm, a boutique horse-breeding operation near the family’s 65-acre ranch in Ventura County. Since she was 14, Hannah has been a competitive equestrian show jumper, traveling worldwide for competitions.

    Hannah’s passion for show jumping was ignited during her childhood, thanks to her dad’s decision to step away from the spotlight and focus on family life.

    Hannah’s love of horses started when she was only four, and she now runs the breeding operation and trains horses when she is not competing.

    Her farm specializes in breeding and developing top-quality horses for the show jumping discipline, aiming to produce horses that will compete at the highest level of the sport.

    Despite the demanding nature of the equestrian sport, Hannah’s passion for horses has been unwavering. She credits her parents for encouraging her to follow her dreams and turn professional, giving up her amateur status to learn from some of the industry’s best.

    Tom even encouraged Hannah to start her own breeding operation when some of her top mares retired. Hannah shared:

    “It’s very exciting to finally see the horses we’ve bred going in the ring and successfully competing. My goal is to see all these horses make it to the top level of the sport.”

    Hannah’s dedication and hard work have led her to qualify for the grand prix level of competition and win international medals.

    She is also in charge of the farm and manages a staff that includes a head groom and an assistant to help exercise the horses.

    Hannah’s proficiency in a challenging international sport has not gone unnoticed by those who know her best. Despite leading a somewhat nomadic life due to her competition schedule, Hannah plans to keep growing her business.

    In 2019, Hannah revealed she was even considering earning an MBA but knew no matter what she did in the future, her love for horses would always come first. For her, horses will always be a significant part of her life.

    Why Did Tom Selleck Leave His Hit Series and How Did the Move Impact His Life?
    Hannah’s passion for show jumping was ignited during her childhood, thanks to her dad’s decision to step away from the spotlight and focus on family life.

    Tom bought a ranch and raised his little girl amongst animals, a choice that led to her love for horses. The ranch spans over 65 acres and includes a 1926 ranch house, a horse corral, and a 20-acre working avocado farm.

    The property was a blessing for the Selleck family, providing an ideal escape from Hollywood. Tom and his wife, actress Jillie Mack, stepped away from the spotlight in 1988.

    Tom Selleck and wife, Jillie Mack, at The Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills, California in 2003 | Source: Getty Images.

    Tom said goodbye to his iconic role in “Magnum P.I.” to focus on his loved ones after his daughter was born on their beloved ranch. The actor went from spending 90 hours a week on set to a more relaxed and manageable schedule.

    According to Tom, the ultra-private ranch has helped him maintain balance in his life by allowing him to prioritize his family and spend time with them. He explained:

    “It took a long time to get off the train, but I try very hard to have balance, and this ranch has helped me do that.”

    While Tom returned to the screen and stars in the acclaimed series, “Blue Bloods,” he only works every other week because family will always be his “first priority.”

    Tom and his wife are proud of how they raised their daughter, attributing her maturity to her upbringing. They were grateful they could raise her in a country lifestyle and believed it was “the best environment for her to grow up.”

    Tom also believes that one of the secrets to maintaining his more than 35-year marriage to Jillie is prioritizing their relationship and nurturing it over time.

    He emphasizes the importance of spending quality time together and taking breaks from work to strengthen their bond. This approach has been successful for the couple and their precious daughter.

    The trio has balanced their family life and careers while maintaining a strong and loving relationship.

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