Ozzy Osbourne’s Recent Pics Are ‘Sad to See’ — He Curls up with Sharon in Their $18M Nest as Illness Made Them Closer

    Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s marriage has gone through all the ups and downs, yet they’ve chosen to stay together and make it work.

    With their kids all grown up, Sharon and Ozzy spend most of their time together in the $18-million home that they’ve listed on the market.

    Nowadays, Ozzy is looking different because of his Parkinson’s Disease, and fans have said his recent pictures are “sad to see.”

    Ozzy Osbourne was already a rockstar when he met his wife Sharon back in 1970. He was still romantically involved with Thelma Riley at the tme, whom he married in 1971.

    Sharon was the daughter of Don Arden, who was then managing Ozzy’s band, Black Sabbath. She was only 18 when she first met the rockstar.

    Ozzy adopted Riley’s son Elliot, and they welcomed their daughter Jessica in 1972 and their son Louis in 1975. They ultimately separated in 1979, and their divorce was finalized in 1982.

    Sharon and Ozzy began dating when the singer separated from Riley. He was struggling with substance abuse at the time, locking himself in a hotel room for three months after he was fired from the band.

    It was Sharon who got him to straighten up, and she started a new role as Ozzy’s manager. In 1980, he debuted his first solo single titled “Crazy Train,” and it took off. It remains Ozzy’s most-played hit, with its Spotify streams reaching over 500 million to date.

    In 1982, Ozzy and Sharon got married, the same year his divorce was finalized, and they welcomed three children in the following years— Aimee, Kelly, and Jack.

    Despite their seemingly dynamic relationship, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the couple. Sharon and Ozzy dabbled with infidelity and substance abuse throughout their marriage but ultimately overcame their problems and have chosen to make it work.

    In 2017, they renewed their vows after getting back together. It was their second split, and despite everything that happened, they realized they couldn’t live without one another and ultimately decided to give their marriage another chance.

    Ozzy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2003. However, he kept his struggles private until January 2020, when he finally decided to share his condition with his fans.

    His decision to come clean with his diagnosis came a year after he suffered a dangerous fall in a dark bathroom. The fall aggravated a former accident he had been in back in 2003 when he went quad biking.

    “It’s been terribly challenging for us all,” Ozzy said. “I did my last show New Year’s Eve at The Forum. Then I had a bad fall. I had to have surgery on my neck, which screwed all my nerves,” he explained.

    In 2022, he decided to undergo a “life-altering” surgery to remove and realign the pins in his neck and back. Although he had several shows scheduled, he canceled the shows and retired from touring months after the surgery.

    Before he officially retired from touring, Ozzy performed at the Commonwealth Games, where despite his disabilities, he was able to sing one and a half songs – songs he knew by heart and had been singing for decades.

    Sharon planned the whole thing to ensure Ozzy wouldn’t have a hard time performing. He had a bracket behind his back to hold him up, and he was leaning against it.

    The rockstar did not want his career to end the way it did but acknowledged that his health made it difficult for him to move from place to place. Since the surgery, he was spotted multiple times walking with a cane to support him.

    Recently, Ozzy stepped out of his house without a cane. He walked alongside a female companion and looked to be in good shape.


    However, fans could not help but compare Ozzy’s appearance to the way he usually looked. “Really sad to see Ozz like this, keep on fighting pal,” one fan even said.

    Despite not looking like his usual self, Ozzy’s recent outdoor walk is a testament to his perseverance to keep living a normal life. As Parkinson’s limits a person’s mobility, he tries his best to stay on his feet and remain active.

    His choice to go on a walk without his cane just shows how willing he is to get better. Although the star acknowledges he won’t be around forever, he still has a lot that he wants to do, and he’s determined to keep living.

    Through it all, Ozzy credits his wife Sharon for being with him through thick and thin. His Parkinson’s diagnosis brought them closer together, and although it’s a struggle for Sharon to see him the way he is, she’s chosen to stay strong for him.

    Before his diagnosis, Ozzy loved going out for walks. He used to be “very energetic,” until Parkinson’s drained him. Nowadays, even sleeping has become a difficulty for him.

    It hasn’t only been difficult for Sharon and Ozzy. Even their children were heavily affected by his diagnosis.

    In fact, it was their children Jack and Kelly who first realized something was wrong with their dad. It was difficult for them to face their new reality, but they did it anyway.

    Ozzy was diagnosed with PRKN 2, which is juvenile or early-onset Parkinson’s. Its symptoms include tremors, gait disturbances, and progressing to slow movement.

    It’s not all bad for Ozzy. His Parkinson’s has its good days, but there are also some really bad days. Because of his falls, he experiences some nerve pain and he’s unsure whether or not it’s from the injuries he sustained or from his Parkinson’s diagnosis.

    Despite having to retire from touring because of his physical limitations, Ozzy still believes he has a lot to show his fans. He still hopes to make more records, knowing he has more to give before his time on Earth is done.

    Ozzy’s Parkinson’s diagnosis might have hindered him from living life as he normally would, but it brought the Osbourne family closer as they leaned on each other for support.

    Ozzy’s daughter Kelly noted how they learned so much about each other after what happened. It also made her a lot closer to her brother, as they both had to find ways to cope.

    Sharon also admitted that ever since they had to navigate Ozzy’s health struggles, it’s made her love her husband more. Her family spends a lot more time together, knowing every moment is precious.

    While the Osbourne children try to visit as much as they can, it’s only Sharon and Ozzy who live in their $18-million mansion along with their 11 pets. The couple cares for two cats and nine dogs in total.

    Their pets have all the space they need to run around. Their Spanish-themed home has a total of eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms. It also features a beautifully landscaped lawn at the front, where the famous couple walks their dogs.

    Through the years, Sharon has put in the work to make their house a home. She accessorized it according to her taste, highlighting her living room with some choice decor including a mirrored bedside table, a candelabra lamp, and metallic floral wallpaper.

    Several times in the past, Sharon has shown their fans hints of their home. She’s often seen posing alongside her dogs, often in the master bedroom.

    Although their Los Angeles home holds many memories, they’ve recently made plans to return to the United Kingdom to enjoy a quiet life away from the spotlight.

    She’s also shown fans her kitchen, featuring cream cupboards with brown accents, marble kitchen tables, parquet flooring, and of course, her navy AGA oven.

    Their kitchen also features a diner-styled booth in pink leather. It shows off Sharon’s unique style, and it’s given their home a unique personality not often found in other Spanish-themed homes.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, fans saw some of Ozzy and Sharon’s days at home through social media. At one point, Sharon showed Ozzy recovering from the virus on their eccentrically-styled blue L-shaped couch.

    Truly, the Osbourne home is a reflection of the eclectic way Sharon and Ozzy have chosen to live their lives. Like their bold, eccentric personalities, their home could also be described as such.

    Sharon’s made sure to honor her faith at home, too, with a shrine featuring a gold mirror, a gold sculpture of Jesus, and other luxury accessories like candles in candelabras and a vintage family bookcase.

    Although their Los Angeles home holds many memories, they’ve recently made plans to return to the United Kingdom to enjoy a quiet life away from the spotlight. They even signed onto a new series called “Home to Roost,” which will show their journey moving back to the British countryside.

    The docuseries was announced 20 years after “The Osbournes” first premiered on MTV, which was the show that launched their entire family into stardom. The series aims to showcase everything that’s been going on in the family’s life, from Kelly’s pregnancy, Ozzy’s tour, Sharon’s 70th birthday, and their move back to Britain.

    The Osbournes planned to move to England by the end of 2022, but they’ve remained in Los Angeles as of April 2023. They spent Easter Sunday with their family in the mansion, and have yet to announce their big move in finality.

    Their LA mansion, which they purchased for $12 million, is now up for sale for $18 million. However, Ozzy admits that despite his British roots, he considers himself American, and it’s not easy for him to make the switch so easily. He said:

    “To be honest with you, if I had my way, I’d stay in America. I’m American now. To be honest with you, I don’t want to go back.”

    Ozzy admits his mobility hasn’t been good. He also gets tired easily nowadays, and he credits his family for being so good to him despite these limitations.

    Although people are suggesting they retreat to the United Kingdom, another factor making it difficult to leave is the fact that their children, as well as their grandchildren, are in America.

    Regardless of where Ozzy and Sharon might end up living, as long as they’re together, they’re positive they’ll be able to get through all the challenges. After all, they’ve had years of ups and downs, and this roadblock is something they just have to get through as one.

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