The rarely-seen 70-year-old Liam Neeson was spotted with his son and his girlfriend. The happy dad sported cute tousled gray hair

    Rarely seen, Liam Neeson is all gray-haired at 70 and enjoys time with his son and his girlfriend.

    The “Schindler’s List” actor raised his two sons alone after becoming a widower.

    His younger son Daniel doesn’t follow in his dad’s footsteps, yet Neeson still supports him.

    Liam Neeson and his wife, Natasha Richardson, had a beautiful marriage and had welcomed two sons into the world when tragedy struck their family. What was meant to be a fun occasion turned into the family’s last moments with Richardson.

    Neeson raised his sons alone after Richardson passed away with the guidance of his mother-in-law. At 70, he is still a loving and supportive father to his two boys and has never remarried, despite his sons finding love.

    Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson | Source: Getty Images

    Neeson and Richardson were raising their sons, Michael and Daniel, together when Richardson passed away at 45. It was March 2009 when Richardson and her son, Michael, were on a ski trip in Quebec, Canada.

    The actress fell and hit her head on the beginner’s slope at Mont Tremblant. Richardson was not wearing a helmet when she fell, but she didn’t think anything had gone seriously wrong and even refused medical attention when an ambulance arrived on the scene.

    The ski patrol and her ski instructor escorted Richardson back to her hotel room. Neeson was in Toronto filming a movie, and she called him to let him know what had happened, simply saying:

    “Oh, darling, I’ve taken a tumble in the snow.”

    While she seemed healthy, doctors later said Richardson had experienced a “lucid interval,” which means someone with a severe brain injury can appear normal for a while. Still, there is bleeding in the brain, causing fatal pressure. Richardson’s condition was called an “epidural hematoma.”

    Natasha Richardson and actor Liam Neeson attend the American Ireland Fund's 33rd Annual New York Gala Fundraiser at The Tent at Lincoln Center on May 8, 2008 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

    Three hours after the fall, another ambulance was called, and Richardson’s assistant called Neeson to tell him he had better come to see her. He did so immediately and was told she was brain-dead when he arrived.

    Doctors showed the actor her brain scan so he could see the extent of her injury and understand her position. The “Taken” actor went into his wife’s hospital room and told her he loved her but that she would not recover from this injury.

    Neeson revealed that he and Richardson had made a pact that they would like to be taken off life support if either of them were ever in this position. Even though it broke his heart, Neeson knew it was what he had to do.

    While Richardson lost her life, Neeson said she saved three other people’s lives as they had donated her lungs, heart, and kidneys. The actor said he thought his wife would think it was beautiful that she could help others, but her death still doesn’t feel real to him.

    Neeson’s eldest son followed in his father’s footsteps and became an actor. However, his youngest brother decided to pursue a different path in life, and it all started with something he learned in school.

    Who Neeson’s Son Daniel Became After Finding Love With A Girl Who Has A Similar Name to His Late Mom?
    Daniel was just 12 years old when his mother passed away at 45 and said that she had been his inspiration for everything he has done in his life because she always told him to follow his passions. Daniel confessed: “She was one of my biggest role models.”

    The now-27-year-old decided not to follow in his mother and father’s acting footsteps but rather to become an eco-friendly fashion designer despite studying theatre in college. His love of eco-friendly fashion began way back in fifth grade.

    He said he was in a lesson where he learned about global warming and was so struck by it that he felt he was having a panic attack. He mentioned:

    “It really struck me, and I’ve always been in tune with the environmental crisis.”

    Because of his deep-seated need to do something to contribute toward changing the reality of global warming, Daniel launched his company in his freshman year of college. His company is a clothing line called Pine Outfitters.

    Pine Outfitters sells unisex long and short-sleeve shirts as well as hats and beanies. For each sale the company makes, a tree is planted with the help of the National Forest Foundation. While his company keeps him busy, he has found time for love in between.

    His girlfriend, Natalie Ackerman, is also not in show business and instead works in marketing. The pair met in their sophomore year at Tulane and discovered when they exchanged numbers that their numbers were just one digit apart.

    When it comes to his business, Daniel plans to grow it while never losing sight of the main goal, environmental safety. Daniel said:

    “I don’t want this business to be about my money.”

    Instead, he wants it to be about giving back to the community. Neeson is supportive and proud of his son’s business, with Daniel saying that because his dad loves his privacy, he enjoys wearing hats and often wears the hats that Daniel’s company manufactures.

    How Did Liam Appear Messy-Haired with Daniel and Natalie?
    Neeson and his sons still spend a lot of time together, and now Daniel’s girlfriend, Natalie, often joins in the fun, too. Recently, Daniel posted a photo of himself, his girlfriend, his father, and ice hockey player Henrik Lundqvist on Instagram.

    The foursome linked arms and smiled at the camera as Neeson appeared with messy hair and glasses on. He wore an all-black ensemble, while Daniel and Natasha wore more colorful outfits. Daniel also wore a cap. Natalie posted a photo of the match they went to on her Instagram story.

    Fans soon took to the comment section to say how great the family was looking and that they were glad the family got to spend some time together. One fan even thanked Daniel for sharing the photos.

    Many of Daniel’s followers commented on Neeson’s appearance, saying he looked good despite his messy hair. Others simply said they were a beautiful family and wished them health and happiness.

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