Is he adopted or what? What legendary Cher’s heir Elijah looks like today caused a furor

    The fans were taken aback when they saw Cher’s grown-up son! ?? This is what alcohol and illegal drugs have done to Elijah Blue Eliman! ??

    The name of this iconic, incredibly talented and enormously successful singer is well-known by absolutely everyone. Her professionalism, beautiful voice and great contribution to the entertainment industry can hardly be overestimated.

    It is needless to say that the life and appearance of this legendary performer and her family remain the topic of heated discussions. Recently, new photos of her grown-up son immediately caused a stir and let no one stay indifferent.

    To say that he doesn’t look like his mother is nothing to say. Some even claim that he can’t even stand next to Cher and she definitely surpasses him in beauty, talent and charisma.

    Few know that he used to struggle to quit on illegal drugs and alcohol. Luckily, he has fully recovered and this is what the man looks like today.

    He chose a better life and is completely healthy and independent now.

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