Katey Sagal, a.k.a. Peggy Bundy from “Married … With Children,” flaunted her wispy bangs and showed her home in rare photos!

    Katey Sagal showed off her new hairdo on Instagram.

    Fans loved the “relaxed” look on the mother of three.

    Sagal opened up about having a child at 52 through surrogacy.

    Katey Sagal is an actress famous for her role as Peg in “Married with Children.” Outside of being an actress, she’s an all-around entertainer who has lent her voice to multiple pop songs.

    The singer-turned-actress turned her character as Peg into a legendary character, but it was the beginning of more successful roles.

    Katey Sagal in Los Angeles in 1989 | Source: Getty Images

    After Peg, Sagal played Gemma Teller Morrow in “Son of Anarchy,” which won her Golden Globe Award for Best Television Actress.

    Since making her mark on television, the actress has gotten a new haircut. She showed off the hairdo on her Instagram with a photo of her and her husband, Kurt Sutter.

    Segal hopped on the new trend and got thin bangs, and the response from her followers has been positive. People thought that the bangs looked “relaxed.”

    Fans were also excited to see the actress with her husband, who she has been married to since 2004. She debuted the hairstyle with a picture of her husband having dinner. “Your wife looks so beautiful and classy; utmost respect.” remarked a fan.

    Although Sagal is flaunting these happy moments with her husband, the beginning of their relationship was not as rosy as it ended up being.

    How Did Katey Sagal Meet Her Famous Husband and Have Her 3rd Baby?
    The actress’s first marriage was with Frederick K Beckmeier. They married in 1977, but their union was short-lived and ended after four years. Her second marriage came five years later with Fred Lombardo in 1986, but even that was brief and ended in 1989.

    Sagal did not give up on love; she married her third husband in 1993, Jack White, and they had two children, Grace and Sarah White. However, seven years later, they divorced.

    The fourth time was a charm. The actress married Sutter in 2004. The two’s first meet-up could have started on a better note.

    They were introduced to each other through a mutual friend. The couple went out for coffee, but the date did not go well because they only saw each other again seven months later.

    Katey Sagal in Los Angeles in 2022 | Source: Getty images

    Sagal admitted that she was recovering from substance abuse then, and she asked her sponsor to join her during her and Sutter’s first date because she “didn’t trust” him yet. But they gave their date a second shot, and hit it off.

    Sagal even said they had never left each other since their makeup date. After getting married, Sagal and Sutter had a child, Esme, through a surrogate.

    When Segal met Sutter, children were not an option. Sutter was reportedly happy with being a stepfather to Sarah and Grace.

    But five years into their marriage, the conversations came up again. The actress knew she could not carry because of her age.

    So, the couple looked into adoption but realized it was more complicated than expected. Then they found a surrogate, and when Sagal was 52 years, their daughter Esme arrived. Motherhood has been an extra special experience for Sagal because she experienced losing a child at birth.

    The decision to have a child through surrogacy came from her health issues and the complicated adoption process, so when the idea came, it felt like a full-circle moment for the couple.

    The process was also fulfilling for Sagal and Sutter. They attended every doctor’s appointment and were in the delivery room when their daughter was born.

    Luckily, their surrogate had had children of their own and had an easy birth experience, which made the process feel even more right.

    Sagal and Sutter have similar career backgrounds. Sutter has a profile as a producer, director, and screenwriter with multiple projects under his name, including “The Shield” and “Sons of Anarchy,” which he got to produce and direct.

    Who Are Katey Sagal’s Kids Now, and How Do They Look?
    Segal’s son Jack, two years older than his sister Grace, followed in his mother’s footsteps and became an actor. He starred as a lead actor in the “Tell Me Lies” series, which was renewed for a new season.

    However, Jack reportedly also struggled with substance abuse like his mother but has been working hard on his sobriety.

    Jack admitted that he was on a good track to getting sober until he reached a dark point after landing his lead role; the busy schedule got too overwhelming and drove him to a point of rage and found himself throwing things at the wall.

    But after a lot of self-reflection, he realized the importance of having a stable mental state, especially for his job, and has since been working hard to get sober again.

    Grace also got into acting and has appeared in shows like “NCIS” and “The Middle.” However, since the actress had her third child in the ’50s, she said being an older mom was not worrying.

    If anything, she comes from a big family and loves that she could create that for her children. Her “hot” husband has also loved fatherhood, “He’s a very loving man.” she said.

    Since Esme arrived, Sagal said life was busy, but she’s blended in comfortably. The most important thing for the mother of three is that her daughter is healthy and happy.

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