Keanu Reeves proves he’s the best person alive with amazing gesture for young fan

    Has there ever been a celebrity more lovable than Keanu Reeves? I think not!

    Whether it’s appearing at the Oscars with his mom or secretly donating to children’s hospitals, the man is one of the most wholesome people in Hollywood.

    And if you thought he couldn’t get any better, wait until you hear about a recent interaction between the star and a young fan – it’ll be sure to melt your heart!

    It all started when Reeves, 59, and his band Dogstar – which was formed over 25 years ago and recently reunited – stopped in Houston, Texas, while on their North American tour to promote the release of their latest album, Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees.

    Thousands of Dogstar fans have been excited to see the Matrix actor shred the bass, which is not something you’re bound to see every day!

    While the band were in Houston, they obviously were able to meet many of their fans. But none of them would have had the same magical experience as nine-year-old Elijah, whose biggest dream was to meet Reeves… And meet him he did!

    Elijah, his brother Caleb, and his grandmother Annette put a plan in place to meet Reeves, something that Annette was confident doing as she’d met well-known figures over 100 times.

    Dogstar had been at the House of Blues, so Elijah and his family waited outside for several hours until Reeves emerged. Elijah had a football with him, asked Reeves if he would play ball, and sure enough the kind actor agreed!

    Being so famous and having so many adoring fans would inflate anyone’s ego, but Reeves has never let his fame get the better of him. In fact, he treats acting like basically any other job – he puts in his best effort and recognizes that his success is ultimately down to having such loving fans.

    Elijah’s grandmother Annette spoke about the special experience, saying it was something her grandson would “always remember”, with Elijah adding: “I’m keeping the football forever and ever”.

    What’s more, Reeves apparently told the young fan that he had a nice throw – how’s that for a celebrity encounter!

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