Marlo Thomas’ Face Labeled ‘Weird’ but Her Spouse Accepts Her as She Is – They Once Split Months before Marriage

    Marlo Thomas from “That Girl” looked beautiful in a public appearance.

    Despite her gorgeous looks, some fans accused her of undergoing plastic surgery and ruining her perfect face.

    Thomas is married to her husband, Phil Donahue, an actor, and producer who was previously married to Marge Cooney.

    Marlo Thomas is an actress who played Ann Marie in the sitcom “That Girl,” which premiered on September 8, 1966.

    Thomas was born on November 21, 1937, in Detroit, Michigan. The actress’s father, Danny Thomas, was a showbiz legend and raised her in Beverly Hills in the middle of the entertainment business.

    The actress had previously started her adult life as a school teacher but dropped it for an acting career. She stepped out in New Jersey looking gorgeous in a blue dress alongside her friend Steve Guttenberg.

    Thomas looked stunning, but some fans had harsh comments about her facial appearance, which they said appeared different due to plastic surgery.

    The “Deceit” actress posted a picture on Instagram, and fans reacted swiftly and critically as they claimed that the plastic surgery done to her face seemed substandard.

    Thomas is one of the few actresses who have managed to make the difficult crossover from a sitcom star to a serious and dramatic actress.

    She revealed that for a long time, she struggled to find her footing as her father was famous in Hollywood, and her mother was dominating.

    However, she managed to escape their control when at 20, she was cast in the London production of “Barefoot in the Park.” She noted that living in London for a year changed her life.

    The actress’s versatility has seen her feature in comedy series such as “Friends” and the highly-rated adult drama crime “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

    Other notable films she has featured in are “Ocean’s Eight,” “Starstruck,” “The Real Blonde,” “The Female Brain,” and “Ultimate Betrayal.”

    Thomas has starred on Broadway, produced TV specials, written books, and bagged four Emmys. She also took over her father’s work of fundraising, educating, and creating awareness at St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

    Thomas shares pictures of herself, friends, and family on social media as she goes about her activities, such as film screenings.

    Fans comment on her photos, with some applauding her beauty but with others calling out the actress for undergoing plastic surgery, which they note has “ruined her appearance.”

    One fan said, “Phil looks pretty good still but how much face work did Marlo get. Definitely not for the better.” Another fan claimed she was trying to help the actress. “No I do not. I am trying to stop the botched plastic surgery madness,” asserted the fan.

    In another picture where Thomas was celebrating Memorial Day in Bermuda, one fan said she could barely recognize the actress. “Why all the plastic surgery? Aging is a natural and beautiful thing!!,” another person added.

    Other users were in disbelief that the once beautiful face the actress had was now gone. “Yikes! What happened to your beautiful face?” a fan asked. Another fan was shocked:

    “Oh Marlo Marlo. What on earth?!? It looks like you have a big piece of plastic implanted in your face. Please go to a professional. Your husband should be suing somebody. You are beautiful without plastic surgery!!!!!!”

    Other people who were unsure if the actress had undergone plastic surgery wondered what had happened to her face. However, others asked her never to go under the knife again, “Why does your face look so weird? Especially your nose. Stop the surgeries.”

    Fans who were determined that Thomas had undergone plastic surgery asked her to stop ruining her natural beauty. “Stop the plastic surgery,” a fan pleaded with Thomas.

    However, after three months apart, Donahue called Thomas and told her he was miserable.

    Despite the numerous critics, other fans came to Thomas’ rescue and asked people to stop commenting negatively about the actress’s appearance. One person said:

    “Nobody asked for everyone’s opinions on their faces. Amazing how rude people can be. That being said-I love Marlo and loved Steve in his movies!! Such a cutie!!”

    Another person also supported Thomas and said she looked great. “God bless you!!” the person added. One fan said the actress had done nothing to her face. “Marlo is still beautiful,” the person noted. Fans also bashed those with negative comments:

    “Leave Marlo alone. People don’t need to be this rude to her under every post she does. Want her to stop posting altogether. Well, you’re going the right way about it. “

    Thomas is married to Phil Donahue. The two tied the knot on May 21, 1980. They have been together for 43 years and sometimes share each other’s photos on social media when in public appearances.

    Thomas’ husband, Donahue, was born on December 21, 1935. The actor and producer, who was born in Cleveland, Ohio, has five children. These kids are Michael Donahue, Kevin Donahue, Daniel Donahue, Mary Rose Donahue, and James Patrick Donahue.

    Donahue had his children with Marge Cooney, his first wife, whom he married on February 1, 1958, and divorced in 1975.

    The actor went to St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio, and graduated in 1953. He is also a graduate of the University of Notre Dame. Donahue first met his second wife, Thomas, in the seventies when she was a guest on his show.

    Thomas has been married to her husband for over four decades, but she said she was not sure she believed in the normally constructed idea of marriage:

    “I never wanted to be married…I believe in marriage, but I don’t believe in marriage as an institution. I’m not sure it isn’t rigged against women.”

    She disclosed that it wasn’t easy for her to make the decision to marry Donahue. The actress added that she only married her husband because she had to believe their marriage would hold his and her dreams. She added:

    “I had to meet the right kind of man, and the world had to change a lot, and I had to change a lot.”

    Despite her initial doubts, Thomas has been successful in marriage to the point where she and her husband have authored the book “What Makes a Marriage Last: 40 Celebrated Couples Share with Us the Secrets to a Happy Life.”

    As per the couple, this book helps people understand what works and what doesn’t work in marriage. However, as much as they opened up in the book about marriage, the pair said they love to keep their relationship private because they are both in show business.

    When asked about the secret behind their long-lasting marriage, Thomas and Donahue said that a successful marriage has no single secret but millions of them. However, they added:

    “As for our secret…once we decided to commit to each other, we also decided that no matter how tough things might get, we would never look for an escape route.”

    The couple also revealed that before they made the decision to get married, they were fighting a lot and decided to break up. However, after three months apart, Donahue called Thomas and told her he was miserable. The pair got back together and married 12 weeks after this call.

    Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue in Brockport, New York in 1979 | Source: Getty Images

    The two also said marriage to them did not begin when they walked down the aisle but when they decided to commit to each other. The pair worked hard to blend their careers with marriage. Thomas and Donahue said their marriage lasted because they did not get into it with a Plan B.

    They also decided to build their new life and marriage on neutral ground, in New York and not in Los Angeles or Chicago, where they both had separate lives. Due to their success in marriage, Donahue and Thomas advised newlywed couples:

    “It takes a lot of effort to get out of a relationship, but if you put that effort back into the relationship, everything is so much more satisfying. Jamie Lee Curtis actually said it best: What’s the secret to staying married? Don’t leave.”

    Donahue, 87, and Thomas, 85, are still deeply in love even in their older years and enjoy taking out time off their busy schedule to enjoy each other’s company. The two take weekend gateways and visit restaurants, or sometimes they stay at home, make popcorn, and watch movies to bond and boost their love for each other.

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