“The Thorn Birds” and “Dr. Kildare” star Richard Chamberlain was considered a heartthrob back in the day, yet not many people know that he lived a double life for years.

    “The Thorn Birds” and “Dr. Kildare” star Richard Chamberlain showed up in a tracksuit at an event with his gay partner of 38 years.

    The actor opened up about his long road to coming out and how painful it was to live in the closet.

    Richard discussed his relationship with his partner now and revealed why they live in different cities.

    During a March 2023 outing, Richard Chamberlain showed off how youthful he was at age 89. However, only a few people know that the actor, who made women across the country swoon as he played his dreamy role in the 1960s “Dr. Kildare” and was a hunk as Father Ralph in the 1980s “The Thorn Birds, came out as gay at almost 70 years.

    In 2004, the star was asked about leading a double life, and he admitted that he hated himself and hid as a child. When he found fame, he was happy and excited to be working; he loved being famous, acting, and the challenges of taking on different roles.

    Rachel Ward and Richard Chamberlain on "The Thorn Birds" on March 27, 1983 | Source: Getty Images

    However, a part of him was frightened, inhibited, and disapproving. Luckily, as closeted as he was, he could date because he found people who were tolerant of that side of him, including his partner of 38 years in 2023, Martin Rabbett.

    Sadly, most of the time, the actor loved his career more than he loved Rabbett because he felt he couldn’t have existed without it. Chamberlain finally came out on “Dateline” and described it as the “happiest day of my life.”

    A part of him was shocked that he was coming out on national television, but it was a fantastic experience. He and Rabbett met while he was working on a play in Los Angeles, and when the production continued elsewhere, they started dating despite the writer being in a relationship.

    Richard Chamberlain, Neil Patrick Harris, and Martin Rabbett pose backstage at "Hedwig and The Angry Inch" on Broadway on May 27, 2014, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

    The actor’s partner was 19 years younger but older than him in many ways. Chamberlain said he and Rabbett had an astounding deep soul relationship, and that’s when love was possible when there weren’t any expectations.

    Although he was initially afraid to come out as gay, partly because he worried about how that would affect his successful career based on a lie, Chamberlain was still thriving. Fans saw what the “Awakening World” star looked like in 2023.

    How Does Richard Look Now at 89?
    On March 19, 2023, Ira Wong, a music educator, shared two Facebook images of him posing alongside Chamberlain at the Manoa Valley Theatre in Honolulu, Hawaii. The “Echoes of The Past” actor wore a black sweatsuit set and gray sneakers in the photo.

    At age 89, he looked happy and healthy as he smiled while holding a marker and signing his autograph for Wong. On March 22, 2023, the star appeared again on the music educator’s Facebook, posing backstage during an intermission.

    Wong revealed that Chamberlain was a “very nice man” and “totally unpretentious.” The Golden Globe Award winner’s partner, Rabbett, also appeared alongside Wong in another post on the same day, smiling happily while looking healthy.

    Fans responded to the picture of Chamberlain backstage with Wong, with one noting how “lucky” the music teacher was to have met the actor. Another person thought the image was “awesome,” while someone else said they’d met the celebrity a couple of times when they worked for his lawyer in their younger years, stating how he was

    “Always gracious and courteous!”

    Other followers were thrilled to see the star, with one calling him a “legend,” while another was pleased to see him “finally, all dressed up.” There were rumors at one point that Chamberlain and Rabbett had separated, but the actor discussed their relationship and what made it better.

    Did the Couple Split and What Is Richard’s Life like Now?
    In a December 2010 interview, Chamberlain was asked about the April rumors of him and Rabbett separating. He was questioned about the speculations about him moving from their shared Hawaii home to Los Angeles.

    The celebrity quickly explained that he and his partner hadn’t split and were still very close. The “Strength and Honour” star said the “essence” of their relationship had remained intact, but they didn’t live together, and he’d gone back for Thanksgiving and had a great time.

    In December 2022, the actor [Richard Chamberlain] gave an update about his life nowadays.
    Chamberlain shared that that year’s Christmas, they’d spend it together in New York with friends. He confirmed that he’d relocated to Los Angeles and explained that it was because he wanted to work more, and Rabbet, unfortunately, didn’t like the city.

    Richard Chamberlain at the premiere of "Twin Peaks" on May 19, 2017, in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

    However, the producer was considering moving to San Francisco. The interviewer was surprised and thought the actor was single and looking, but Chamberlain, then 76, said that was not a thing at his age!

    The alleged breakup was said to have happened due to the actor’s new career ambition. The “Brothers & Sisters” star revealed he didn’t respond to the rumors because he wasn’t aware the media was interested, but he’d heard the report but didn’t entertain the internet much.

    The proof that the couple was still together came in December 2019 when Rabbett and Jocelyn Fujii shared an Instagram photo of the couple in one image. The duo was all smiles as they posed with other people in Honolulu.

    In December 2022, the actor gave an update about his life nowadays. Rabbett’s partner said life was “really nice” and that he’d kind of retired so he could live a much simpler life than the one he lived when he was working.

    The “Now I Pronounce You Chuck & Harry” star confessed that acting was gratifying as it was “extremely hard work.” However, Chamberlain said now he could sit around and watch television if he wanted.

    He also had the leisure time to go and see movies. If the “Justice League: Gods and Monsters” star wasn’t doing that, the celebrity could have dinner dates with friends and enjoy himself, which he still felt was “very gratifying.”

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