Shawn Johnson East Unveils Name of Newborn Yet Fans ‘Still Can’t Tell’ Whether It’s a Boy or Girl

    Shawn Johnson East recently became a mom of three but did not disclose her child’s gender. After revealing her newborn’s name and photo, fans remain unsure whether it’s a boy or a girl.

    American gymnast Shawn Johnson announced the birth of her newborn on December 12, 2023, through Instagram, sharing snippets of the little one and their family members, including her husband, Andrew East, and their kids.

    Besides sharing the date of her child’s birth, Shawn did not share further details, leaving fans wondering if she had a son or a daughter. A few days later, the doting mom revealed the name of her baby on Instagram: Barrett “Bear” Madison East.

    Unfortunately, this left fans even more confused. “Still can’t tell if it’s a boy or girl tho cuz of Madison being a girl name,” one person said. “I am confused,” another added. “Barrett… boy but Madison girl?

    A third commenter also expressed their confusion, “Is it a boy? Or a girl? But Barrett can be either these days.” Meanwhile, others guessed her child was a girl because of the name Madison.

    During an interview, Shawn revealed she waited till the baby arrived to know the gender as she did with her other child, Drew. Discovering the gender and choosing a name for the baby at the moment of birth holds significant value for the mom.

    Admittedly, she took the initial days to savor these moments as a family before sharing more details with fans. When the time came, she revealed that her third baby came via a scheduled c-section, as recommended by her doctor

    Having undergone two C-sections previously, Shawn was familiar with the procedure and what to anticipate. Her previous experiences made her feel at ease, knowing she would enter the emergency room and know what would happen.

    Shawn Johnson and Andrew East, who tied the knot on April 16, 2016, are parents to Drew Hazel East and Jett James East, in addition to their newborn. They are raising their three little ones in a Nashville, Tennessee, home that they bought in 2022.

    Although they keep some family details to themselves, Shawn and Andrew share much about their lives with fans through Instagram and their online vlog. Since being active on social media, the two have amassed a huge fan base.

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