Suzanne Somers Read Husband’s Loving Poem before Passing Away in Her Sleep beside Him

    Alan Hamel’s wife, Suzanne Somers, left his side a day before her birthday.

    However, the actress’ husband had given her early birthday gifts.

    According to R. Couri Hay, Suzanne Somers’ publicist, the late star’s husband, Alan Hamel, presented his wife of 46 years with a special gift before she died. The couple had dated for ten years before they tied the knot in 1977.

    Hay stated that his longtime client spent more than 23 years battling and surviving against an aggressive form of breast cancer. On July 31, 2023, the “Step By Step” star uploaded a beautiful Instagram picture of herself and her husband.

    Suzanne Somers in a "Three's Company" promotional photo on August 28, 1978 | Source: Getty Images

    In the post, she explained why she was taking time off. She revealed that “every now and then,” the breast cancer she was first diagnosed with two decades ago would sometimes flare up.

    The actress vowed to continue fighting against it and revealed that Hamel was by her side and had done much for her. Somers shared how they’d gotten closer than ever before and that she was getting support from her family.

    The celebrity concluded by thanking her fans for their support and love and declared her love for them. Sadly, she lost her battle with the disease a day before her 77th birthday. The news of her passing broke on October 15, 2023.

    Hay said the actress was surrounded by Hamel, her son, and close family members during her last days, while a friend shared that Somers’ husband was by her side when she died. The pal revealed that the late star passed peacefully while asleep at her Palm Springs home.

    The family of the star had intended to gather for Somers’ birthday the following day but ended up coming together to celebrate her life. The celebrity’s publicist said she would be buried in a private ceremony the same week, and a memorial would be held the following month.

    Hamel presented his wife with a touching gift a day before her birthday. The gift details, including one of Somers’ favorite flowers, have since been revealed.

    What Present Did Alan Hamel Give His Wife before Her Death?
    Hamel, 87, wrote a poem to Somers, which he gave her the night before her passing. A source claimed the handwritten note, written in capital letters, was given to the late actress wrapped in her favorite flowers, pink peonies.

    The celebrity read the poem before going to bed. Hamel spoke about having love that he used daily, sometimes a few times each day, to his loving family at the end of his emails and close friends, while he also used it when leaving the house.

    Somers’ husband couldn’t find the words, actions, promises, or declarations to express his feelings.
    The different ways included him saying or writing “love,” but other times, it was “love you” or “I love you.” He noted how he sometimes felt obliged, although uncomfortable, to sign his emails with “love” because the other person had used it first.

    He used the word to describe a good meal, his feelings about a show, or his home and cat, Gloria. Hamel continued listing things he loved, like a fig and giant blackbirds swooping by his window.

    Somers’ husband confessed that he could continue but believed his wife got the gist. He revealed that his love for her couldn’t be found in the things he’d listed because there wasn’t a version of the word that was applicable.

    Suzanne Somers and her husband Alan Hamel at the premiere of "Passengers" on December 14, 2016, in Westwood, California | Source: Getty Images

    Even unconditional love didn’t nail it, nor did taking a bullet for her because he would weep when thinking about his true feelings for her. The “feelings” were close to what he felt but not quite right.

    Hamel noted how they’d been together for 55 years and married for 46, with them not even spending an hour apart for 42 years. He revealed that even going to bed at 6 p.m. and holding hands while asleep didn’t cut it, adding:


    Somers’ husband couldn’t find the words, actions, promises, or declarations to express his feelings. He thought Oxford University’s Press scholars spent 150 years and couldn’t find the word to explain his feelings, so he lovingly settled on using the magical, unique, and wonderful phrase “Us.”

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