Goldie Hawn seems to be unstoppable while celebrating her 77th birthday! The woman is impressive at her age! 77 seems like the new 40 for the movie star, doesn’t it? For many reasons, the answer is definitely yes.

    At 77, Goldie Hawn is living her best life: she has seven grandchildren, does sports and mountaineering, lives in a six-million-dollar mansion, and is in an enduring relationship with her partner of 39 years, Kurt Russell.

    Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell met way back in 1966 while filming “The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band.” At the time, Russell was only 16 and Hawn was 21.

    The actress didn’t think their meeting would lead to anything significant because she thought he was too young for her. However, when they met again years later, she suddenly remembered how much she liked him during their first meeting, except at the time, she thought he was too young, and both of them said they would never go out with fellow actors.

    It was only twenty years after their first meeting that the pair welcomed their first and only child together, Wyatt Russell. By then, Russell already had a son, Boston, with his ex-wife Season Hubley, and Hawn shared kids Kate and Oliver with ex-husband Bill Hudson.

    They Consider Themselves Lucky in Love
    There’s so much love between Hawn and Russell, and among their children as well. Back in 1990, Russell gushed about his one true love, saying:

    “If you’re lucky enough to have someone like Goldie Hawn come along and feel the way she feels, you’re just lucky.”

    Their children echoed this sentiment but included Russell there. Goldie’s son Oliver once told the media that his mom and stepdad were amazing. In fact, he shared that they were a tight-knit family, even choosing to live close to each other. “They’re amazing people, amazing grandparents, amazing parents,” he gushed.

    In 2019, Hawn and Russell sold their long-time Los Angeles home for $6.9 million. Given Oliver’s interview about living close to his parents is from 2021, it’s clear that the long-time couple chose to live in a home that’s closer to their kids and grandchildren.

    While the Hollywood A-listers have been together for almost four decades now, many continue to wonder why they still haven’t gotten married. In 2015, Hawn answered this once and for all, revealing that if she had gotten married, she would have already been long divorced, the same thing that happened to her first union with Hudson.

    To Hawn, marriage is a “psychological thing” that has the potential to hold people back. The actress values her independence and knowing that she isn’t “bound” to someone because of a legal union. To her, without marriage, she has the freedom to make her own decisions, while still being happily in love with Russell.

    In fact, through the years, she and Russell have proven that they don’t need to be married to make their relationship work. Decades later, they are still madly in love with one another and remain a strong off-screen and on-screen couple.

    After the first movie responsible for the pair meeting, they went on to star in several more, including the recent Netflix specials “The Christmas Chronicles” and “The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two.”

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