«This photo from the very famous film wasn’t even edited!😳What’s strange here?🤔

    The beloved romantic comedy “Pretty Woman,” starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide since its 1990 release. While the film is lauded for its compelling story and lovable characters, there are a ton of funny behind-the-scenes jokes that are just waiting to be discovered.

    Bloopers that showcase the performers and crew’s comedy and camaraderie have been released to fans, offering a unique glimpse into the making of the movie. With their funny and entertaining glimpses inside the making of the film, these outtakes include uncomfortable conversations and unexpected mishaps.
    Julia Roberts makes a highly notable mistake as she struggles to keep her cool during a pivotal moment. As Roberts tries to deliver her lines with her signature charm and gets a case of the giggles, she and her co-star Richard Gere break out into chuckles. The endearing sequence serves as a reminder of the genuine chemistry between the two leads, which helped make “Pretty Woman” a great movie.

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