Gordon Ramsay finally opens up about how loss of son affected him and his family – ‘no book guides you through that’

    Gordon Ramsay has been a well-respected chef for decades at this point. But his stardom started much later when he launched his career as a television chef in 1999. Now, the British Chef is a household name!

    Since his demeanor is usually brusque on television, people assume he never gets emotional. But now, the award-winning chef is opening up about one of the biggest heartbreaks he has had in life: the loss of his son. Keep reading to know more.

    Gordon Ramsay has been married to his wife, Tana Ramsay, for well over two decades. The couple are parents to five children. Their eldest daughter, Megan, was born to them in 1998. A year later, in 1999, they had fraternal twins Jack and Holly. Their daughter Matilda was born in 2001, and they welcomed their youngest, Oscar, in 2019.

    But in 2016, the family suffered a devastating loss that changed them. The world-famous chef had shared a black-and-white picture of him and his wife at the European Tour of the Iron Man and wrote down what had happened to them.

    He began by thanking fans for the support they had shown him and his wife in the last few weeks. Then he revealed to them what had happened, he said, “We had a devastating weekend as Tana has sadly miscarried our son at five months.”

    Four years later, Tara Ramsay finally opened up about what she went through. In November 2020, she spoke about the experience in an interview. This happened after Chrissy Teigen publicly shared the news of her own miscarriage in 2020 and was open and honest about the entire ordeal on social media. As a result of being so candid about the entire experience, she faced a lot of backlash.

    Tara Ramsay went out of her way to support Chrissy Teigen and even praised her for her honesty. She said, “I find it very emotional and I thought she was amazing. When I read about her situation, I didn’t know the ins and outs, but certainly, a lot of it sounded incredibly similar to mine.”

    She added, “It brings it all back and I think she was amazing for talking about it and posting the photos that she did.”

    She recalled her own miscarriage and how people would tiptoe around the subject and pretend like it had never happened. She said, “I have to be honest when it happened to me, I found it really hard when people would talk to me and not mention it because it was like it never happened.”

    “All I wanted to do was talk about it with friends, with family, with anyone who asked me about it because it was incredibly hard.” She added, “You go from having a baby kicking inside of you to suddenly it’s not there, and it was a really hard experience.”

    She added how amazing Gordon had been throughout the ordeal. She said, “Gordon was amazing, and he’s always been one to talk about everything and he was very good at sort of talking it out of me and never making me feel that, ‘Oh, you know, maybe we shouldn’t talk about it’.”

    In September 2023, Gordon Ramsay finally opened up about the loss of his son in 2016. They had named the child Rocky and were excited about him joining their family.

    The 56-year-old celebrity chef said, “Losing Rocky was really tough. There’s no book or program you can watch that guides you through that loss.”

    He shared how “life-changing” the entire ordeal had been. They went from one day celebrating the baby being healthy as Tana had some health issues to the next day when they discovered she had miscarried. All of it happened within 24 hours.

    He said the heartbreaking event brought their family even closer together.

    It is always heartbreaking to lose your baby. We send anyone who has been through such an ordeal our strength. Who knew Gordon and Tana Ramsay had been through such a heartbreaking incident…

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