Rob Reiner, a.k.a Michael “Meathead” Stivic from “All in the Family,” believed he’d never marry again after his divorce from Penny Marshall, a.k.a Laverne DeFazio from “Laverne & Shirley.”

    Rob Reiner, known as Michael “Meathead” Stivic from “All in the Family,” is a father of four. He adopted his ex, Penny Marshall’s daughter.

    His grown, freckled daughter Romy Reiner amazes with her beauty in makeup-free photos.

    Rob thought he’d never marry again after his divorce, but met his current wife, with whom he has spent 34 years.

    Throughout life, people often meet others who have a lasting influence on them. For Rob Reiner, famous for playing Michael “Meathead” Stivic in the TV show “All in the Family,” these people have been the women closest to him.

    The 74-year-old actor’s life closely reflects the plots of his romantic comedies. Rob confessed that the ladies in his life have played a crucial role in how he matured by showing him what is truly important and encouraging him to grow as a person.

    Rob Reiner and Michele Singer on April 28, 2018 in Washington, DC | Source: Getty Images

    Rob has been happily married to Michelle Singer for the last 34 years. The pair met when they worked on the film “When Harry Met Sallie,” a project that once more closely resembled Rob’s real life. At the time, he was a skeptical divorcé, having split with his ex-wife, Penny Marshall, a few years before.

    Penny and her first husband, whom she merely refers to as “Mickey,” tied the knot after an unplanned pregnancy.

    Meeting Michelle changed Rob’s mind about marriage. The two hit it off while working together and eventually married in 1989. Rob and Michelle have been going strong ever since. The pair had three children together, Jake Reiner, Nick Reiner, and Romy Reiner.

    The famous dad also shares one adopted daughter with his ex-wife. Rob adopted his oldest daughter, Tracy Reiner, while he and Penny were still married, and the father and daughter remained close despite Rob and Penny’s divorce.

    Rob’s youngest daughter, Romy, made a Father’s Day post, dedicating it to “the man who I could talk to forever and also the man who I can sit in silence with and be perfectly content.” Fans of Reiner were astounded by recent photos Romy posted of herself. Instagram users lauded the freckled beauty, saying she looked “flawless.”

    How Did Rob Reiner Come To Adopt Penny Marshall’s “Mistake” Daughter?
    When Rob and Penny got together, the actress had already been married once before. Penny and her first husband, whom she merely refers to as “Mickey,” tied the knot after an unplanned pregnancy. Penny was 19 at the time, and Mickey was 18. Understandably, penny thought she had made a “major, life-changing mistake.”

    Penny unexpectedly passed away in 2018.

    Penny, also known as Laverne DeFazio from “Laverne and Shirley,” refused to get an abortion, and Mickey suggested the marriage. They welcomed their daughter, Tracy, in 1946. Mickey helped raise her while tending to his studies, and Penny dropped out of college to get a job as a receptionist. In the end, the union didn’t last.

    After Penny and Mickey divorced, the single mother found success as an actress. She went on to marry Rob in 1971, and Tracy decided to move in with her mom. Rob and Penny were together for ten years, and the actor loved his stepdaughter dearly, eventually adopting her as his own.

    In 1981, Rob and Penny went their separate ways, although it wasn’t an easy split. For the next ten years, Rob was on his own, unable to make his relationships last. Eventually, he thought he would never have another sincere relationship, resigning himself to a life alone. Penny, on the other hand, recalled, “I loved him dearly.”

    How Did Rob Feel When Penny Died?
    Penny unexpectedly passed away in 2018. Although Rob and Penny parted ways long ago, her death still came as a great shock for her ex-husband. By this time, Rob had moved on with his life, starting a family with Michelle and raising his three kids with the woman who showed him how to open up again.

    Before she passed away, Penny opened up about her failed marriage to Rob, saying it was a shame they didn’t work out. She was glad things worked out for her ex-husband, and they remained friends after the divorce.

    Rob Reiner, Michele Singer, and Romy Reiner on April 11, 2019 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

    Penny and Rob eventually became grandparents after Tracy married and had her own kids. Rob remained close to Tracy and still spoke to her mom before she died. The two even reminisced when Penny called Rob to let him know he featured in her autobiography, and their extended brood went to school together.

    Rob was heartbroken when Penny died. He made a Twitter post to commemorate her life, writing, “I loved Penny. I grew up with her. She was born with a great gift. She was born with a funnybone and the instinct of how to use it. I was very lucky to have lived with her and her funnybone. I will miss her.”

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