Katie Holmes Seen in Beige Coat and Huge Glasses, an Ensemble Nearly Identical to Jackie O’s — Users React

    Katie Holmes has been beloved ever since her “Dawson’s Creek” era.

    The actress loves fashion and her fans consider her outfits impeccable and an inspiration.

    Online users reacted when Holmes recently looked stunning in a casual outfit that nearly resembled that of Jackie O.

    Katie Holmes has been popular ever since she starred in “Dawson’s Creek” as a teenager. The actress went from a little-known girl in Ohio to a world celebrity when she acted in the beloved and influential teen soap.

    As much as her fame rose, Holmes appeared not to have the desperation so many young stars usually have. Even today, the actress is grounded, does her work, and focuses on being the best version of herself.

    Katie Holmes during a celebration for the 100th episode of "Dawson's Creek" in New York City, on February 19, 2002. | Source: Getty Images

    Apart from her exceptional acting, people loved Holmes due to her strong sense of personal style. The actress admitted that she loved fashion, an affection she holds to date. Holmes enjoys the craftsmanship of putting things together, vintage shopping, and the art of design.

    During the Covid-19 period, Holmes emerged as a source of inspiration for women on how to embrace comfort and look good while at home. When she wore sweatpants, a tailored blazer, and a T-shirt outdoors in 2020, many women saw themselves in that look.

    Holmes is no longer in her “Dawson’s Creek” era, but even in her 40s, her sense of style is an inspiration for many. The 42-year-old has embraced aging with gratitude, owns her natural beauty, and doesn’t mind going outdoors barefaced.

    Some online users didn’t feel like Holmes resembled Onassis.

    The actress, who makes sure she wears sunscreen and lip gloss when stepping outside, was recently spotted on the streets acing casual attire. Online users commented on her appearance, sharing their opinions on her outfit.

    Holmes was first spotted in an oversized camel double-breasted coat on November 20, 2023, when she stepped out for dinner with a friend in New York City. The actress styled the dark brown duster coat with a cream-colored knitted beanie. Her hair was let loose beneath the beanie.

    She had a large tote bag on her shoulders. Her patterned brown-orange and burnt trousers peeped from beneath her statement coat. She had flats on her feet and spotted round-frame sunglasses.

    Holmes’ was seen in this winter coat on November 22, 2023, as she strolled through the Manhattan SoHo neighborhood. This time, the coat was styled with grey sweatpants and black sneakers. Her brunette hair, held in a messy updo, matched her casual style.

    Her black tote bag, tan coat, and a pair of oversized sunglasses made her style resemble that of Jacqueline Onassis (Jackie O), the former First Lady when she was married to the president of the US John F. Kennedy.

    Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis at Heathrow Airport near London in June 1971. | Source: Getty Images

    Holmes portrayed Onassis in “The Kennedys” in 2011 and its sequel “The Kennedys: After Camelot” in 2017. A picture of Onassis taken in 1971 shows her in a camel coat, hexagon-framed sunglasses, a brown handbag, and a chic scarf.

    Some online users didn’t feel like Holmes resembled Onassis. They said the actress was “Hardly Jackie O” because the former First Lady was always more smartly dressed than her. One user noted that Holmes “doesn’t comb her hair,” unlike Onassis, who did. “Jackie O had more style and class in her little finger than Katie will ever hope to,” another user concurred.

    However, Holmes’ fans defended her. They said her style was better than Onassis’ because the former First Lady “dressed like every other rich woman at the time, nothing special.” “Cosy and comfy,” a fan complimented the actress. Others said Holmes was “classy” and “sexy” while Onassis never was.

    Holmes’ fans believe the actress has a stellar personal style. They acknowledged her appearance in the fashionable coat as much as online users didn’t find it noteworthy. Nevertheless, the actress remains grounded and adores her antique looks.

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