Gordon Ramsay Opens up about How Loss of Son Affected Their Family: ‘No Book That Guides You through That’

    Gordon and Tana Ramsay were excited to have a new baby until they learned the devastating news.

    Tana miscarried, and the family was left gutted, an experience Gordon described as “life-changing,”

    Gordon and Tana share five children together.

    Famed British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey and his wife Tana Ramsay have been married for two decades and have a big family. Sadly, the couple experienced a devastating loss a few years ago.

    In June 2016, Gordon revealed on his Facebook page that his beautiful spouse had suffered a miscarriage. He shared a black and white photo of the pair at the European Tour of the Iron Man.

    The restaurateur started by thanking his social media followers for their support in the weeks before and revealed the heartbreaking news:

    “We had a devastating weekend as Tana has sadly miscarried our son at five months. ”

    The United Kingdom-born television host also thanked the doctors at Portland Hospital for doing all they could for his family. Two years later, in November 2020, his wife spoke candidly about the ordeal.

    Tana praised television personality Chrissy Teigen for publicly speaking about her own miscarriage experience as she openly discussed her own experience.

    Teigen, who is married to John Legend, got candid on social media about her loss and wrote a heart-wrenching essay about the pain she felt after losing their son Jack. She faced backlash for sharing photos of her from the hospital, where she appeared devastated.

    However, Tana commended her for her bravery in being transparent about her journey, saying she found it “emotional” and added she could relate to her story. The British broadcaster further divulged:

    “I found it really hard when people would talk to me and not mention it because it was like it never happened.”

    Tana expressed she wanted to discuss her pregnancy loss with her family and friends or anyone who wanted to talk about it with her because she found it tough to deal with. Fortunately for Tana, her beloved, famous husband was incredibly supportive of her and never once made her feel like the subject was off limits.

    Gordon Opens up about Son’s Loss
    In a September 2023 interview, Gordon spoke frankly about losing the couple’s child, a son they named Rocky. The 56-year-old writer expressed:

    “Losing Rocky was really tough. There’s no book or program you can watch that guides you through that loss.”

    Gordon further stated that going through the traumatic experience was “life-changing.” One moment, they were celebrating after learning the unborn baby was healthy as Tana had blood issues, and the next, they discovered that she had a miscarriage.

    The television star revealed it all happened in 24 hours. However, Gordon shared that his family formed an even stronger bond through the ordeal.

    Gordon and Tana are parents to five kids. Their eldest child is Megan, 25, whom they welcomed in 1998. A year later, the pair had fraternal twins, 23, son Jack and daughter Holly in 1999.

    Their youngest daughter Matilda, 21, affectionately known as “Tilly,” was born two years later in 2001. Tana and Gordon welcomed their youngest son, Oscar, 4, in 2019.

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