Tom Cruise’s Eldest Daughter Has ‘Same Dents’ in Nose & Dad’s Smile – Fans Suspect She’s Not Adopted

    Bella Kidman Cruise appeared with a new hairstyle and showed her transformation.

    Social media users got suspicious, thinking she was Tom Cruise’s biological daughter.

    Bella and her relationship with her parents were revealed..

    In March 2023, Bella Kidman Cruise, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s oldest daughter, debuted a new hair color on social media. The transformation in her looks wasn’t the first one for the child of famous actors.

    Changing her style was something she did quite often. Fans who saw the post found a strong resemblance between Bella and her father, and it raised their suspicions even though she was adopted.

    Tom and Isabella seen on the streets of Manhattan on November 26, 2008, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

    The stars’ daughter was now a grown woman with her own life. In the article below, we’ll also look into her current relationship with her parents, and the truth is that it wasn’t balanced.

    Bella Appears with a New Hair Color: Nicole and Tom’s Daughter’s Transformation
    On March 29, 2023, Bella, then 30, broke protocol when she shared a rarely-seen photo of herself on her Instagram Story. She showed off her new hair color in the selfie while praising Jennifer Ball, the hairstylist behind the new look.

    Tom’s daughter confessed that the new hair gave her “so much joy” as she flaunted her bangs. Her hair was dyed black after she’d gone red and blond over the years, and she could change this one at the drop of a hat, but she tended to avoid posting much about her private life.

    Bella, who lived with her husband Max Parker in London, was rarely seen at public events with her parents. Most of the time, the artist preferred posting images of her artwork instead of her personal life.

    She and her younger brother, Connor, then 27, were adopted by Tom and Kidman after they married in 1990 until their divorce in 2001. Connor lived closer to their adoptive parents in Miami, Florida, and Bella’s looks had fans questioning her paternity.

    Social Media Users Get Suspicious Thinking Bella’s Actually Tom’s Biological Daughter
    In a People magazine Facebook post, Bella’s former red hair and current look were revealed. A fan believed she could “easily pass as Tom’s biological daughter” and that the artist was a product of an affair between the “Mission Impossible” star and the woman that was friends with him and almost broke up his marriage to Kidman.

    The follower speculated, “I think that’s why she hates being in photos” and sharing social media posts of herself. The Facebook user also noted that Kidman’s child had “so many similar facial features as Tom.”

    Someone else thought the actress’ child “even had the same dents in her nose” and “smile lines” as her father. A third person asked if Bella was sporting a “mullet but with bangs,” while another critic thought she was “pretty” with a “horrific haircut.”

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes with their daughters Suri Cruise and Isabella Kidman-Cruise and David Beckham's sons Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz Beckham, watch the Major League Soccer match on May 10, 2008, in Carson, California | Source: Getty Images

    Other people didn’t know who she was, while some didn’t understand why her hair changes were news. Another fan said Bella looked like “John Travolta” in “Hairspray,” while someone else believed her “outlook was a copy” of Tom.

    [Nicole] Kidman believed in giving the pair [Bella and Connor Kidman Cruise] unconditional love.

    A Facebook fan felt Tom’s facial features were “too strong for her face” before editing the post and acknowledging how the artist was adopted. Someone who looked properly at the picture agreed, saying:

    “She does look a lot like Tom Cruise after looking carefully.”

    A fan who knew she was adopted also noted how Bella looked like her father, while another found the resemblance between her and Tom “strange.” Another critical person asked:

    “How does she look like Tom with a wig when adopted?”

    Someone else laughed and called Kidman’s child a “poor kid” for looking like Tom with a wig and lipstick. An unconvinced person questioned if people were sure the picture wasn’t Bella’s father wearing a wig.

    Bella and Her Relationship with Her Parents
    In 2018, Kidman, who was quite private about her children, said she had to protect those relationships. The actress shared how she was “150 percent” willing to give up her life for her children as it was her purpose.

    Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman take a walk through Central Park with their daughter Isabella Kidman Cruise circa 1994 | Source: Getty Images

    Although the actress didn’t follow the Scientology belief system, she still supported Connor and Bella in practicing the religion as they were adults and could make their own decisions. The star said she loved them regardless, and she was an example of tolerance.

    Kidman believed in giving the pair unconditional love. In 2016, Bella revealed she wasn’t estranged from her parents after her mother only thanked her second husband, Keith Urban, and their two daughters in her 2017 and 2018 acceptance speeches.

    The same year Bella spoke up about her parents’ estrangement, she said she was close to Tom and Kidman. The artist shared that they talked, and anyone who believed the rumors was full of nonsense.

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