Lindsay Wagner, a.k.a Jaime Sommers from “Bionic Woman,” is not a blonde bombshell anymore, yet looks great at 73, embracing her gray hair.

    Lindsay Wagner, famously known for her role in “The Bionic Woman,” is not a blonde bombshell anymore but still looks great at 73 and has embraced her gray hair. She shifted careers after becoming her mom, and now her two sons are adults with careers of their own. Although she has been married four times, the actress is currently single.

    Lindsay is a TV icon as she exhibited her acting prowess in the science fiction series “The Bionic Woman.” In the series that ran from 1976 to 1978, Lindsay played the role of Jaime Sommers, a professional tennis player.

    The actress, who was born on June 22, 1949, acted as Jaime in the series “The Six Million Dollar Man,” where she died from a skydiving injury. But Jaime resonated so deeply with fans that they protested her death, leading to the creation of the spinoff series “The Bionic Woman.”

    Lindsay Wagner (Jaime) and Lee Majors (Steve) “The Bionic Woman” on September 21, 1975 | Source: Getty Images

    The 73-year-old won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role in “The Bionic Woman” in 1977. She has also starred in films such as “Paper Chase” and appeared in the shows” Grey’s Anatomy” and “Warehouse 13”, a SyFy series.

    The movies Lindsay stars in are used to communicate relatable ideas in peoples’ personal journeys. For instance, the 2006 movie “Four Extraordinary Women” was used to showcase the tragic impacts of breast cancer on family members.

    Lindsay has over 90 credits to her name. She started as a model but changed careers and is now a Hallmark veteran whose other movies are “Mingle All The Way” and “Eat, Pray, Love,” in which she appeared with her “Six Million Dollars” co-star, Lee Majors.

    The actress, who has other titles to her name, such as author, model, singer, and acting coach, said she joined an acting class to deal with the domestic abuse she faced growing up:

    “Acting class was a place where I could express my emotions in a safe environment. It helped me realize that I had nothing to be ashamed of. Domestic violence can be very isolating. I was only 12, and it really helped.”

    Lindsay Wagner playing Jaime on the “The Bionic Woman” on September 21, 1975 | Source: Getty Images

    At 73, Lindsay still looks gorgeous as much as her once blond hair is now gray. The author shared photos of their beautiful self on her social media pages, and one fan told commented, “Lindsay you look splendid.”

    Other fans admitted that they adored the actress and that she looked ageless. These fans told Lindsay, “Have always adored you,” “You are timeless,” and “Timeless beauty Lindsay.”

    Fans were also fascinated by Lindsay’s fresh look in a photo where the mother of two still had blond hair. The fans commented on her picture, “Still looks good” and “Still very beautiful.”

    In another photo of the actress on Facebook, her fan was excited that Lindsay would feature in the “Samson” movie that came out in 2018. The fan commented:

    “Another movie to add to my ever-growing collection! Atta girl Lindsay! How many is it now?? Love seeing you in the pictures. You are forever timeless.”

    The model has been married four times, all ended in divorce, and she is now a single woman. Lindsay’s first marriage was to Allan Rider, a music publisher. The ex-couple divorced after two years of marriage.

    Lindsay’s second marriage was to Michael Brandon, an actor who starred in the comedy film “A Change of Seasons.” The two also broke up after only three years.

    Despite being divorced four times, Lindsay is far from lonely; she is surrounded by friends, loves traveling, enjoys her work, and has gone back to acting.

    Lindsay Wagner with her ex-husband Michael Brandon at their home in 1977 | Source: Getty Images

    The actress’s third marriage was to Hollywood stuntman Henry Kingi. The duo married in May 1981 in a ceremony at Lake Tahoe. The ex-couple recited a touching Paiute Indian blessing to dedicate their lives to God and each other.

    This marriage also ended when Lindsay was 34 years old, and Kingi was 40 years old. The two refused to comment on their breakup, but one of their friends said the duo was mismatched from the start:

    “Henry’s laid-back. But Lindsay, when she’s working, is crazed, throwing herself into every role. It was like living with a roller coaster.”

    The author’s fourth marriage was to producer Lawrence Mortoff, but the two also split up in 1993. Lindsay has remained a single woman since then.

    Lindsay’s passion lies in spirituality as she shifted her career from acting to motivational speaking and holistic healing. After building a successful career as an actress, the 73 years old said she picked up motivational speaking and spirituality for her kids’ sake:

    “I was working so much that I had to take a break after all those years, and helping my children and friends was a passion of mine. I started doing small retreats and teaching people techniques that were so helpful for me. It just went viral. I wasn’t expecting that. I ended up on the road for about 15 months.”

    The singer confessed that her primary motivation for acting was a medical trauma as at 19 years old, she developed a severe stomach ulcer:

    “People helped me avoid surgery by teaching me how meditation, prayer, and diet can affect the body, and that’s why I went into acting, to communicate the higher potential that humans have, but most don’t think about, or haven’t even heard of.”

    Lindsay blended her passion for spirituality and acting when she played a role in “Samson,” a biblical epic movie that connected people to spiritual guidance and showed them that they can be so much more powerful than they ever thought.

    Lindsay Wagner plays with her son on the set of the film Martin's Day on October 1, 1983 | Source: Getty Images

    The motivational speaker also said she had been studying holistic healing ever since she was a teenager, referring to it as her real passion:

    “It was just such a profound experience for me that I wanted to learn more, and it began a life of study for me. My whole life, I’ve been studying this. It’s been my real passion.”

    Lindsay’s passion for holistic healing of mind, body, and soul has been natured for over four decades, and it made her travel for work and education with doctors, scientists, healers, and spiritual leaders globally.

    Lindsay’s passion is now helping people to heal through the workshop she runs called “Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart. Through the workshops, the holistic healer motivates people to overcome their challenges and attain internal peace and joy.

    The singer noted that people have the ability to change how they feel about things as much as they cannot alter their circumstances:

    “I help people deal with all kinds of everyday life problems. Things we think are so difficult but which are not really. It is just our perspective of them.”

    The author said that her retreats helped people find a way back to their center and change their body chemistry. She added that holistic actions such as breathwork, meditation, and gratitude helped her regain balance and are the core of her health regime.

    Lindsay recommended breathing as a simple way to help the body maintain and regain balance. She noted that when people are depressed, their breathing becomes shallow and ineffective:

    “I advocate stopping whatever you’re doing for a couple of minutes five times a day, closing your eyes, and taking deep breaths.”

    Besides holistic healing, Lindsay is an advocate who works with victims of domestic violence. She opened up about living in a household where domestic violence was common:

    “I would bottle it all up inside and cover it up by being the funny one. The more I hurt, the funnier I became.”

    The human rights activist was the Honorary Chair of the Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect for 25 years. She also co-ran a counseling group for convicted batterers and families from 2003-2006 alongside the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

    After taking close to 40 years break from acting, Lindsay said in 2018 she felt that her art was beckoning her back to the Hollywood scene. She also reminisced about her role in “The Bionic Woman”:

    “It was the beginning of changing the image of women in the media. Anybody over the age of 34 still tells me how I was such a big part of their childhood.”

    Lindsay rejoined the entertainment industry when she was cast in “Samson” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” She said that she was being guided back, adding, “The heart wants what the heart wants, as they say.”

    Lindsay’s Immense Love for Her Sons
    Lindsay has two sons, Dorian Kingi, 41, and Alex Kingi, 37. The actress’s sons are with her third husband, Henry Kingi.

    Dorian, the first son, is a director and a stuntman for film and television. The stuntman said he had played some fantastic characters over the years and that he loved what he did and loved movies.

    The second son, Alex, is also a stuntman and costume designer. He has featured in films such as “Tenet.” Alex started on YouTube by shooting short movie scenes and sharing them on the platform before joining her mother in Hollywood.

    Lindsay Wagner (C) and her sons Dorian (L) and Alex (R) in Rome, Italy on July 12, 2008 | Source: Getty Images

    Dorian seemed to work closely with her mother on various projects. In one post shared via her Instagram, Lindsay said she was excited that she and Dorian would both be at the Fan Boy Expo. She called Dorian a talented stunt actor:

    “I’m excited to share with you that my son and I are both going to be at Fan Boy Expo. We’ve never had the opportunity to work together. Kudos to Fan Boy Expo for shining the spotlight on talented stunt actors like Dorian.”

    In the same post, Lindsay shared a picture of her son, and she and the duo shared a striking resemblance. Lindsay was grinning and in a gray sweater, while Dorian, who was smiling, was in a black cardigan.

    The mother of two supports her sons and constantly shares what they are working on via her social media pages while heaping them with praises. Similarly, her sons, especially Dorian, also show love to their mother.

    Dorian was excited to be working with her mother during the Fan Boy Expo and expressed his feelings on a social media post that showed their two booths set side by side:

    “First day at Fan Boy Expo was great!! Definitely an unexpected bucket list “check” to have my booth next to my mom; thank you, Fan Boy Expo, for making this convention so special.”

    Lindsay’s son Dorian is also protective of her mother as he once called out a person who shared false information about his mother, claiming that she was unwell and in hospital. The movie director dismissed the rumors:

    “Just a heads up to those that follow my mother on IG. she is fine and well. There is some sick person out there saying she is unwell and in the hospital. She Is Not!! She is an awesome lady and super healthy.”

    Lindsay Wagner and sons Alex Kinji and Dorian Kinji in Los Angeles on September 26, 1999 | Source: Getty Images

    Dorian added that he felt sorry for the person spreading the rumors, who probably had nothing better to do, and suggested that they should find God. The stuntman also articulated his love for her mother:

    “My mother has been and still is the guiding light in my life. She is the reason I am the person I have become today.”

    Despite being divorced four times, Lindsay is far from lonely; she is surrounded by friends, loves traveling, enjoys her work, and has gone back to acting.

    Lindsay’s ageless beauty showed when she graced the red carpet in 2020. The author was attending the 60th anniversary of the Monte Carlo TV festival, which was hosted by the Prince of Monaco, Albert II.

    The movie star was in a dazzling white coat that went slightly past her knees. She complemented the look with black slacks and pretty metallic ballet flats.

    The 73-year-old has other passions aside from healing, as she loves traveling, which is evident from the breathtaking vacation videos and photos she shares on her social media. The actress spent a vacation in Thailand in 2020.

    In 2022, she shared a video wishing her fans a Merry Christmas while noting that she was not at her home in California. In the same year, she also visited England and shared a photo in front of the iconic “Knife Angel” sculpture in Red Car England.

    Lindsay also has a love for dogs, as she shared a picture embracing a dog at the pop culture collecting event Retro Expo held in Texas. The human rights activist has, over the years, been involved in animal welfare and environmental protection.

    The actress, who had taken a break from acting, said she was excited to come back and has already starred in major movies. In 2021, she played a character in the romantic movie “Christmas at The Ranch.”

    The model’s acting life is full of fun as she often attends events where she is surrounded by her co-star friends. In 2020, she shared a picture of her and her co-star friends catching up at the 60th-anniversary party for the Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

    Her adult fans also approach her at events for photos, with some accompanied by their babies. In some of Lindsay’s Instagram posts, she can be seen looking adorably at the babies and engaging with them, begging the question, does the actress dream about having grandchildren?

    Lindsay is currently focused on her career as a holistic healer. On March 2023, she announced the reconnection of the “Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart” community for a special event that would focus on how to respond to difficult circumstances.

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