Richard Gere was blessed for a second time at the age of 69 when he welcomed his second child, and a year later, he had one more.

    Richard Gere has never been ashamed of his gray hair and doesn’t dye it.

    The birth of his sons and his wife made him happy and filled his life with meaning.

    He and his wife are humanitarians.

    Richard Gere was born on August 31, 1949, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a popular American actor known for the romantic lead in films like “American Gigolo,” “Pretty Woman” and “Runaway Bride.” The star is well aware that he is often hired just for looks, but that is now not his motivation.

    From his days as a young actor, he has been so much more than a handsome face. As an understudy for the stage production of “Grease” in New York and could sing and dance well enough to cover several parts.

    Richard Gere and Vicki Sue Robinson in Long Time Coming Long Time Gone on Broadway in November 1971. | Source: Getty Images

    Though somewhat established in America, he spent some time in Britain in the 1970s. The struggle was real, and the”An Officer and a Gentleman” star lived in a basement in the Victoria area of London, putting coins in the meter to keep the lights on. Speaking about his youth, Gere said:

    “I was still young enough not to be sure of what I was doing. I was very proud of myself at the time because I had bought a Triumph motorbike for cash from the Triumph factory.”

    That period of his life made him grow as an actor. But in retrospect, the actor has said he also needed to shed an air of aloofness and self-preservation that made him irritating towards others. With time and growth, the actor has shed that awkwardness, mellowing as his hair has gone gray.

    At 73 years, the actor is comfortable with who he is and loves to play characters his age. He only dyes his hair for work, never in his personal life, and wears the silver mane with pride. Changes in appearance that are brought on with age can be disorienting. What was once your reflection in the mirror looks like someone else.

    The actor, who became a Buddhist in the 1970s, became a disciple of the Dalai Lama and visited Tibet.
    But the actor has managed to gain a healthy level of self-acceptance and awareness. Staving off wrinkles and other signs of aging does not cause him sleepless nights. The most he does is keep fit and eat well, and let nature take its course. He is genuinely happy to live with what he looks like.

    Richard Gere at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on November 12, 2017 in Hollywood, California. | Source: Getty Images

    The most significant change that has made Richard Gere the man and actor he is today is his family. He started dating his current wife, Alejandra Silva, in 2014 after having known her family for more than 20 years. Both had a child from previous relationships. A source close to the actor said:

    “Richard has been much happier in this half of his life because he is settled, confident and doing what he likes.”

    Gere had a son Homer, 23, with his second wife, Carey Lowell, and Silva shares Albert, 11, with her former husband, Govind Friedland. The couple got married in Spain in 2018, welcomed Alexander in 2019 and another baby in 2020.

    The actor, who became a Buddhist in the 1970s, became a disciple of the Dalai Lama and visited Tibet. His faith influences his desire to be of help to those in need. He and his wife are avid humanitarians, advocating for solutions to global problems like homelessness and human rights violations.

    Many years passed, and their lives took different paths, but they were reunited under different circumstances.
    Silva is a publicist and also runs an organization that seeks to end homelessness in her native Spain. She has said that her husband’s empathetic side drew her to him. She converted to Buddhism in 2013 saying that her beliefs were most inclined to the religion.

    Being newlywed at 68 is not common, but it has made Gere very happy. He has a wife who loves him, and they have been blessed with children to enliven their days. Speaking about her actor husband, Silva gushed:

    “I’m so in love. Every morning he asks, ‘What would make you happy today?’ What’s more romantic than a man who composes songs about you every day?’

    Silva also said that though she felt lost before, she has found purpose in her relationship with Gere, which is sharing their lives, raising their children, and working together. Gere has also expressed how happy he is to have found his wife, who is sensitive, funny, and a great mother.

    The “Primal Fear” actor and his wife first met when he borrowed a boat from her father to shoot a commercial. Many years passed, and their lives took different paths, but they were reunited under different circumstances. Speaking about their connection, Silva said:

    “I’m not ignoring our age difference and what it means to be with a Hollywood star, but when there’s such a strong karmic energy, the problems disappear.”

    Friends and fans have commented that the fun-loving couple seems to be comfortable with each other. Silva shares sweet photos of their family with her followers on Instagram but keep their children’s faces concealed.

    Now that Richard Gere is old enough to know better, he is living on his own terms. Just like acting, any undertaking requires one to have a youthful mind. Since he has the luxury of choice, his main focus is on his family.

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