Michael Caine Turns 90 with Wife of 50 Years Who ‘Changed’ His Life – Unable to Walk Alone He Uses Cane to Take Her Out

    Michael Caine celebrated his 90th birthday. Although it is hard for him to walk and stand, while his memory also leaves much to be desired, he is still happy. That is because the woman of his dreams has been with him for 50 years – his wife Shakira Caine, whom he fell in love with in 8 minutes.

    English actor Sir Michael Caine revealed how he fell in love with his wife of four decades, Shakira Caine, during his appearance on “The Jonathan Ross Show.”

    Michael recalled watching TV and spotting the gorgeous woman in a commercial and was immediately smitten by her, and it was love at first sight.

    Actor Michael Caine and his wife Shakira Caine attend the premiere of "Fourth Protocol" at the Baronet Theater on August 24, 1987 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

    “I saw this lady on the television in a commercial and fell in love instantly, and it was a commercial for coffee in Brazil. But I just watched her, and I thought that’s the woman for me, and I said to my mate, I said, ‘we’re going to Brazil in the morning, and we’re going to find her,’” Michael recounted.

    The movie star and his two friends went to a tavern where another man came in and asked if they had no women. He told him that he saw one “beautiful” woman in a commercial and that he would be going to Brazil the next day to go and find her.

    The unidentified man asked what the commercial was about, and he answered, “Maxwell House” coffee, only to find out that he works for the company. Michael asked if he knew the Brazilian woman in the ad, and the man said he did, adding the woman was, in fact, Indian and lived in Fulham Road – which was “a mile away” from him.

    While it took some effort to show how serious Michael was about her, as he got Shakira’s numbers from a friend who worked in advertising, she did not make things easy for him. He revealed he had to call her eleven times before she agreed to go out with him.

    “If she had said no (on their date), I’d decided – forget it,” said Michael. Luckily for him, she did not, and since then, he has been the happiest in the years they have been married.

    Michael revealed it took “eight minutes” for him to fall in love with Shakira upon meeting her, and added she took “two hours” to feel the same way.

    The couple married in Las Vegas in 1973 and welcomed a daughter named Natasha together that same year. The Hollywood star’s youngest child, who has a half-sister, is a former model and graduate of England’s Manchester University and remains out of the spotlight.

    Natasha is a mom of three children with property developer Michael Hall. The pair got married in 2000 but had their marriage annulled the same year.

    Michael has another older daughter, Dominique, from his previous marriage to English actress Patricia Haines. They were married from 1954 to 1962. The former couple had their only child in 1956.

    Dominique forged a different career path, unlike her famous dad, and became a horse farm owner. Unfortunately, her mother passed away in 1977 due to lunch cancer complications.

    Michael and Shakira have been husband and wife for 50 years now, and he disclosed the secret of how they managed to have such an enduring marriage in Hollywood:

    “In this business, you’re surrounded by beautiful women – but I’ve got one at home. I’ve got one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen, so I’ve never been tempted to stray.”

    Michael Caine and wife Shakira at their Beverly Hills Home on Davies Drive on January 16, 1984 in Beverly Hills, California | Source: Getty Images

    Before he met his beloved spouse, Michael had a reputation for being a ladies’ man. During his appearance on “The Dick Cavett Show,” the host stated he had read his Playboy interview and noted that he was like the ladies’ man of all time.

    Michael responded, “Well, she placed a bid of ladies’ men and playboys. I’m not a gentlemen’s man let’s put it that way.” He then pointed out that the opposite of being considered a ladies man is either one is married or goes out with other men.

    “I’m not married. I don’t like guys; I go out with ladies, and this makes me a ladies’ man.” When Cavett mentioned, the press had reported that about him, Michael said it was “lies.”

    Michael and Shakira live in a 200-year-old barn in the Surrey countryside. He expressed that he was “deliriously happy” and that he adored the home, adding it was his “happy” place.”

    The “Batman Begins” star said he loves going to his house and that no other fancy place compares. When people ask him where he goes for vacations, he tells them home.

    Michael and Shakira have never been apart throughout their union. She even sacrificed her jewelry design business to accompany her husband to filming locations. Michael said being apart for quite some time could lead to a disconnect between spouses.

    He explained that his wife accompanies him on work trips as an “intertwined partner.” “She is the other half of me. Also, we’re still very much in love with each other. We always have been, we always will be.”

    Michael shared that he and Shakira are always together and described her as the most attractive woman he has ever seen, adding she is kind and gentle and can cook up a storm in the kitchen serving Italian dishes. “Things can’t get better than that,” he said.

    Shakira Influenced Michael to Change His Lifestyle
    Besides being besotted with one another, Michael has come a long way in terms of lifestyle, which Shakira helped him leave behind. He revealed he used to drink alcohol and smoke a packet of cigarettes daily.

    Despite this, the “Zulu” star admitted in March 2017 that he fears developing cancer and would like to see his grandchildren grow up. “I know my days are numbered, and that’s the main worry,” said Michael.

    Sir Michael Caine and Shakira Caine during "Austin Powers in Goldmember" screening after party at Barneys New York in New York City, New York Sir Michael Caine & wife Shakira during "Austin Powers in Goldmember" - New York Screening at Barneys New York on July 24, 2002 in New York City, New York,

    He explained he stopped his frequent drinking and took time to research what could prevent getting cancer. In being proactive, Michael, who grew up with overall good health, is mindful about what he consumes and has decided to avoid eating sugary, salty, and gluten foods. But he admitted he is prone to having bacon sarnie.

    The Oscar Award winner disclosed he shed 30 lbs at the time to live long enough to see his grandkids grow up. “They’re twins of six and a boy of seven. I’d like to get to 17 for the boy,” he explained.

    The “Interstellar” star appeared on one episode of “The View” in April 2017 and shared he read somewhere about the effect grandkids have that read: “Grandchildren fill a hole in your heart that you didn’t know was empty.”

    After reading that, he looked in the mirror and realized he was heavier and needed to lose weight to be healthy for the sake of his grandchildren.

    Michael relishes being a family man and a grandfather of three. He admitted that as he ages and starts thinking more about dying, his grandkids often come to mind, and that makes him ponder about life:

    “It’s fabulous. I am completely besotted with my grandchildren. It’s my best role, and I don’t need any awards for it.”

    Michael credited his beloved wife Shakira as she “saved” him from his destructive lifestyle years ago and “changed” his life. He said if it were not for her, he would not be alive today:

    “Without her, I’d have been dead long ago. I used to drink a bottle of vodka a day and smoke several packets of cigarettes.”

    In a 2009 interview, Michael explained the mother of his child was a good influence on him, adding once they welcomed their daughter Natasha, he had less of a desire to go out and drink.

    The father of two further divulged he was not addicted to alcohol but was a heavy drinker, and with that, he knows that if he had continued, he would have died. Michael revealed Shakira does not consume alcohol and that not only did he make his life better, but she helped spare it.

    The lovebirds enjoy each other’s company and are content being around their loved ones. Michael sang his wife’s praises, saying she has no downside, unlike everyone else.

    Health Issues – Happy Grandparents
    Michael turned 90 on March 14, 2023, and old age is catching up with him. In October 2021, the renowned star revealed he rarely leaves the house, and when he does, it is when he goes out for a drive with Shakira.

    The iconic movie star disclosed he has a sore leg and a bad spine. In January 2022, “The Italian Job” star got more candid about his health troubles and revealed his spinal cord affects his leg and, consequently, his mobility.

    Michael Caine and Shakira Caine on a night out at Scott's restaurant in Mayfair on July 24, 2019 in London, England | Source: Getty Images

    Amid his health woes, Michael admitted his acting days are now over, as he had turned 89 at the time. The award-winning star noted that he had over 100 acting credits under his belt and believes they are enough.In addition to his body of work, Michael added being an author to his name. He divulged that he penned a few books that were a success.

    The film star stated that he was no longer an actor but a writer, which works in his favor because, as an actor, he would have to get up early in the morning to get to work, whereas as a writer, he could easily do it on the bed. However, the actor-turned-author has yet to retire officially. His last film is the 2021 drama “Best Sellers.”

    Michael shared he had not received any acting gigs in two years, mainly because the films he wanted to do were scarce. He added his age had contributed a lot to the scarcity because while in his eighties, scripts based on octogenarians were non-existent. At age 88, shortly before turning 89, Michael added his mind is not as sharp as it used to be.

    Based on that fact, he decided to bow out of the acting scene to enjoy a peaceful life with his spouse Shakira and spend his $80 million fortune. When touching on his health issues, Michael revealed he is doing well but could not “walk” nor “stand” for too long.

    Despite that, he still manages to go out on dates with his lovely wife. In November 2022, the couple was spotted out and about at Harry’s Bar and dressed up for the evening.

    Michael donned a navy blazer paired with a blue shirt and black trousers. He was seen leaving the central London institution while using a cane alongside Shakira. He was escorted to a waiting vehicle with the help of staff.

    Meanwhile, Shakira, a former Guyanese fashion model, wore a red lace blouse with a black silk blazer and matching trousers. She finished her looks with black heels and accessorized with a pair of drop purple earrings and a bold red purse.

    The former actress revealed in March 2022 that her spouse had undergone surgery as he had “spinal stenosis.” The condition is described as when spaces between one’s spine narrow, putting pressure on the nerves traveling through the spine.

    Consequently, those suffering from this condition endure mobility issues, including finding balance and feeling numbness. Spinal stenosis also weakens legs and arms and causes pain in one’s lower back while standing. If a person is seated, the pain may go away but would return once they are on their feet again.

    Spinal stenosis occurs when an individual reaches old age and could be treated with physiotherapy or surgery. However, there are limitations to undergoing an operation because it is only necessary once a person struggles to walk, participate in routine activities, or control their bladder.

    When going the surgery route, doctors remove part of the back vertebrae so that the nerves can travel freely. Other options include applying heat or cold, strengthening, a massage, or acupuncture.

    As a father of two daughters, Michael has no son. Therefore, he was thrilled to welcome a grandson, Taylor, in April 2009. Michael shared that his grandchild enjoyed sitting on his knee and watching football even though he was only six months old.

    The happy grandpa expressed they watched “Sky Sports” as a duo and that he enjoyed babysitting him because he was good at it. Michael fed Taylor, carried him, and pushed him on a stroller around the house, adding they got along well.

    The Hollywood star is a devoted family man who adores his loved ones and considers himself a good parent. “Come to think of it, that is my big conceit,” said Michael, adding:

    “I am the best father in the world. I have always put my children first. I never spoil them, but I was there for them.”

    His wife was not the only one who traveled to work with him, as his brood also went to movie sets with him. Michael revealed that as an actor, he supposedly had a reputation for only agreeing to do films based on location and how much he would get paid.

    He said it was inaccurate because he would only accept offers enabling him to spend time with his family while supporting them.

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