“Fast & Furious” star Paul Walker’s only daughter, Meadow, was 14 when her daddy died at the age of 40 after his car burst into flames

    Paul Walker lived with his only child, Meadow, before he died tragically in a car accident. However, the custody battle that followed ended with Meadow cutting ties with her father’s family.

    The star of the franchise “Fast and The Furious,” Paul Walker, dated Rebecca Soteros in early 1998 before Walker became an internationally known star.

    Their relationship did not last long, but it brought them their daughter Meadow Walker, born on November 4, 1998, less than a year after Walker and Soteros got together.

    Paul Walker in California in 2003 | Source: Getty Images

    By 2001, Walker’s life changed when he landed his role as Brian O’Connor on “Fast and the Furious.” Though it is not known what broke up the actor and his girlfriend, their relationship was said to have been short.

    After the split, Meadow and her mother moved to Hawaii, where she spent most of her childhood. However, Walker was not happy about being separated from his daughter

    When she was 14, he brought her to Austin with him. Walker confessed that he longed to live with Meadow for many years and felt terrible working hard in Los Angeles without her.

    When the actor became a full-time father, he was excited. He referred to Meadow as the best partner he’s ever had. Before living with his daughter, Walker did not have a stable home. He had his own place at 32 years old and spent almost 16 years living out of suitcases.

    But since his career was at its peak, he felt he needed to make up for the lost time. Whenever a new project was presented to him, he would get angry because it meant being away from his daughter.

    Walker remembered when he was given a project that would be filmed over the summer. He went home sad, and Meadow asked what was wrong. After telling her the situation, the father and daughter read the script together and decided whether it was a good opportunity.

    Despite the years of separation while Meadow lived in Hawaii, Walker and his daughter had a tight relationship. “No father loved a child more than he did Meadow,” said a family member during the actor’s 2018 documentary.

    Eventually, the father and daughter moved to California, and Meadow opened up about their relationship. She said she grew up to be a tomboy because of how she was raised, especially with her father.

    Meadow said not much makeup was involved in her upbringing; instead, she and Walker enjoyed being more active, like rolling in the mud and playing soccer.

    Unfortunately, Meadow lost her father in 2013 to a tragic car accident. The Los Angeles County Shiff’s Department representative reported that they found the car in flames, and both people in the vehicle were dead.

    Walker’s family also announced the death in a statement and expressed that the actor died while attending an event for his charity, Reach Out Worldwide.

    What Happened with Little Meadow after Dad’s Death?
    The “Fast and the Furious” star had already drawn up a will before his death and left his estate to his daughter. Walker’s father reportedly executed the will and confirmed that Meadow was the sole beneficiary of the actor’s $25 million estate.

    According to reports, Walker’s will also listed his mother, Cheryl Ann Walker, as Meadow’s legal guardian after her father’s death; however, this turned it into a messy custody battle.

    Cheryl reportedly wanted to control the $25 million estate, but things escalated when she accused Soteros of having a drinking problem. Reports stated that Soteros had a DUI in 2003 and one outstanding charge in Hawaii.

    When the family sat down for their hearing, things were allegedly getting better, and both parties were slowly reaching an agreement.

    After much deliberation, the parties agreed that Meadow would live with her mother, and they were given a home in California as per the will. Cheryl was also not given control of the estate, and Meadow was happy with the final arrangement.

    An insider said things were taken out of proportion regarding the alleged drinking problem. “Rebecca is a great mother, and Meadow is a very happy child.” the insider reiterated.

    Since the custody battle, Meadow has reportedly not been in contact with her father’s side of the family. According to a close source, the Walker family is heartbroken about this and added that Meadow was not speaking to her two uncles and grandmother.

    However, the family believes time will heal, and Meadow will soon contact them because they long to be part of her life again.

    How Does Paul Walker’s Only Child Live and Look Now?
    Meadow is now a grown 24-year-old woman. She found passion in the ocean and the life that exists in it. Therefore, she’s been doing charitable work through her father’s organization, “The Paul Walker Foundation.” The organization focuses on conservation and research, providing scholarships for marine biologists.

     Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in California in 2009 | Source: Getty Images

    As for her appearance, Meadow loves to embrace her natural beauty. She feels more confident without makeup and rocking her short jet black hair cut.

    The 24-year-old said she only wears makeup when she’s shooting, and if she ever finds herself wearing out on her private time, she does not feel confident enough to take pictures.

    On a brighter note, the model announced on her Instagram that she and Louis Thornton Allen got married. Vin Diesel, who was Walker’s co-star in “Fast and the Furious,” is Meadow’s godfather. He celebrated with the couple and even reportedly played the significant role of walking Meadow down the aisle on her big day.

    For Easter, Meadow shared a picture of herself smiling and another of her walking through a garden of flowers, and fans praised the model’s beauty. “Meadow, you like an angel,” said one commenter. “You are truly a sight for sore eyes,” added another fan.

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