Princess Diana’s Brother Reveals Previously Unseen Photo of Her – A ‘Spitting Image’ of Princess Charlotte

    A cherished childhood photo of Princess Diana, shared by her brother, Charles Spencer, uncovers a remarkable likeness to Princess Charlotte, stirring memories and comparisons among royal followers. The image—a testament to familial bonds and generational echoes—highlights the deep connections within the royal lineage.

    In a heartfelt tribute to the past, Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, unveiled a previously unseen snapshot that has captivated the attention of royal enthusiasts. The black and white photograph—a touching memento taken circa 1967—was shared on Instagram last month, prompting people to draw comparisons between Princess Diana and her granddaughter, Princess Charlotte.

    The image, which features a young Charles on a swing with Princess Diana beside him and their mother, Frances Shand Kydd—who sadly passed away in 2004 after a prolonged illness—behind them, epitomizes a moment of pure, familial bliss.

    Charles’s caption, reminiscing about the days when he was affectionately nicknamed “Buzz” by their late mother, underscores the joy captured in this timeless photograph. This photo has sparked a flurry of reactions from the public, with many noting the striking resemblance between Princess Diana and Princess Charlotte.

    “Princess Charlotte is the spitting image of Lady Diana. The memory of your wonderful sister lives on,” commented one fan while another stated, “Princess Charlotte looks like Princess Diana 🖤.”

    The comparisons continued with others expressing, “Wow I see Princess Charlotte in her grandmother here… ❤️,” “Looks like Princess Charlotte!!” and “You can really see Princess Charlotte in Diana in this photo!!” However, despite the consensus, divergent views emerged as well, as seen in one observer’s remark, “Princess Charlotte doesn’t look a thing like Diana […] She looks just like her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.”

    Princess Charlotte at the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla in London, England on May 6, 2023 | Source: Getty Images

    More than having looks in common, it would appear as though Princess Charlotte, like her late great-grandmother, shares the late Queen’s resilience and tenacity.

    A media outlet reported that the young Princess and her two brothers, Prince George and Prince Louis, have been a beacon of strength and support for their mother, Princess Catherine, amid her battle with cancer.

    The young royal has also been particularly protective over her younger brother Prince Louis, according to Sophie Mirman, founder of a British childrenswear company. This nurturing instinct mirrors that of Princess Charlotte’s late grandmother, who was similarly protective over her younger brother.

    Years ago, Charles, who is married to Karen Spencer, Countess Spencer, revealed his late sister’s desire to protect him, and spoke about how she looked after him when he was a baby and at school recounting, “The first day I was there […] Diana […] came to my classroom and came back and said to the headmistress ‘He’s fine!’ and sat down.”

    From Charles’ childhood recollections to his nostalgic photograph and the similar personalities shared between past and present royals—the enduring spirit of Princess Diana remains a central thread. Her legacy, mirrored in the faces and actions of her descendants, continues to resonate among public spheres.

    Princess Diana photographed in Argentina on November 24, 1995 | Source: Getty Images

    While many memories shared by Charles Spencer paint a picture of happiness, familial warmth, and closeness, he has also courageously revealed darker stories from his childhood like when he recently opened up about his harrowing experiences of abuse as a child, which he kept hidden for a long time.

    In a revelation that has sent shockwaves across public spheres, Charles Spencer, the 9th Earl Spencer and brother to the late Princess Diana has unearthed a secret that lay buried for more than four decades. The British nobleman—now 59—embarked on a journey of painful introspection which culminated in the release of his memoir, “A Very Private School,” where he confronts the dark shadows of his past.

    At the core of Charles’s memoir is a childhood marred by profound trauma. “I was doing a 10-day course of very deep introspection and therapy,” Charles disclosed to a media outlet.

    He then went on to reveal, “My therapist said to each of us, ‘Whisper to me one secret you’d never told anyone.’ I whispered to him that I was sexually abused as a child by an adult. And I remember him looking so shocked, and he had heard it all. Afterward, he took me aside and said, ‘This is very serious stuff.” This admission marked the beginning of a long-overdue confrontation with his past.

    He recounted the harrowing experiences of fellow pupils, including one who was made to feel worthless and was sexually assaulted multiple times at a very tender age. “I […] said, ‘This is too terrible — I can’t tell this story.’ He reached across, grabbed my arm and said, ‘Somebody has to do it – it’s got to be you.’ That convinced me, the truth needed to be shared with the world,” stated Charles.

    Fans were moved by these tokens with comments reflecting a deep sense of nostalgia and admiration for Princess Diana’s enduring legacy. “Even then Diana was England’s Rose ❤️,” wrote one fan, while another expressed, “This is so deep.” Someone else simply gushed, “Beautiful 😍.”

    Other fans recounted their own memories of having similar door name plates in their homes, citing “Children of a certain age all had these. Memories,” “My mum had one on our downstairs guest loo: it said, ‘Our Country Seat.’ Wish I’d kept it, always made me smile!” and “At least one of my children had a nameplate just like that on their bedroom door at home!”

    In addition to the photo, Charles also shed light on Princess Diana’s protective nature over him, especially after their mother left their family house. On this, Charles mentioned, “Diana looked after me because she was nearly three years older than me. She said that the worst part was hearing me cry down the hall because she was terrified of the dark and couldn’t come to me.”

    Their close relationship also endured the trials of royal life when Princess Diana got married. Charles had strived to keep her grounded amid her newfound fame.

    Looking back at the tragic death of his sister, Charles previously spoke out about the perilous media attention Princess Diana faced, drawing parallels with the scrutiny faced by modern royals, like Kate Middleton. He reflected on the aftermath of her death as a moment that forced the paparazzi to reckon with their actions, not out of morality, but due to public backlash.

    This reflection ties back to his personal vendetta against human injustice, a sentiment fueled by his own traumatic experiences at school. Charles’s revelations serve not only as a cathartic release but also as a beacon of hope for those facing similar battles. Through his memoir and public discourse, he underscores the importance of confronting one’s past, no matter how painful, and the possibility of healing and redemption.

    As the world reflects on Charles’s courage and the indelible legacy of Princess Diana, it is a poignant reminder of the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.

    Some other details presented by Charles in his interview included the fact that he had actually read his eulogy to Princess Diana as she lay in her coffin, and he said that somehow he could feel a positive energy radiating from her. He took this as some sort of confirmation that she approved of what he was going to say.

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