Kevin Costner Accuses His Ex-wife of ‘Gamesmanship of the Worst Sort’ as Divorce Battle Heats Up

    Kevin Costner wants answers and thousands in legal fees.

    Facebook users called Costner’s estranged wife a “gold digger.”

    Since the news broke that Kevin Costner’s wife of 18 years, Christine Baumgartner filed for divorce in early May 2023, there have been numerous reports on the souring relations between the exes.

    Baumgartner became Costner’s second wife in September 2004, following a courtship of six years. Together they have three children.

    Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner during at Porcelanosa Shop Inauguration on May 5, 2005, at Porcelanosa Shop, in Leganes, Madrid, Spain. | Source: Getty Images

    Over the past few months, child support has been a sticking point in the preliminary proceedings. The mom of three asked for $248,000 a month in child support while her husband offered $38,000. A judge ruled on $129,755 monthly.

    Things got even more heated when the former handbag designer refused to leave their mansion within the stipulated period in the prenuptial agreement, eventually vacating the property in August in response to a court order.

    Costner felt required to turn to the court again on August 10, filing a request for an order compelling his estranged wife to answer questions.

    She and her lawyers are accused of “gamesmanship of the worst sort” in the filing. The “Field of Dreams” actor’s legal team claims she has avoided answering if she understood the prenup before signing it.

    Baumgartner allegedly said she does not know what “commonly legal phrases like ‘legal effect’ and ‘supersedes’ mean.” The director is seeking $14,000 in legal fees to get her responses.

    Under a tabloid update on what is turning into an ugly divorce, fans supported the “Yellowstone” actor without sparing kind words for the mother of his three youngest children.

    “Gold…digger…,” one commented, which was seconded by another, “Gold diggers gotta live (sic) em, NOT!!” “Give me the 1.5 million! She’s risking everything to be greedy,” one declared, in reference to the $1.5 million payoutBaumgartner received.

    “…and this is why good men are hard to find. They get jaded by gold diggers. I’m sure there were many other legit and moralistic options he had when he met her,” a person speculated. “But he assumed the risk and got a prenup.”

    They continued their armchair analysis, “This case is extremely critical. If this prenup doesn’t hold, it will change LA for sure. A coalition of divorced, rich men is silently holding their breaths right now.”

    “She’s not stupid…. She clearly regrets signing the prenup,” one commented. “She understood it she just wants money!!!!” another agreed. “She understood! She just wants to have the same lifestyle she had without Kevin,” a third concurred.

    A Facebook user comments on an update on Kevin Costner’s divorce. | Source: Facebook/peoplemag

    “I wish him the best. I can think of quite a few examples of what a really good guy he is,” a supporter wrote, citing Whitney Houston’s eulogy as an example. “Best to you, Mr. Costner. When you marry an actor, they go on location and help support your plastic surgery hobby.”

    “So sad.., he feels used,” one mused. “What’s the point of a prenuptial agreement if it can just be challenged in court,” a second asked. “It was signed with a clear mind & with love; don’t dispute it now,” a third decided.

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