«New love at 60!» Rumors about Johnny Depp’s new love relationship caused a stir among fans

    There are rumors everywhere that the French director and actress Maïwenn has begun a relationship with the famous actor Johnny Depp. They have always been cautious about their relationship, but we wonder what is really going on between them.

    After all sorts of affairs with ex-girlfriend Amber Heard, the actor was criticized for immediately starting to work. During the filming of the film, Johnny and Maïwenn worked together for a long time, and rumors began to circulate that there was a love affair between them.

    However, they maintained a professional relationship in front of the cameras. Their families were delighted at how they simultaneously remained emotionless. But many believed it was more than just friendship, with some saying they were just great friends.

    During the Keynes Film Festival, reporters were unable to interview him. However, people have continued to discuss this topic ever since.
    So what do you think? What is their relationship like? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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