She is less attractive with this appearance: not everyone liked Roberts’ imperfect figure

    Fans were speechless when they saw how Roberts looks in a swimsuit.

    Despite the fact that she is already 54 years old, one of the brightest, most desirable and successful movie stars still continues to pleasantly surprise her fans with perfect physical data. Many are more than sure that she does not know how to grow old. Recently, photojournalists were lucky enough to capture a star in a swimsuit and here are the photos.

    Most of the comments were positive, although there were those who were quick to claim that she could have looked better.

    “Lopez looks much better than her!”, “She stopped taking care of herself!”, “Herbs appeared”, “She is nothing more than the same”.

    At the same time, many supported the actress, noting her beauty and elegance.

    “What a charming appearance”, “I envy you silently”.

    And you? Did you like the footage?

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