Gwyneth Paltrow ‘Looks 10 Years Older than She Should’ in Pic & Isn’t Aging ‘Well’ Like Her Mom – Fans Beg Her to Eat

    Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on a podcast and caused a stir: her fans were divided in their reaction.

    Paltrow has tried numerous diets to keep her looking young and opened up about her current lifestyle.

    The actress also shared intimate details about her relationship with her mom.

    Celebrities often need to adjust their diets and workout routines to stay fit and look good. Over the last few years, actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been the celebrity at the forefront of explorative and alternative methods to remain healthy and fight aging.

    Recently, however, the actress spoke out about her diet on her podcast, which caused quite a clamor among many of her followers. Several dietitians also lashed out at her after she explained her eating habits, claiming the podcast presented her diet as advice for her followers.

    Paltrow responded to the criticism, claiming she never intended it to be taken as advice. Instead, Paltrow insisted that it was merely a “transparent look” at how she prefers to eat and the diet that has proved most efficient for her. She responded in an Instagram story, encouraging listeners to consider the context in which she spoke.

    Gwyneth’s Look and Lifestyle Divides Her Fans
    The actress spoke to her doctor on her podcast, revealing her eating habits to him. Gwyneth detailed her diet, saying she tries to follow intermittent fasting, paired with a lunch of bone broth and a paleo-based dinner that includes tons of veggies and fish. Many fans didn’t take the podcast too well.

    Paltrow admitted that she has started to see marks of aging.

    Gwyneth Paltrow on her podcast, 2023 | Source:

    Fans took to social media, commenting on Paltrow’s diet. One Instagram user wrote, “Oh stop. My colonoscopy prep was more decent than her diet.” Another remarked, “She looks 10 years older than she should.” Some even expressed concern, writing, “Y’all don’t listen to her, please eat.” One user noted:

    “I don’t really have a problem with what she at first said she was eating….the one broth and vegetables. Nothing wrong with that. But seriously, everyone should eat what they think does them the best good.”

    Although many people rebuked Paltrow for her “recommendations,” some defended the actress. One user reminded others, “It is what SHE eats! she is not telling others to eat this way + she clarified that she does not eat this way all the time.” Another wrote, “Poor Gwyneth, she seems to be attacked for no good reason all the time.”

    What Lifestyle Does Paltrow Lead?
    Over the years, Paltrow has dipped her toes in everything new-age, from macrobiotics to quinoa whiskey. Her ever-growing alternative wellness business, Goop, shows the diverse interests and passions the actress has had, and these keep expanding. Her latest approach to lasting health is her controversial diet.

    Paltrow has also opened up about her relationship with her mother, Blythe Danner.

    To mark her 50th birthday, Paltrow paired a few playfully risque snapshots with a contemplative essay reflecting on aging and the experiences that have brought her to where she is today. The actress also opened up about her various wellness plans and what proved to work best for her:

    “Last year, I cut down on alcohol and focused on lowering inflammation. What’s turned out to be best for me is paleo, so I’m grain-free, sugar-free, eating lots of vegetables and clean protein. Lots of fish, lots of olive oil.”

    Paltrow also celebrated the significant milestone by stripping down entirely and posing for a photoshoot completely covered in golden paint. In response to another Instagram post the actress made, users commented on how she looked, with one person writing, “What is wrong with your chest…”

    Fans have also drawn parallels between Danner and her daughter.

    Paltrow admitted that she has started to see marks of aging. Her approach has been to embrace these changes. She wrote, “I accept. I accept the marks and the loosening skin, the wrinkles. I accept my body and let go of the need to be perfect, look perfect, defy gravity, defy logic, defy humanity. I accept my humanity.”

    Gwyneth Is Reportedly Not Aging as Well as Her Mom, Blythe Danner: Her Relationship with Her Mom
    Paltrow has also opened up about her relationship with her mother, Blythe Danner. The actress shares many similarities with Danner, not the least of which is their careers. Many would describe Paltrow as Hollywood royalty, having grown up as the daughter of two entertainers with notable clout if Hollywood.

    Danner’s influence has also been instrumental in Paltrow’s success, with the actress claiming her mom pushed her to be the best she could possibly be. Danner was often strict in ensuring her daughter performed to the best of her abilities, but the pressure never affected their personal relationship.

    Paltrow also shared that working with her mom in 2003 was definitely a rigorous process, with Danner ensuring her daughter was fastidious in her portrayal of Sylvia Plath in the film “Sylvia.” Nonetheless, the mother-daughter duo gladly reminisce on their past and how they’ve built a supportive relationship.

    Danner has also revealed her thoughts on Paltrow’s current relationship with Brad Falchuck. Apparently, Danner stood squarely beside her daughter when she divorced her first husband in 2016, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. When Paltrow married Falchuck in 2018, Danner praised her new husband, noting how fond she is of him.

    Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow in 2004 | Source: Getty Images

    Fans have also drawn parallels between Danner and her daughter. With Paltrow turning the corner of 50, fans started to notice that the actress is looking more her age than her mom did at 50. One fan expressed, “She was so pretty, she did not age well like her beautiful mom.”

    Another Facebook user wrote, “Wow. She was born on the exact same day as I was. I’m not saying I’m a perfect example of healthy living but I don’t think (hope!) I look nearly as old as she does.”

    Despite the feedback and outpour of opinions, Paltrow is feeling good as she ages. The actress has noticed that she still has a fervor for the future, and is raising her kids with the same determination and love that her own mom devoted to her.

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