Rare footage before her gray hair!: This is what the Hollywood actor’s girlfriend looked like in youth

    Here is A. Grant, the fiancée of this Hollywood film star, who has recently turned 50. Only few have seen this gray-haired woman in her youth. Here she is in her 20s. Have a look!

    During one of the interviews, Grant admitted that her hair started to turn gray in her youth. That’s why only few of her fans have seen her with dark hair.

    She added that when she was 20, she already noticed some gray hair. She knows that dyeing hair negatively affects a woman’s health, so she prefers to embrace her natural beauty.

    Her appearance has never ceased to be the subject of discussions.

    «What did he find in this woman I wonder?», «The Hollywood heartthrob should have chosen someone else», «Most importantly, they are happy together».

    «Even his mother looks much younger», «I can see that she truly is an intelligent and artistic personality»,

    How did you like her with dark hair?

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