Johnny Depp Lives Quiet Life in UK Where He Can Be Himself – Glimpse at His Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Portfolio

    Despite the option to have large luxurious apartments and the chance to live next to famous celebrities in the heart of Hollywood, Johnny Depp said that he settled in a small town in England in a house where he feels like himself. The actor owned many enormous estates and even bought an island; there were rumors about the purchase of a luxurious castle after his latest engagement.

    Actor Johnny Depp can live in luxurious apartments next to the who’s who in the heart of Hollywood, but that is not the case for him.

    The A-lister revealed that he settled for a quiet life in Somerset, a small town in England, where he resides on an 850-acre estate. Depp lives in a 19th-century mansion.

    Actor Johnny Depp pictured arriving at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand on July 13, 2020 in London, England | Source: Getty Images

    On March 23, 2023, the musician stopped by an antique store in Lincolnshire, surprising the staff because he arrived unannounced to buy some guitars.

    Depp secretly arrived at the store with a helicopter at Hemswell Antique Centres, Hemswell Cliff. Only the shop owner, Robert Miller, knew about the star’s visit and described him as “down-to-earth.”

    The store has links to Pinewood Studios, which has produced films like “Harry Potter” and “James Bond” franchise. Depp walked away with several guitars. His visit was planned well in advance as Miller was told a special guest would arrive at the store but had to avoid revealing his identity.

    Depp wanted to shop comfortably and explore the place without bumping into fans. Miller revealed the Golden Globe Award winner bought several items, including paint sets, a desk chair, and a variety of decorative stuff for his home.

    Johnny Depp and actress Winona Ryder pictured looking out window in a scene from the film "Edward Scissorhands," on January 1, 1990 | Source: Getty Images

    The main reason for the movie star’s visit was because the store usually collaborates with Pine Studios for props and has contacts there. It is considered one of Europe’s largest antique centers. The staff only learned about Depp’s trip shortly before he arrived. Miller added:

    “He enjoyed his experience here because he was able to be himself. He said he is in hotels a lot of the time because he’s constantly bombarded by people.”

    Depp Honored His 2 Kids & Their Mom in a Special Way in His Property Empire
    Depp owns multiple estates that caught his attention and are reportedly worth more than $100 million collectively. He still has some in his possession but has long since sold others for the right price.

    Throughout the years, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star purchased many properties worldwide, including a French estate and an island in the Caribbean.

    In 2015, Depp listed his 37-acre French estate, which he remodeled for his then-partner Vanessa Paradis, for sale for $15.5 million. Of the listing, he said he was “closing the chapter,” although he failed to get a buyer.

    The Academy Award nominee had lived in the sprawling estate for 14 years and spent millions renovating the abode. His decision to sell the house came four months after marrying his now ex-wife, actress Amber Heard.

    Depp purchased the Plan de la Tour property in 2001. It was the period he fell in love with Paradis and France. He and the French singer spent much of their time at the villa near St Tropez. The former couple welcomed two kids, a daughter Lily-Rose and a son Jack.

    The estate, located in the South of France, had 19th-century buildings and a 12-bedroom primary residence with an unconventional style.

    Johnny Depp and his partner Vanessa Paradis photographed taking their two children, Lily-Rose and Jack, for a picnic at a park on July 14, 2002 in London, England | Source: Getty Images

    It featured a professional kitchen and a guest room inside the former church. The house was surrounded by white sand and had a large swimming pool.

    In June 2015, Architectural Digest posted a photo showing the estate’s outdoor dining area, featuring a large wooden table, a bench, and an armchair underneath wooden planks shade.

    Depp added to his real estate portfolio when he bought a private island in the Bahamas for $3.6 million. The BAFTA Award nominee first came across the little haven when shooting “Pirates of the Caribbean,” in 2004.

    The island has six beaches named after Depp’s kids and his ex-girlfriend, Paradis, who he dated for 14 years. It also features a palm tree-lined lagoon and solar-powered houses. Known as the Little Halls Pond Cay, Depp gushed about the place in a 2009 interview:

    “I don’t think I’d ever seen any place so pure and beautiful. You can feel your pulse rate drop about 20 beats. It’s instant freedom.”

    In 2015, the island, which is 5 acres in size, served as a destination to celebrate his nuptials with Heard, whom he met in 2011 after starring together in the film, “The Rum’s Diary.” However, the pair did not start dating until 2012 when Depp and Paradis ended their decade-long relationship. He and the “Aquaman” star initially had an intimate wedding ceremony in Los Angeles and later spent the weekend on the island, where they hosted a lavish celebration.

    It was the father of two’s second marriage as he was previously married to make-up artist, Lori Anne Allison, in 1983, but they parted ways after two years in 1985.

    Moreover, there needed to be infrastructure when Depp bought the island, and he built a ranch-style house there with a 360-degree view. The paradise has six other residences, including a beach house and a bamboo yurt.

    Aside from the picturesque getaway retreat, Depp previously owned five penthouses in LA. The “Rango” star reportedly sold them for nearly $10.9 million in 2017.

    It was a Los Angeles Eastern Columbia building that housed five side-by-side penthouse units and was built in 1930. Claud Beelman designed the 13-story structure.

    Top Ten Real Estate Deals said the building was “considered to be one of the city’s best examples of Art Deco architecture still standing.” The estate had a makeover in 2007, shortly before Depp took over its ownership.

    The Screen Actors Guild Award winner purchased the penthouses for a reported $7 million, totaling about 11,500 square feet. They included four-bedroom two-bedroom units, and a one-bedroom unit. Notably, they were never merged as Depp kept them separate and lived in them like rooms under one roof.

    Regarding the style of the units, Depp was very particular in how he furnished the penthouses. Depp styled the place with a Bohemian theme in mind in one of the units – a $2.5 million duplex with two bedrooms and three baths.

    There were cheetah chairs, crushed velvet furniture, vintage signs, and a half-naked portrait of the award-winning star hung above the couch. The corner unit had an outdoor terrace that opened up to the building’s sky deck. With a combined nine bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, the top floor spaces also had direct access to the deck, which featured a spa, a fitness studio, and a pool.

    The fourth penthouse was 1,780 square feet and had huge ceilings over 14 feet high. The second level of the space features a spacious main bathroom with black and white tiles and marble.

    The overall theme for the penthouses included bright contrasting paint colors in each room. Some of the units had paintings on the walls, wooden floors, rustic-looking brown furnishes, and silver appliances.

    Although Depp sold off his penthouses, he still owns a castle in West Hollywood. The “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” star purchased the Bavarian castle in 1995 for $2.3 million.

    The castle was designed in 1931 and built in six years. It sits on four acres and is hardly visible from the outside, looking in as it is surrounded by trees for privacy.

    An aerial view of Johnny Depp's castle pictured on July 29, 1996 in West Hollywood | Source: Getty Images

    The 3-story property, which is 7,500 square feet, has been popular over generations. It continues to attract tourists, which has bothered Depp’s neighbor, John Ryan.

    He reportedly posted on TripAdvisor, “As a neighbor of Mr. Depp, I implore you please not to go there! All you’re doing is bothering everyone in the area with no pay-off! I have lived across the street since Mr. Depp moved in many years ago, and I have seen him ONE TIME! Trust me, you won’t see him.”

    An aerial view of the estate shows that it has a black roof and is centered right in the middle of trees, making it secluded from the next-door neighbors. In addition, there is a swimming pool and a lawn.

    Besides the gothic-looking castle that is making a buzz in LA, Depp has also been rumored to own a mansion in England, a Downton Abbey-style estate in Somerset.

    Johnny Depp's castle pictured on July 29, 1996 in West Hollywood | Source: Getty Images

    The speculations arose in 2014, only weeks after the “Alice in Wonderland” star proposed to Heard. The beautiful property, said to look like it was taken out of the Jane Austen novel, has sprawling walled gardens.

    Depp reportedly bought the abode for $16 million, which sits on 850 acres and boasts 12 bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Initially, the property was viewed by a South African who planned on creating another version of celebrity-favorite Babington House, based in Bath.

    It turns out that the South African-born media tycoon, Koos Bekker, and his wife, Karen Roos, a former editor of Elle Decoration South Africa, own the estate.

    The expansive property is surrounded by lush greenery, including a kitchen garden, a farmyard, a threshing barn, color gardens, a long walk, and a bathing pond.

    Called The Newt, the abode’s Palladian façade of golden limestone is Grade II listed and considered one of Britain’s most attractive. Before the property was purchased, it had 800 acres of land, with neglected ornamental gardens, farmland, parkland, and orchards.

    Elsewhere on the terrace is a Latin motto inscribed into the stone carving which reads: “From the egg to the apple,” which also means from start to finish. This phrase led the Bekkers and their team to create a historical timeline for the abode. The home garden director, Arthur Cole, explained in 2019:

    “The idea is to transport visitors. There are so many things to look out for.”

    In April 2018, Koos shared his plans to transform the estate into a hotel. The billionaire reportedly submitted a planning application to South Somerset District Council, which indicated that the house and the farm would be turned into a hotel with 30 to 35 bedrooms, a spa, a visitor center that would feature an 80-cover restaurant, 70-80 seat café, a farm shop, a pool, and a cider mill.


    In the application, Koos expressed his vision for the place: “The aspiration is to create a high-quality environment which will enable the historic park, gardens, and buildings be to accessible to the public and to accommodate up to 100,000 visitors per year.”

    Several years before, Koos and his spouse had purchased a well-established farmhouse 40 minutes from Cape Town and transformed it into a boutique hotel with a big vegetable garden.

    Depp Settled Down – What Kind of Personality Does He Have In Real Life?
    Meanwhile, Depp rests easily on the said estate, away from the prying eyes of Hollywood. He admitted during an interview that he is not the extrovert that people assume he is.

    The Hollywood star, who lives in a $16 million Downton Abbey-style house in the West Country, divulged what he likes about living in a foreign country.

    “I just love places with character. British people are cool and will greet you as if you are a neighbor – without going over the top,” said Depp.

    The Kentucky native added that although he enjoys going out and about and meeting new people, “I’m not the great extrovert that people think.”

    The “Transcendence” star is a reserved individual, and what he likes the most about his new home in Britain is that he gets to be himself.

    Depp gets to go shopping without people surrounding him and asking to take pictures with him, but he noted that he does not mind doing it to a certain extent – still, it could be too overwhelming at times.

    When he visited an antique store, Depp was praised by the owner, Miller, who revealed that he got to play some of the guitars he later bought.

    Miller expressed optimism that the legendary star would, without a doubt, return to his establishment. “He was very down to earth and very chatty,” Miller described Depp.

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