Gray-haired elderly man: 73-year-old famous Richard Gere with his young wife was in the spotlight

    It is worth noting that Richard Gere was married three times, and his third marriage is with a woman named Alejandra Silva, who is 30 years younger than the famous actor. She is the heiress of the vice-president of the Real Madrid club and, without a doubt, a wonderful and magnificent woman.

    Before meeting the talented actor, Silva lived on alimony from her millionaire husband. Not for the first time, Gere admitted that his beloved wife is indeed an attractive and stunning woman. According to the Hollywood actor, Alejandra is the embodiment of female beauty and grace.

    The woman often claims that she is madly in love with Richard, and recently the loving spouses appeared together in public, which caused a storm of discussions on the network.

    At the moment, Richard is already 73 years old and their age difference is most clearly visible. The handsome and attractive man had already turned into a gray-haired elderly man, but his sincere and sweet smile did not disappear.

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