‘Michael Girl Version’: Paris Jackson’s Fans Notice Her Incredible Resemblance to Her Dad in Recent Video

    Paris Jackson, daughter of the legendary Michael Jackson, has faced negative comments about her appearance with humor and grace, showcasing her unwavering self-confidence. Beyond her ability to handle critics, Paris’ striking resemblance to her iconic father has left fans in awe, cementing her unique presence in the entertainment industry.

    With people often scrutinizing every move of those in the entertainment world, Paris Jackson, the daughter of the legendary Michael Jackson, stands tall as a beacon of self-confidence.

    She’s faced unwarranted commentary about her appearance with grace and humor, but this time, it’s not just her ability to brush off critics that captivated fans. It’s her uncanny resemblance to her father, dubbed the King of Pop, that leaves them awestruck.

    Brushing Off the Trolls
    The internet can be a harsh place, especially when it comes to public figures like Jackson. Recently, the singer-songwriter took to Instagram to address trolls who had left disparaging comments about her appearance on a post. In response, Jackson shared a bare-faced video with a powerful message. She declared:

    “This is no filter, no makeup, and regular lighting for the people that wrote really [expletive] comments about how old and haggard I look in my last video.”

    Michael Jackson walks with his children, Prince and Paris, as they visit Harrods October 12, 2005 in London, England | Source: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

    With a touch of sarcasm, she added, “I am literally 25. Just young and haggard, thank you very much.” This wasn’t the first time Jackson had encountered such unwarranted criticism. On her father’s 65th birthday, she shared an Instagram tribute, only to find comments focusing on her armpit hair.

    Jackson swiftly addressed the matter, emphasizing that her intention wasn’t to showcase her armpit hair but rather her jawline. She had stopped shaving it for years and had simply forgotten it was there.

    Jackson has been on a journey of self-love and acceptance, as she shared in a Spin magazine interview. She described feeling “the happiest and healthiest” she has ever been and the transformation in how she sees herself in the mirror. Her journey to self-love has included lifestyle changes, such as taking up rock climbing, quitting smoking, and adopting a healthier daily routine.

    One significant change has been her newfound love for herself. Jackson has come to realize that she no longer hates her reflection in the mirror. She strives to treat herself with kindness daily, even though she acknowledges that she doesn’t always succeed. It’s a journey of progress rather than perfection.

    For Jackson, treating herself with kindness is akin to treating a friend with kindness. She maintains boundaries and respects her own needs, a significant shift from the self-loathing that plagued her for years. This transformation has brought her to a place of self-acceptance and self-compassion.

    Jackson has embarked on a journey of self-improvement. She now prioritizes her well-being over the need to please others. She has embraced therapy, left behind her half-pack-a-day cigarette habit, and surrounded herself with people who bring joy into her life. Handling interpersonal situations constructively has become a priority as she navigates the complexities of relationships.

    Michael Jackson walks with his children, Prince and Paris, as they visit Harrods October 12, 2005 in London, England | Source: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

    While Jackson appreciates fashion as an art form and a means of self-expression, her journey into modeling initially began as a platform to amplify her activism. She graced the cover of Vogue, walked the runway for iconic French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s final show, and starred in campaigns for SKIMS and KVD Beauty.

    Her modeling career has become a powerful tool for advancing her philanthropic causes, including her involvement with the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and the Heal Los Angeles Foundation, founded by her brother Prince.

    Amidst the comments from critics, there is a resounding chorus of fans who celebrate Jackson’s striking resemblance to her father, Michael. Expressions like “Michael’s smile,” “she is undoubtedly his,” and enthusiastic references to her as the “Michael girl version” underscore the uncanny resemblance that has captured the attention and admiration of onlookers.

    While some comments may focus on aspects of her appearance, many fans rally behind Paris, asserting that she looks beautiful and dismissing any negative criticism. Their unwavering support serves as a testament to the love and admiration Paris Jackson garners from her dedicated followers.

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