“I’ve been all sizes. My whole life, I’ve struggled with ups and downs in weight.” Miranda Lambert once confessed.

    Many people criticized Miranda Lambert for her weight gain, but despite this, she doesn’t care about their opinions anymore. All she is focused on is her husband’s support and that he thinks she’s beautiful.

    In 2019, Miranda Lambert had a stunning figure, but those who didn’t know weren’t aware of how much she struggled with her weight. Staying fit and healthy hasn’t been an easy task for the star.

    The country music star said being 5’4″ made any weight gain quite visible, but she’d become comfortable with being a size six or five. She was finally at peace with how she looked.

    Miranda Lambert performs onstage during ATLive on November 12, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia | Source: Getty Images

    Getting to the point in her life where she wasn’t constantly worrying about how she looked wasn’t an easy task, especially since she was always in the limelight. The “Wildcard” singer explained her weight journey stating:

    “I’ve been all sizes. My whole life, I’ve struggled with ups and downs in weight.”

    When asked how she took care of herself lately, Lambert revealed that she didn’t have a set diet or fitness routine. She’d tried all the diets and gained the weight back quickly while doing low-carb.

    There were weeks when she ate cheeseburgers, drank beer, and was displeased when her clothes didn’t fit. Then for a month, the star would run and ride a lot or do Pilates.

    One method she used to lose weight in 2015 was eating healthy snacks. Lambert also did traditional workouts with her trainer, took English riding lessons and circuit training, and drank green juice from vegetables.

    Despite her efforts over the years to maintain her weight and be healthy, the musician still got attacked for how she looked by some social media users. Some critics were meaner than others.

    Miranda Lambert recorded on stage in 2022 by a fan named Mike Landolt on TikTok | Source: TikTok/@livingthegoodlife24

    In a 2022 TikTok video shared by a fan, Lambert was recorded singing one of her songs on stage. The star was wearing denim shorts with a gold buckle belt, a black T-shirt, and red cowboy boots as she strutted her stuff in front of the crowd.

    The singer seemed quite comfortable with how she looked, but some fans thought she deserved to be criticized. One person noted in a comment below the clip how there was “no excuse” for Lambert and that she needed to go to the gym, while another mean troll called her:

    “Miranda Hambert.”

    A third person felt the songstress “blew up” and didn’t seem pleased with that development. On Twitter, another troll called the artist “fat” and wanted to know when that happened, while someone else shared the same sentiment.

    Despite the backlash, the artist appeared to be quite content with her fuller figure and wasn’t bothered by her nasty critics. What mattered to her most was how she saw herself and the opinion of one other person closest to her.

    Lambert’s acceptance of herself allowed her to confidently get on stage and perform without batting an eye about her weight. In this post, the country star confessed that it was good for her to find her place, adding:

    “I don’t like being onstage worrying about my body. That’s the last thing I want to be thinking about. I don’t give my best performance when I’m distracted by my insecurities.”

    Miranda Lambert at the 56th Annual CMA Awards on November 9, 2022, in Nashville, Tennessee | Source: Getty Images

    One of the reasons for her change of perspective was a girl who came up to her and told her she was empowered by Lambert’s confidence so she threw her weighing scale away.

    The girl realized that what was most important was how she felt about herself and not what her scale told her about her weight. After that, the fan had enough confidence to “rock” whatever state she was in!

    Another thing that gave Lambert all the confidence in the world to flaunt her body was her husband, Brendan McLoughlin. In November 2022, he celebrated his wife’s birthday by sharing several Instagram photos of her, with a few that included him.

    The country musician [Miranda Lambert] said it was “nice” having a partner and someone by her side who supported, believed in her, and loved her.
    He wished her a happy birthday and shared how it was always an honor to be called her husband. Showing how he loved her as she was, McLoughlin said she was “the most beautiful person inside and out.”

    He continued his loving message by noting how she also had the “biggest heart,” which she showed off through her love for animals and other people. The star’s husband said he couldn’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with her before sending his love.

    In June 2022, the songstress revealed that she and her husband were happy. McLoughlin’s wife also shared how she didn’t care about people’s opinions of her marriage, herself, music, or anything else in her life!

    Lambert said all she cared about was being herself! She credited her husband for having jumped into the ranch lifestyle despite being from New York and how it had been a learning curve for both of them.

    The couple took it in stride and they were able to laugh about the challenges they faced in acclimating McLoughlin to his new life. The country musician said it was “nice” having a partner and someone by her side who supported, believed in her, and loved her.

    Lambert revealed her husband loved her for who she was, confirming what he said in his birthday post. The singer shared it was “cool” to have that kind of love in her life at that point.

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