Gray-Haired Bridget Fonda Ages with Grace as a Recluse – She’s Seen with Son, 18, & Finally Sheds Light on Acting Return

    Bridget Fonda retired from acting 20 years ago following a harrowing accident and owing to her desire to focus on being a mother.

    She comes from a long line of famous celebrities, including her grandfather Henry Fonda, her father, Peter Fonda, and her aunt Jane Fonda.

    She was spotted with her son, Oliver Elfman, and answered questions about her return to acting.

    Bridget Jane Fonda once ruled the acting arena and emerged as a critically-praised and famous star in the 80s and 90s. Once a constant presence on the silver screen, Fonda decided to wave goodbye to Hollywood in early 2000.

    After walking away from the spotlight, public sightings of the former actress have been extremely rare. Although she once made her mark in showbiz with popular roles, she ditched the glitz and glam and adopted a more laid-back and reclusive lifestyle.

    Headshot of American actor Bridget Fonda smiling while looking over her shoulder in a backless black dress in New York City | Source: Getty Images

    Fonda, a member of the famous Fonda family, was seen going out and about in Los Angeles with her son, Oliver Elfman. The mother-son duo seemed candid as they were spotted running errands and chatting in their casual attires.

    The former actress’ fans were shocked when they saw photos of her transformed look on social media.
    The “Singles” star was even approached by reporters eager to know whether she planned on making a Hollywood comeback. After missing from the big screen for two decades, Fonda finally commented on whether she wished to rethink her initial decision.

    Fonda proved just how much she was enjoying her life away from the Hollywood bling after not being seen in public for 12 years. Pictured on her 58th birthday in 2022, she ditched the glamorous looks she was once known for and appeared remarkably different.

    Instead of rocking her signature red carpet outfits, Fonda opted for casual and comfy clothes. She donned a white sweater, black pants, and navy blue sneakers. The “Jackie Brown” alum flaunted her no-makeup face and was seen driving around Los Angeles.

    Peter Fonda, wife Portia Crockett, Bridget Fonda and Thomas Crockett attend Sixth Annual American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Awards Honoring Henry Fonda on March 1, 1979 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. | Source: Getty Images

    Fonda hails from the famous Fonda family and has the acting gene running deep in her bloodline. Her grandpa, Henry Fonda, was an Oscar-winning actor and died aged 77 in 1982.

    Her dad, Peter Fonda, impressed the audience with his acting streak and passed away in 2019 at 79. Fonda’s aunt, Jane Fonda, is an actress and fitness expert and turned 85 in December 2022.

    The 90s icon is known for playing key roles in her prime, including the 1992 film, “Single White Female.” She also starred in the third installment of “The Godfather” in 1990, followed by the 1993 movies “Point of No Return” and “Singles.”

    Fonda also starred in the 1994 film, “It Could Happen to You,” and “Jackie Brown” in 1997. She was last seen in a 2002 television film, “Snow Queen,” after which she distanced herself from Hollywood.

    The “Kiss of the Dragon” alum graduated from New York University in 1986 and attended the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. Fonda’s life changed completely when she met with a horrific car accident in February 2003.

    Christopher Walken sits with Bridget Fonda in a scene from the film 'Touch', 1997. | Source: Getty Images

    She was driving on the Pacific Coast Highway when she suddenly lost control, and her car rolled over, tossing over an embankment and falling downhill. It was believed that Fonda miraculously survived the terrible car crash because she had her seat belt on.

    After her brush with death, Fonda suffered a severe back injury, and while recovering, she was said to have weighed her options. The “Lake Placid” star’s car accident, coupled with her son’s birth, reportedly made her quit acting and focus on motherhood.

    Who Is Bridget Fonda’s Famous Husband?
    Bridget Fonda is married to Danny Elfman, who comes from a bloodline of Polish-Jewish and Russian-Jewish ancestors. Born in May 1953 in Los Angeles, the 70-year-old shot to fame in the 80s for being a member of the band “Oingo Boingo.”

    The singer-songwriter was then invited to work as a composer on the 1985 movie, “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.” Elfman has earned four Oscar nominations and bagged two Emmys, one Grammy, and a Disney Legend Award in 2015.

    He also made music for the “Fifty Shades” trilogy and “Men in Black.” Despite working in Hollywood, Fonda, and Elfman like to steer clear of the limelight and love their privacy. They tied the knot in late 2003 and sold their two houses in LA to move to the countryside to pursue a peaceful and happy life.

    While the duo didn’t initially plan to sell their mansions, they changed their mind after the coronavirus pandemic struck the world. Fonda shares one son, Oliver, with her husband, who they welcomed in 2005. Just like his parents, Oliver prefers to avoid the public eye.

    Before crossing paths with and marrying Elfman, Fonda dated Eric Stoltz for almost seven years until they split in 1998. She was then in a relationship with musician Dwight Yoakam from 1999 until 2002.

    Fonda and Elfman live with their boy, Oliver, in two neighboring properties located in San Fernando Valley, which they purchased in 2021. The family also has a ranch in Santa Barbara.

    The “Snow Queen” alum was spotted with her only son, Oliver, at the Los Angeles Airport. She had her gray locks pulled back into a ponytail and wore her reading glasses with no makeup for the evening.

    Fonda even had her phone in her hand and a suitcase in the other as she followed her son through the airport. The 59-year-old retired actress looked comfy in her striped grey top and black pants while her 18-year-old son donned a blue shirt, plaid pants, and backpack.

    When a reporter asked Fonda if she planned to turn back to Hollywood, she said, “No.” Upon being asked about any slim chances of her changing her mind, she once again said no and admitted she’s enjoying life as a civilian.

    Fonda was also asked if any director or producer could help her reconsider, to which she candidly replied, “No.” The former actress’ fans were shocked when they saw photos of her transformed look on social media.


    One user noted that regardless of what the scales said, Fonda still looked beautiful. They also commended the former actress for not being pressured by society. A second one shared, “She’s growing older gracefully. Not like those other Plastic Bots. Good for you Bridget. Go girl (sic)!”

    “I SIMPLY DON’T BELIVE THAT’S BRIDGET FONDA,” wrote a third user. “This is heartbreaking,” added a fourth commenter, saying that Fonda looked just as gorgeous as she was 20 years ago.

    Yet another user came to Fonda’s defense and said she shouldn’t be shamed for gaining weight if she felt happy about it.

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