Miranda Lambert Blasted for Drinking on Stage as She Looks ‘Pregnant’

    Miranda Lambert has been caught in a lot of controversy for some of the stunts she pulled at her concerts.

    The country singer was criticized for asking fans to stop taking selfies during her performance.

    In another instance, she took a tequila shot on stage, and fans insinuated she drank alcohol while pregnant.

    Country singer Miranda Lambert has been making headlines for some of the stunts she pulled at some of her concerts.

    One that caught many people’s attention was when the singer stopped a show to tell concertgoers to stop taking selfies and listen to her song.

    Miranda Lambert in Nashville, Tennessee in 2023 | Source: Getty Images

    The most recent one was when Lambert laughed off the selfie scandal with a fan and even took a shot with them on stage. However, in both cases, the country star faced criticism, with some people saying she should not control how people enjoy her performances. Others said she shouldn’t be taking alcohol while pregnant.

    Lambert not only started a heated discussion among fans but also caught a few celebrities’ attention who took the time to comment on the incidents.

    Miranda Lambert Takes a Tequila Shot with a Fan on Stage
    After going viral for calling out fans for snapping selfies during her Las Vagas show, Lambert commented on the controversy during another one of her concerts.

    While performing, she noticed a fan wearing a t-shirt that read, “Shoot Tequila, Not Selfies,” Lambert shared the anecdote with fans and said, “She did it, I didn’t!” She then reached out, grabbed a mini tequila bottle and took a sip of it on stage.

    Comments about Miranda Lambert | Youtube.com/TheCountryJukeBox

    The “Hell on Heels” singer performed in a stylish cowboy outfit. She wore a silver blue jumpsuit with gold fringe and sequence with a belt cinching her waist and cowboy boots.

    However, many fans did not like the figure-hugging outfit because it exposed her stomach, leading people to think she was expecting a baby. Several fans believed the singer was pregnant and criticized her for taking alcohol.

    People asked when her due date was, while others believed she only took a small sip because she realized it was not a good idea. “She pregnant, no doubt. She got a baby bump,” said a commenter.

    Another added, “She should not be drinking alcohol if she is pregnant!” Some even said she looked like she was already nine months pregnant.

    Others thought the outfit she wore was not flattering, likening it to the late singer, Elvis Presley “…up there looking like Elvis,” remarked the fan. “This is the new Elvis Miranda look,” continued another commenter.

    The video was flooded with even more comments of people telling Lambert to fire her stylist for letting her perform in an outfit that did not compliment her body.

    Miranda Lambert Calls Out Fans for Taking Selfies
    During one of her performances at her Las Vegas residency, Lambert was in the middle of a song when she stopped and called out fans for taking selfies. She said, “These girls are worried about their selfies and not listening to the song. It’s pissing me off a little bit.”

    She told the audience that people were there to listen to country music, and not take photos. The moment was captured and posted on Tiktok, and commenters got to weigh in on the situation.

    Brendan McLoughlin and Miranda Lambert Texas in 2023 | Source: Getty Images

    One of the people involved, Adela Calin, said the group did not take long; all they wanted was to capture the moment and return to their seats. “It was 30 seconds at most,” said Calin.

    Many more commenters did not agree with what Lambert did. People argued that the concertgoers had paid for the event and deserved to take photos.

    Others said the country star failed to see all the other people who were tuned into her singing and decided to pay attention to a small group of people, while some Tiktok users added that it was a sign of her being “insecure” and “unhappy with herself.”

    Furthermore, people said Lambert was out of line because those fans could have just wanted to capture a memory. “Why embarrass them? Just sing. They paid so they could take selfies if they wanted. Who made her selfie patrol? I like her, but DAMN!!!” proclaimed a fan.

    The controversial stunt even caught a few celebrities’ attention. Rapper LL Cool J, also famous for hosting the show “Lip Sync Battle,” spoke about the incident in one of his interviews.

    He told Lambert to “get over it” and shared the same sentiments as most fans. He added, “The way people choose to interact with that art or engage it or appreciate it is up to them.”

    But LL Cool J was not the only one to tease the situation. Another rapper Vanilla Ice, famously loved for one of his songs, “Ice Ice Baby,” mentioned the country singer’s name during one of his concerts. “You can take all the selfies you want — this ain’t no Miranda Lambert concert,” said the rapper.

    For this performance, Lambert wore a baby blue two-piece leather outfit with a skirt and jacket, paired it with brown cowboy boots, and let down her long blonde hair.

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    Lambert might have been in the middle of a lot of controversy, but she continues to be one the most loved country singers. She will reportedly return to her Las Vegas shows in November.

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