Large breasts and thin hips at 60: Years passed but the figure of Lisa Rinna remained a big surprise for fans

    Recently, Hollywood actress Lisa Rinna treated her followers to a unique image.??

    Lisa Rinna has always delighted her fans with her unique beauty. The actress played a role in the films «Sex, Lies, and Obsession» and «Melrose District» and became popular.

    Recently, the writer and businesswoman posted a photo of herself relaxing on a Canadian lake. Lisa became a mother and now has two adult children married to actor Harry Hamlin. She had two daughters in 1998 and 2001, but she has always had an amazing body.

    In this photo, 60-year-old Lisa put her hands on her knees in a sexy pose. It was shocking for the fans. They enjoyed the impeccable body of the actress. The photo showed her large breasts and thin hips.

    The model wore a black bikini and was wearing a nice straight-brimmed hat. The hat covered the eyes of the actress. Beautiful nature complemented the beauty of photo.

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