Loose skin and swollen veins! Paparazzi showed what Demi Moore’s aged body looks like in real life

    Paparazzi didn’t miss the chance to capture D. Moore on vacation this time too. To say that her current look surprised the fans is nothing to say.



    What the fans saw came as a big disappointment for them. Her skin was loose and hanging probably as a result of her age. Many of her followers simply didn’t expect to see her like this and were strongly dissatisfied.



    Some of them were quick to express their disappointment in the comments claiming that she was not the same and it was high time to stop wearing such revealing things.

    «She looks like a granny!», «The only Hollywood actress I can admire forever!», «She has no plans to age and will look this amazing even at 70!», «Envy silently! No one is getting young».

    Now, it is your turn to share your opinion about the 60-year-old actress!

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