Jaclyn Smith Slammed for Being “Unrecognizable” at 77 – Caring for Grandkids, She Lives in Old House with Loving Hubby

    Jaclyn Smith is an award-winning actress famous for her role as “Kerry Garrett” in the action series “Charlie’s Angels.”

    The actress was criticized for her looks, as people said she was barely recognizable after everything she had done to her face.

    However, she still posts pictures of herself smiling and showing off her slim figure despite the criticism and is supported by her husband who loves her.

    Actress Jaclyn Smith was born on October 16, 1945, in Houston, Texas. She aspired to be a famous ballerina growing up, but in 1973, she became a model for Breck shampoo.

    The actress studied drama at Trinity University, and after graduating, she went to New York to become a ballerina, but an agent spotted her timeless beauty, which made her a perfect fit for TV cameras.

    Jaclyn Smith in New York City on September 18, 2014 | Source: Getty Images

    In 1976, the now-77-year-old then landed a role in a new pilot for the planned ABC show, “Charlie’s Angels” which debuted on September 22 that year.

    The show wrapped up in 1981, and Smith was the only original angel to star in it for its entire five seasons. Among the original angels, she is also the only one to have featured in “Charlie’s Angels” movie adaptations such as “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.”

    The series portrayed Smith and her female co-stars as women private investigators who were intelligent, beautiful, strong, fashionable, good with weapons, and excellent at their work despite being in a male-dominated industry.

    Smith said that among the angels in the hit series, she had the strongest bond with the other original two angels, Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson.

    In 2022, Smith said despite the series ending over 40 years ago, it is still part of her daily life and a fond memory:

    “We were independent women making our way. Our lives didn’t revolve around men. There was a bond with the girls, and we had loyalty to each other which was a gift from heaven, and that’s what we want today.”

    “Charlie’s Angels” opened opportunities for Smith in the TV-movie sector, where she starred in films and series, including “The Bourne Identity,” “Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy,” and “Range of Angels.”

    Apart from being an actress, she holds other career titles such as model, entrepreneur, designer, and role model to young female actresses and businesswomen.

    The entrepreneur ventured into the business world in 1985 when she introduced her collection of women’s apparel and accessories for Kmart stores. She pioneered a new trend where celebrities could develop their own brands instead of just endorsing existing ones.

    Her fashion brand picked up, especially among women aged 35-60 years, as the awareness of her name is over 80 percent for women in this age group. Since the inception of her brand, over 100 million women have purchased clothing and accessories in her name.

    Actress Jaclyn Smith as she appears in the TV series "Charlie's Angels" in 1978 | Source: Getty Images

    Market research showed that Smith’s apparels and accessories are on an equal level with brands such as Ralph Laurel and Walt Disney. The designer did not stop there as, in September 2008, she launched a new line of bed and bath décor at Kmart and has since added outdoor living, home furnishings, and seasonal items to her décor line.

    In October 2008, together with her friend and hair stylist Jose Eber, she launched a new collection of hair fashions called Style by Jaclyn Smith in collaboration with Paula Young. Two years later, the designer launched protective skin care products, cleansers, and moisturizers that go with her simple daily regimen.

    Smith’s source of wealth is mainly her acting career and entrepreneurship. The actress has an estimated net worth of $150 million.

    When she started acting in “Charlie’s Angels,” she earned $5000 per episode, but by the time it ended, she was paid $40000 per episode.

    In 2019, during a photoshoot outside her Los Angeles mansion, The Daily Mail shooting crew complimented the actress for her “gorgeous and beautiful” look as they took pictures of her.

    Smith confessed during the shoot that she had a hard time looking at herself and declined to look at the pictures the crew had taken.

    However, when asked about the secret to her ageless look, the designer revealed she lives clean and does not smoke or drink. She also noted that she eats healthily, has a diet full of berries and vegetables, and has a life of regular exercise.

    Jaclyn Smith in Los Angeles, California on September 06, 2019 | Source: Getty Images

    The actress also revealed that she had not done any major cosmetic surgery to avoid looking plastic, but she uses face peels and rejuvenating lasers.

    She added that her husband, Dr. Brad Allen, a renowned medical researcher, had told her of the dangers of major cosmetic surgery:

    “You want to be careful because you want to look like yourself. You don’t want to look plastic. But there are little things I would like to do; however, Brad doesn’t want me to as he knows surgery can go wrong.

    Smith has been under hard criticism from people online who have pointed out that the actor no longer looks like herself.

    However, the “Windmills of the Gods” star has constantly maintained that she has not altered her face in any way:

    “I don’t believe in fillers, and I haven’t done any cutting. If I put anything in my face, I use my own fat, which is hard to do.”

    The movie star added that she uses intense pulse lighting in place of Botox to enhance her beauty. Intense pulse lighting improves the color and texture of skin without surgery. She noted that she was following her husband’s advice:

    “My husband says if you do Botox over and over, it totally collapses the muscle. You can overdo it in this town like nobody’s business. And when you get done, it’s not a good look.”

    Despite Smith’s remarks, people have left comments on the actress’s Instagram, pleading with her to stop undergoing cosmetic surgery.

    Away from online critics, Smith now spends her time taking care of her amazing family and rambling home on Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard.

    A person said in the comment of one of her pictures that Smith looked unrecognizable: “Didn’t recognize her, so many fillers. Oh My God, but for 30 years ago, she was beautiful.” Another user added, “Love you, but no more fillers. You don’t need it, as you are beautiful.”

    Other people also spoke of Smith’s mouth, saying, “You look like someone smashed you in the mouth with a frying pan.” Another person said that cosmetic surgery had messed up with the actress’s signs of natural aging:

    “No sign of natural aging. So many fillers on the face and lips it looks like a frozen mask. This is only my opinion, and maybe you do not need glasses, but a healthy statement to see the reality.”

    People also complimented Smith’s pictures on her Instagram but asked her to stop using fillers on her cheeks as they ruined her features, “What’s with the mouth? Can hardly talk. Fillers and Botox ruined this vain woman.”

    The critics online have also asked the designer to consider aging naturally as the fillers and Botox has made her unrecognizable: “Jaclyn Smith…oh my, why do that to yourself? She’s unrecognizable.”

    Despite these criticisms, Smith said that to her, life is not all about beauty because she believes people should have more going on with them than what’s on their faces:

    “Beauty is a double-edged sword; it’s superficial as it can turn on you. If it’s not cultivated to something deeper, then you’re in trouble. You’ve got to be more than what’s on your face.”

    The actress noted that aside from beauty, she has deeper things going on in her life as a mother and an entrepreneur. She pointed out that work is her key to staying young:

    “I have a lot to be proud of as I’m a grandmother, a mother, a wife. I’m still working at my age. Even as a young girl, my mother would ask me why I worked so much. I like it. I like new directions and unknown terrain. I think that’s the key to staying young.”

    Away from online critics, Smith now spends her time taking care of her amazing family and rambling home on Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard.

    The mansion, worth $25 million, has an extensive garden set uphill of a long and curving driveaway, which is dotted with magnolia bushes. She purchased the house in the ’90s, and since it was old, she renovated and decorated it to her liking.

    The house is furnished with beautiful antiques, and it has a chandelier suspended above the central hallway, which also hosts a grandfather clock.

    The mansion’s rooms, which are lined up beside a sweeping staircase, also have shelves filled with trophies, family photographs, China figurines, and magazine clippings.

    The rooms have patterned floor tiles, floral accents, and reupholstered chairs, which give an elegant ambiance similar to Smith’s posh personality.

    The “The Bourne Identity” actor said when her children were young, she would let them furnish their rooms, even when their tastes didn’t match hers. She added that even though they had moved away and started families of their own, their memories were still fresh:

    “Even when it’s just me, Brad, and the dogs, my house feels full. I’m surrounded by things that have meaning for me. The counters and tabletops are filled with photos of our family, my wedding to Brad, the children’s baptisms, graduations, birthdays, and Christmases.”

    Smith loves a simple life, so she likes to stay home, take care of her family, and avoid the glitzy life. “I have an obsessive love for my family; I think I’m abnormal,” she said.

    The actor also noted that she prefers babysitting her grandchildren to going out. Smith is a mother of two. Her children, Spencer Richmond and Gaston Richmond, have kids of their own.

    Spencer got married to Fran Kanz in 2015, and in 2016, they welcomed their only child, a girl name Bea. Gaston, whose wife is Bonnie Lane, also has a child, a girl named Olivia Rose, who was born in 2019. The couple is expecting their second child and Smith is excited to be a grandma again.

    Smith lives in her mansion with her fourth husband, Allen, whom she married in 1997. The actress’s first marriage was to Roger Davis in 1968, but the two divorced in 1975. She married again in 1978 to Dennis Cole, and they divorced in 1981.

    The “Free Fall” actress’s third marriage was to Anthony Richmond in 1981. They had two children together, Spencer and Gaston, before divorcing in 1989. Now married to Allen, Smith launched a skincare line with him in 2010.

    Smith and Allen love spending time together and are both still in love with each other. Allen showers the mother of two with love at all times.

    In an Instagram post, the actress shared Allen had carried her shoulder high during a workout, where the two happily giggled and kissed.

    The designer, who has managed to maintain her youthful spirit, said she loved dancing and working, but her family always came first:

    “I’ve been very fortunate. My work has always been very exciting and interesting, but to me, my family must come first. I have no regrets. That’s truly where my heart lies”.

    Smith’s two granddaughters visit her all the time and they share a special bond: She revealed

    “This house is open to them. Bea knows that there’s a drawer in my closet that’s filled with candy, and she goes right for the gummy bears. She knows that I’m a soft touch for candy.”

    When Bea was only four months old, the actress said she was just chill, but at four years old, Bea was explorative and would entertain herself with tea parties in her little playhouse in her grandmother’s backyard:

    “Bea is good with unstructured time and entertaining herself too. So, we go out in the yard, and we talk about the flowers.”

    Smith loves working, but she now enjoys spending her time with her granddaughters, taking trips to Los Angeles’ Griffith Park to ride ponies, visiting Disneyland for an excursion, and exercising with her husband.

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