The SAG Lifetime Achievement Award winner looked stunning as she took the stage, delivering a powerful speech that left the audience in awe.

    Sally Field received the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award in 2023.

    Fans saw how Field looked at 76 and heard her attitude toward aging.

    The actress enjoyed being a “goofy” grandmother.

    On February 26, 2023, Sally Field became one of the very few actors to have the honor of receiving a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Lifetime Achievement Award! The “Amazing Spider-Man” actress was thrilled as she gave her acceptance speech.

    During her appearance at the awards ceremony, the star looked incredible at an age closer to 80. She wore a unique black dress that suited her well and that boasted an intricate design.

    Sally Field laughing while posing for a headshot, circa 1991 | Source: Getty Images

    The event was held in Los Angeles at the Fairmont Century Plaza and fans couldn’t help but praise the actress. In the past, Field also opened up about her candid thoughts on aging.

    Sally Is Stunning at 76 at SAG after Receiving Lifetime Achievement Award: Fans Admire Her
    During her acceptance speech, Field said acting had always been about finding the precious moments when she felt “totally, utterly, sometimes dangerously alive.” The star also tackled how Hollywood typecast her for sitcom roles.

    She admitted that it was struggle to be taken seriously as an actress in the 1960s and 1970s. Field noted how things that were easy were “overrated,” after receiving her accolade from Andrew Garfield, her “Amazing Spider-Man” costar.

    Garfield thanked the iconic actress for living a life that was devoted to love, art, and service as he presented her with the award. Netflix shared the clip of the star’s acceptance speech on its YouTube channel.

    Sally Field in the press room during the 29th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on February 26, 2023, in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

    Field’s fans jumped in the comment section on the social media platform to share their thoughts on the actress who looked stunning at the event. One person who was a dedicated fan of the then 76 year old star wrote:

    “Another classy, elegant, ageless woman. Sally Field is just wonderful.”

    Someone else thought Garfield’s former co-star was a “brilliant actress” who’s found herself being underrated many times. A third person said Field looked “fabulous” at the event and that it was good seeing her receiving the accolade.

    The fan felt there was no doubt that the star had earned it and had grown up watching her acting and had never been disappointed. The person concluded their message by praying that God would bless her for all her hard work in bringing stories to life.

    Another YouTube user shared how the actress was an “absolute queen” who we were all indebted to for her life, influence, talent, service, and example. Besides what she’s done for Hollywood through her acting, Field has been an indirect influencer about self love.

    What Sally Thinks about Being in Her 70s and Her Attitude to Aging
    In March 2016, Field shared her thoughts on being in her 70s and aging during an NPR interview. The “Lincoln” star was asked to discuss looking her age in movies and how Hollywood thought that was her being brave.

    Sally Field seen on set of "Maniac" on November 15, 2017, in New York, New York | Source: Getty Images

    The actress shared that she believed that outlook was sad while appreciating the compliment over being criticized. However, Field noted that she was an old woman as age 70 was old but that was fine.

    The “Steel Magnolias” star said she’d gathered strength through her aging, owned, deserved, earned, and had a right to it. However, she was honest enough to admit that she didn’t like her neck and a lot of other things but that was okay too.

    Sally Field at the "Spoiler Alert" New York premiere on November 29, 2022, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

    Her age, she was turning 70 in 2016, had brought her value that she felt didn’t come at age 50, 40, 30, 0r even 20. Field said it didn’t come until one has been in the saddle of life for several years.

    That year, the actress got to play the role of Doris, a woman in her late 60s with borderline personality issues, in the film “Hello, My Name Is Doris” and was asked what attracted her to the role. She explained it was because it was a unique story that looked at several things.

    The star said it addressed age, transitioning from one stage to another, whether it was going from being a toddler, into a child, an adolescent, a young adult, and then middle age. She felt growth was a constant movement.

    In 2009, Field revealed that she wasn’t going to have plastic surgery to create a younger version of herself. The year before, Jane Fonda said she and her fellow actress had agreed not to have plastic surgery.

    In Fonda’s case, she wasn’t going to have anymore procedures. The “Brothers & Sisters” star smiled when thinking about her friend’s statement and shared that she didn’t think they’d made the pact, adding:

    “But I have such faith in her, if she says we did. ‘OK.’”

    Whether the pair had made the pact or not, Field still had her own opinion on the matter. The star said when she saw herself on television she honestly thought:

    “Oh, I wish that weren’t happening to my neck. And your face is falling down, and your eyes are so puffy.”

    However, she then saw women who’ve had plastic surgery, who she thought were beautiful when they were younger. She thought they shouldn’t do the medical procedure because it seemed disrespectful to who they were now.

    [Sally] Field once confessed that her whole “existence” was her sons and grandchildren.
    Fields passion for her work came before any vanity she had but she didn’t want to look worn and old; however, she accepted that there was nothing she could do. Her real focus in life was on being an actor.

    The actress said she cared more about having a chance to play roles she hadn’t played than worrying about whether her neck looked like “someone’s bedroom curtains.” When she wasn’t doing what she loved, Field enjoyed being with her grandchildren.

    Who Is a “Goofy” Grandmother? Here’s Looking at Sally and Her Grandchildren
    In 2020, Field admitted that working kept her invigorated but her “greatest pleasure” was her family. The star said the three things she was most proud of were her sons because they were loving, kind, and productive people.

    Sally Field and her son Samuel Greisman at the Actors Fund Gala honoring Danny DeVito and Field on May 8, 2017, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

    She revealed that they individually had their own accomplishments and unique talents. Peter Craig was her oldest child from her marriage to Steve Craig and his sibling was Eli Craig.

    Peter worked as a novelist and a screenwriter while his brother was a director and an actor. Field’s youngest child, Sam Greisman, was from her marriage to Alan Greisman and he worked as a filmmaker.

    Her two oldest sons gave her five grandchildren, Isabel, Sophie, Ogden, Noah, and Colin. They frequently visited the actress’ Pacific Palisades neighborhood home in Los Angeles with a friend sharing that the star loved having so many grandchildren, stating:

    “She’s fun and goofy with them.”

    Field once confessed that her whole “existence” was her sons and grandchildren. She noted that she wasn’t married and said she wasn’t the kind of person who had a separate life from her family because they were everything to her.

    The “Forrest Gump” star explained that she wasn’t against finding love but it wasn’t a priority in her life. A friend claimed the actress wouldn’t hide it if she found someone special because at heart she was an optimist but also happy in her skin.

    When Field wasn’t acting of bonding with her family, she spent her quit time reading books, doing needlepoint, and gardening. Her friend said she never sat around and was always engaging in something.

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