Ron Howard believed the property was an ideal location to bring up his family, as he was determined to provide his children with a regular upbringing away from the limelight of Hollywood.

    Ron Howard is one of Hollywood’s most accomplished movie directors. Howard’s career spans over three decades; however, fans have been intrigued by the house where he raised his children.

    69-year-old Ron Howard is widely known for his many movie projects and starring with his wife in films like “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons.” He’s also directed many films, including “A Beautiful Mind” and “Frost/Nixon,” for which he received accolades and nominations.

    Howard began his Hollywood career as a child actor, first as Opie on “The Andy Griffith Show” and then as the teenaged Richie Cunningham on “Happy Days.” He later featured in several movies, including “The Twilight Zone” and “The Journey.” Howard’s career has peaked since then.

    Ron Howard attends the premiere of Lionsgate's "The Spy Who Dumped Me" at Fox Village Theater on July 25, 2018 | Source: Getty Images

    Howard comes from a theatrical family. Both his parents were Hollywood actors. He was only a toddler when he was introduced to life in Hollywood, featuring in the 1956 movie “Frontier Woman.”

    Despite Howard’s early success, his family acted as a stabilizing force, insisting that he be allowed to enjoy his childhood. They restricted Howard’s work life, allowing him to appear in only a few other productions, notably “The Music Man” and “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father.”

    Howard continued his public school education at John Burroughs High School at his father’s demand, and about this time, he began dabbling in amateur filmmaking. His abilities as a filmmaker were even as a teenager.

    While his career was still booming, Howard tied the knot with his high school sweetheart Cheryl Alley in 1975. The couple welcomed four children and made sure to give them a worthy upbringing.

    Howard nested his family in a house only fit for a celebrity of his caliber. The estate is located on Conyers Farm between Greenwich and Westchester, New York.

    Howard’s property featured a classic New England-style mansion, a guest house, an indoor sports facility and pool, riding trails, and a flourishing farm.

    Howard and Cheryl raised their children on the estate they bought in 1991. The house came well equipped with state-of-the-art amenities like a two-story library and office, a theater with stadium seating, six fireplaces, six bedrooms, and five bathrooms. It also boasted about 17,200 square feet of living space.

    The sports complex includes an indoor saltwater swimming pool, a gym, a yoga studio, an indoor sports court, and a basketball half-court. The detached guest house adds two more bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

    Howard considered the property as the perfect place to raise his family. The Hollywood director said he did not want to raise his kids in the center of Hollywood but instead wanted them to enjoy their privacy and have a normal childhood.

    The house was later listed for $27.5 million, and it spent only ten days on the market before being purchased by Netscape co-founder Jim Clark and his wife, model Kristy Hinze. The sale was the most expensive ever recorded in Westchester County.

    A view of Ron Howard's $27.5m mansion | Source: YouTube/Wall Street Journal

    Howard and his family spent more than two decades in the mansion. The actor said he had to sell the house since the kids were all grown. However, it would be impossible to forget the memories of the house. He also noted that he felt accomplished giving his family the best he could.

    Howard’s “best” is a noteworthy one. The property sits on 32 acres and is surrounded by beautiful woods. The estate is well situated and is one hour from New York City and is perfect for large-scale gatherings and parties. Howard and his family held two weddings and several parties and fundraisers.

    The outdoor features of the house are breathtaking. First, visitors would see a 2,500 square foot guest house inside the estate. The lakefront guest house features two bedrooms, two full baths, and one partial bath. Furthermore, a two-car garage connects the sports barn to the structure.

    The main family house has three floors, white walls, columns, and fencing. There are well-placed flowers and trees in the front of the house, giving the house a fertile look of green surroundings and a white-painted mansion.

    An ivy-draped stone head house, gorgeous perennial gardens, a koi pond with a waterfall and pergola, a greenhouse, and an organic raised bed vegetable garden are among the estate’s features.

    The house also has outdoor dining where the family can have dinner or enjoy an evening snack. The outdoor dining is situated opposite the lake, bringing the family close to nature.

    The home also features a riding ring and horse stables, which will provide plenty of entertainment for equestrians. Also, there is a beautiful sports house which includes a tennis court, providing the family with a source of leisure.

    Howard’s former home has a two-story mahogany library and office. This quiet spot of the house features large windows with sitting areas and views of beautiful woods surrounding the property.

    A relaxing lounge is used as a billiard room on the main house’s lower floor. It displays posters for Howard’s films, ranging from the 1980s comedy “Night Shift” to the Oscar-winning masterpiece “A Beautiful Mind.”

    The house also has a 14-seater private theater where Howard and his family enjoy some of his movies. It also serves as a spot where some of his friends view and rate his unreleased works.

    The best part of Howard’s life is his family. The actor has three daughters and a son, and they each made living in a mansion a colorful experience. Howard and Cheryl share their kids, Bryce Dallas, Paige, Jocelyn, and Reed.

    Howard and Cheryl have been together since 1975, and the couple credits their honest communication system as a key reason for their marital success. Each of the couple’s kids has emerged successful in their chosen field.

    Their oldest daughter Bryce is an accomplished actress whose notable works include the Oscar-winning film “The Help.” Bryce has also directed movies such as “Vanity Fair: Decades,” and “Orchids.” For Howard, seeing his children succeed is the biggest win of his life.

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